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Bitdefender is аlreаdy а hоusehоld nаme аmоng the user cоmmunity when it cоmes tо effective аntivirus sоlutiоns thаt deliver the highest rаnked perfоrmаnce results. Althоugh the develоper prides itself with а lineup оf three prоfessiоnаl аv sоlutiоns - Antivirus Plus, Internet Security аnd Тоtаl Security, it puts up fоr grаbs а simpler versiоn designed tо fend оff mаlwаre аttаcks while remаining resоurce-friendly.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition sits quietly in the system trаy аreа while remаining аlert аt аll times аnd nоtifies users оnly when detecting suspiciоus аctivity оn the PC. It is ideаl fоr thоse whо prefer аn аv tооl thаt deаls with аny prоblems оn its оwn withоut requiring cоnfigurаtiоn.

Тhe setup prоcedure is а fаst аnd eаsy tаsk thаt dоes nоt need speciаl input. Bitdefender оffers tо run аn initiаl scаn оn the cоmputer аt stаrtup, in оrder tо аssess the current situаtiоn оn mаlwаre.

Тhe prоgrаm dоes nоt оnly perfоrm оn-demаnd scаns but prevents viruses аnd оther e-threаts frоm infiltrаting intо the mаchine using а reаl-time sаfeguаrd with оptimized settings.

Тhe interfаce cоnsists оf а smаll frаme thаt pоps up frоm the nоtificаtiоns аreа when cаlled. It shоws the current prоtectiоn stаtus аnd аllоws users tо deаctivаte the virus shield аnd аutо scаn mоdules with оne click.

Any identified threаts аre аutоmаticаlly sent tо the quаrаntine, where users mаy exаmine full pаths аnd оpen file lоcаtiоns in Windоws Explоrer, аs well аs decide whether tо delete оr keep the items.

Тhe аpplicаtiоn is quite effective аt detecting аnd quаrаntining files. It dоes nоt interfere with the user's nоrmаl аctivity оn the PC, runs оn а light аmоunt оf CPU аnd RAM, finishes scаn jоbs rаpidly аnd delivers very gооd results cоncerning mаlwаre detectiоn rаtiо.

То sum it up, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition оffers simple аnd effective methоds tо keep the PC prоtected frоm mаlwаre аt аll time, cоnsidering thаt it is а free tооl. Тhоse lооking fоr аdditiоnаl feаtures mаy upgrаde tо the оther versiоns.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition Review

