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Bitdefender has stepped up its game with the latest Antivirus Plus release, bringing forth new technologies and powerful features for ensuring the security of your system from viruses and other e-threats.

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After installation, the utility offers two configuration modes: Autopilot mode runs with default settings and doesn't interrupt user activity, while Automatic Game mode caters to users who wish to play video games and not worry about any interference.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus boasts a modern and clean interface, where you have a few scanning modes at your disposal: the Quick mode goes through key areas of your hard drive, while the System mode thoroughly looks for just about any suspicious activity.

There is also the possibility of scheduling a one-time or recurring scanning procedure, as well as to specify the locations to look for viruses. This custom mode lets you pick the scan method (aggressive, normal, permissive), run the task with low priority, minimize the scan progress window to the system tray area, as well as establish an action in case no threats are found (e.g. system shutdown).

Another important feature of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus lies in its ability to scan the system's vulnerable sections, whether we're talking about critical or optional Windows updates, application updates, or Windows accounts passwords. Last but not least, the Rescue mode requires you to reboot the system in order to remove threats which are difficult to eliminate otherwise, such as rootkits.

As far as data privacy is concerned, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus supplies users with a file shredding tool for completely erasing sensitive information from the computer and preventing even specialized tools from recovering it.

Furthermore, you can enable auto-scan and anti-phishing modes, as well as use Bitdefender services via Safego to activate anti-theft protection for lost devices, parental control and Facebook protection.

The Wallet feature requires a master password to be set up first. Once this step is completed, users can fill a database with credentials (e.g. online banking, websites, emails) to protect from unauthorized use. For this reason, the Wallet is automatically locked when the workstation is left unattended.

Settings can be made for the Automatic Game mode keyboard shortcut, automatic laptop mode, security widget display, proxies and status alerts. Antivirus Plus marks important events and shows various statistics on virus scans and threat removals. Less experienced users can configure and initialize tasks rapidly, thanks to the simple scan wizards provided by the utility.

In conclusion, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus proves to be a reliable security application concerning virus detection and removal. It is light on the system resources, thanks to the Bitdefender Photon technology, and comprises rich features in addition to an intuitive interface, making it an ideal solution to all types of users.

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hello i'm paul from antivirus for EUCOM and today i'm going to review Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 the main interface is simple and only tells you the essentials like whether or not there are any active threats as you can see here it's smooth sailing right now the functionality of the main interface is also limited to only the most essential commands like performing a quick scan or performing a vulnerability scan which will check your setup for potential malware entry points so I can install security updates or sometimes even the missing admin password to get into more detail you can view the rest of the features clicking here the defender works against all threats from trojans and ransomware to rootkits and spyware the quick scan feature does just that scans your computer's most important folders for these threats while the system scan will take a closer look at your PC checking the rest of your data since you never know where a malware could be hiding going into more detail we can open a scan manager to customize how and when the defender checks the computer for threats I can set up a custom task that scans my user folder which includes my documents my downloads and so on every two days at 2:00 a.m. if the computer is running of course and I want the scan to scan all files instead of just new and changed ones just to be extra safe as you can see you can go really in depth with a defender the rescue environment feature will protect you from some sophisticated viruses like rootkits which need to be removed before Windows actually starts if the defender detects - threats it will reboot the computer in rescue mode for cleanup and restoration in the settings we can customize the antivirus feature even more for example quite a lot of viruses hide in the rar and zip archives and we can prevent infection by asking BitDefender to scan them while still being reasonable of course and limiting the archive size to say one gigabyte we can also specify folders but defender should exclude from its scans even though you can be sure your data will always stay private since the defender scans only look at data signatures not the data itself if you're still using optical disks like CDs and DVDs and you're sure they're safe you can ask the antivirus do not scan them thus speeding up the access times if malicious application does manage to get onto your computer after BitDefender finds it it will be put into quarantine where you can manually investigate what kind of threat it was and send it to BitDefender for further analysis it's important to mention that even though these antivirus features but defender aims do not be taxing on your hardware using modern techniques like cloud scanning to upload some work on - but defenders machines ensuring your performance stays high the antivirus also has a battery mode which will intelligently change its behavior to save battery life on laptops and tablets the web protection section seems pretty empty at first but it's sort of the most important ones since nowadays most threats come from the world wide web and not local storage you can specify in trusted websites in the whitelist and in these settings you can enable and disable different features but defender can scan your traffic for signs of malware and can block websites that masquerade as trustworthy in order to steal your sensitive data other features will filter and warn you whenever you visit fraudulent websites and tell you as the links you click are safe before you actually click them in the vulnerability section besides the scan offer to you in the main menu you can open Wi-Fi security advice which will check your Wi-Fi network for potential security concerns which is an area often overlooked by software like this in the settings for this section you can prevent the defender from counting missing security updates as a vulnerability in case you're staying with a specific version of an application for a reason or you can stop counting weak passwords as they concern moving on to the advanced threat defense but defender uses a technique called behavioral detection to closely monitor active apps the moment it detects anything suspicious it takes instant action to prevent infections so you'll be safe even in case your PC has an infected executable not yet classified by the defenders archives like a custom-made virus in these settings you can specify whitelisted applications which is useful since this feature monitors what applications actually do and some legitimate applications can look enough a lot like viruses sometimes putting these programs in this list will ensure but defender won't bother you about them the safe files section provides protection against ransomware which will encrypt your data and demand ransom for your personal files you can play since the data and specified folders which only applications you explicitly trust will be able to access for example you can set up a folder for your legal documents that only Microsoft Word will be able to access by default your user folder is one of those protected places that includes your documents your music your pictures and so on but as with other features but defender has it is highly customizable the privacy features include safe bay which will open a separate secure browser made specifically for making online transactions and the file shredder which will erase traces of files you previously deleted from your computer since with most computer hardware there's some residue left after a file deletion very useful for sensitive private data but defender also includes a password manager which stores your credit card information and other sensitive data in a secure vault keeping it safe from malware and keeping your web browsing experience easy since the browser extensions will offer you automatic password entry for your convenience and one last feature I want to cover is the easiest one to explain it's the so-called autopilot which will keep the antivirus from bothering you with pop-ups while still handling your file and web security with it turned on you can be sure to have an optimal and safe experience overall I think but defender antivirus plus 2018 is another great piece of software from the BitDefender team an anti-virus focusing on customizability for an experienced user while still keeping it easy to understand for starters in the computer security area this has been fall for antivirus recom goodbye


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