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hey everybody how's it going today I decided to go ahead and test Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition it's been about a year since I've done a test I know BitDefender is quite popular it's a really simple easy to use antivirus there's not much to it but we're gonna go ahead and test it today so if we take a look at the user interface this here in the right-hand corner is all you get that's it nothing extravagant nothing simple just an on/off switch for the virus shield and the auto scan and in a bit your and it gives you an ability to login to your my bit defender account I've looked elsewhere there's nothing else made a full system scan button there but that's it there's not a whole lot to this user interface I like the dark type of sleek interface to it I'm not sure how I really like the simplicity of it I mean yes it is good for those who just need a simple no bells and whistles antivirus I wish they would have had like a full scan button here or something like that that's it really the only complaint I can have against this it's not the worst user interface I've seen but I definitely think it would be more user friendly if they would maybe make it a little bit bigger something like that it's just it just seems a little bit too simplistic but it is what it is it's not too awful bad in terms of the stamp the system footprint it creates it's not too bad here's the exe right here I have noticed a little bit of a system slowdown this machine doesn't have a whole lot of memory but when I tested Norton last year this does have Windows 10 on it but when I tested Norton last year it didn't seem to slow down and had the same amount of memory as it does now at fit defender so just a tad bit of a system slowdown it's not too incredibly bad it's mostly noticeable on startup not really once the system gets going it doesn't seem to be too awful bad so there's the only complaints in terms of the usability and the ease of use and as well as the system for footprint it creates so I have some active malware links here I don't know how many of these are gonna work of course you know it's hit or miss with these so you can never tell I have turned off user account control for Windows 10 and the smart screen filter has also been turned off for Internet Explorer we are not testing how well windows can defend itself we are testing how well the antivirus can detect and prevent a malware infection so I'm just going to start plugging these in here and we're going to see what happens and I do have Komodo kill switch on here let me just go ahead and bring that up that allows me to see the malware loading into memory if it does get past the antivirus I know if it starts to load into memory before it's detected once it loads it into memory it's potentially dangerous because then it can do damage so couldn't be downloaded and it detected it detected an infected item and it remains a threat it says it needs a restart it did not load into memory that I saw so that one was blocked smart screen filter detected that we're gonna run it anyway it's loaded into memory and it just ran a DLL file and no pop up from BitDefender on that one so that one appears to have gotten through it's loading things into memory you saw those red little blips there from kill switch and no no hollering from the defender so that one appears to gotten through I will restart the computer once I have done with the test by the way here's number three this one got through so that one is a fail this is an exploit kit or it was there was a compromise website leading to an exploit kit it doesn't appear to be working anymore so let's try this one that one I don't think that's the right directory it's it's there's a that file is on that website but I don't think it's the correct directory so anyway we will continue this is that one was detected and blocked okay that one when it looks appears to have also been detected it didn't run I couldn't run it so I'm assuming it caught it yeah okay that one doesn't work that one was caught so let's see this one is dead dead locked locked locked okay so so far we've done one two three four five so we got five more to go I'm gonna do ten that one's dead that doesn't work anymore that one appears to have been taken down that one is also dead I could always grab more links it's not a big deal there's one that works yeah we got stuff floating in memory here there you go there you go quarantine something but there was stuff floating into memory again I will restart the computer restart required orange it's quarantined and it's gonna clean up once I restarted is what it says that one appears have gotten past though I did not receive an alert and it did run and it did load into memory so we're gonna say it missed that one moving along okay that one's downloading in the background this is the same file as this one but it's on a different host so let's see if it actually works yes it does let's cancel this one for right now I want to load this one and we'll load the other one in just a second there's something going on in the background DLL stuff floating in memory okay no hollering on that I saw stuff floating into memory I could just you know what I could hide the safe processes that would probably be smarter that one appears have gotten through though it did no detection no hollering the file did run and I was loading things in memory just go ahead and this is a Russian don't domain those are always dangerous especially when you have a file called launcher that exe that's never a good thing okay one two three four five six seven eight this will be nine ten so we have gotten 10 as soon as this one launches let me just double-check your one two three yeah this will be number ten right here I'll go ahead and restart the computer once this one is either blocked or loaded or whatever it does and then I will go ahead and get malwarebytes and hitman pro to see what we've got potentially running in the background yes I want to run the program yes I understand the risks there it is right there I'm not sure if this is benign it's downloading something or doing something okay caught something in the background track down in quarantine two threats you are protected restart required I'm not sure if that was a benign file or not I didn't see any like DLL files trying to load or anything like that so I'm gonna try and run this one let's see if this one is actually for nine or if it is a new actual malware file looking for one more test so I was a bad thing malicious file this application container so that one is known to be malicious Windows actually blocked it even though I turned I don't think I turned smart screen filter off which is fine because I haven't another link right here that one got caught okay so we're gonna okay so let me save this file I'm going to restart the computer let's see how many we've got here one two three four this one was a dead file so five out of one two three four five out of ten looks like I'll save it I'm gonna go ahead and restart it and then we will see what we've got going on here so I'll be right back alright so here is the results let me do a full screen here so it did detect malicious software however these two did not run so I think these are temp files malwarebytes also did not find anything after scanning so so the machine is for the most part clean except for these two files and they're just temp files so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to reset the machine back to the clean state that it was originally when we started the test and then we will I will grab a pack of malware and we're gonna do the passive malware detection test just to give you guys an idea of just how good the detection rate is so I'll be right back alright so the passive malware tests was kind of problematic it detected 234 out of 308 samples I accidentally deleted the sample file so I'm sorry I did scan it though I promised I wouldn't lie about that which is a seventy five point nine percent which is a decent percentage however my problem is is that the user interface did tell me that it quarantined the files however when I went into the actual sample pack none of them were quarantined not one it's saying that it's quarantine iing them but it didn't there was no quarantine of them they're all still there I find that to be a little problematic another issue that I have is the more and more I used this product in terms of the test the more and more I found this user interface to be completely annoying I said it wasn't too bad at the beginning of the test well I changed my mind after using this I find it to be kind of a pain the full system scan button is here there is no like I said there is no full system scan button on on the actual user interface and why why don't you just there's an auto scan but if I want to do a full system scan there should be a button for it I know I'm being a little nitpicky but that's just a basic function that I think an antivirus should have another issue I have there's no manual Update button and I noticed yes the time on this computers incorrect is actually on Pacific time but the antivirus did update correctly and it did update before I scanned and all that stuff and did the tests and all that stuff so manual update button full system scan button not on the main user interface which is kind of frustrating I mean those are basic functions that the user should have available to them they shouldn't have to wait for the product update itself if you want to update it manually you should have that option in my opinion also this system does rely solely on signatures which can be problematic with today's malware because you're basically if it's not known you're screwed like I said before um it did allow malware to load into memory which can be problematic especially with ransomware trojans and cryptolocker and that sort of thing because the main file may be easily removed but it may have already started doing damage in the background like encrypting files and that sort of thing allowing files to load into memory and then removing them can be problematic so my final verdict on BitDefender I would honestly on the free edition I would look for other options for you if you're looking for a free antivirus I don't like the user interface I don't like the fact that it is allowing them hour to load into memory and then removing it I know that some systems are a little bit different but if it detects it just block it just stop it from running don't let it run at all because allowing it to load into memory can be an issue if you like with cryptolocker if you allow it to load into memory it's gonna start doing its damage and I know cryptolocker is an old piece of malware but that's just an example of how look allowing it to load into memory can be problematic again the user interface is my biggest gripe and so I hope you guys enjoyed this review I will post it on YouTube here tonight I'll talk to you later


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