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ClamWin Free Antivirus is a freeware antivirus product that comes with regular definition updates, powerful scanning tools and a dedicated task scheduler.

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Although it's supposed to perform such an important task, that of defending your computer of malicious files, ClamWin Free Antivirus has a rather old interface.

It helps the app get the job done, that's true, but it's pretty far from what we’ve seen in other antivirus products out there.

The main window allows you to pick a location to scan, but also offers you access to the update tool in order to get the latest virus definitions as fast as possible.

There's one major downside to ClamWin Free Antivirus: it doesn't provide real-time protection, so if you want to find and clean and infected file, you have to do it manually. Pick the folder where you believe the virus resides and scan it, ClamWin Free Antivirus knows what to do next.

The scanning process is fast, but the application requires a moderate amount of computer resources, so older systems may be stressed up a little bit.

On the other hand, make sure to have a look in the settings menu. There are tons of options in there, including dedicated tools for the Internet updates, proxy servers, scheduled scans, email scanning and reports.

ClamWin Free Antivirus can take care of your email client as well, checking incoming messages to make sure they're clean.

The installer also comprises a third-party toolbar and attempts to change the default search provider in your browser, so pay attention to every single step when setting up the program.

All in all, ClamWin Free Antivirus is a good project but still needs a lot of improvements. And the first aspect to work on is definitely an implementation of real-time shields.

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hello my name is Tara garcinia to dumb going show you how to use and configure clamp in free antivirus I'm gonna make a complete review on it I will explain its functions and I will also show you where to download it and how to install it you can download it from here this is the latest version and file hippo is a great site here you can get offline updates for clamming offline updates are used when there is no working internet connection on the present computer and you can't download them it is used on infected machines and you need them because clarin without updates is useless here you can get portable version of clamp in portable means that it requires no installation and can be run from any computer without leaving any traces behind because you can simply delete the original file let's install it follow the basic procedure you can download updates now or later up to you I selected now downloading updates now and that's it this is the main window of Lanvin which will appear if you double-click on the icon if you want to select more drives just press and hold control button then click other drives like this this is used when scanning this button is for preferences this one is for updates this one is for scanning memory resident aka present viruses and this one is for scanning all files and folders or just of on demand at infected files use that option because reporting will do nothing and removing will immediately delete the virus but if if you select that option you have the time to check if it's really a virus or just a mistake here you can see or add files and folders that will be included or excluded in the scanning this window is for excluded those file types are harmless I checked but you can remove them if you want to add a new one click there let's use this as an example ok so now these file types will no longer be scanned and here you can select what to be scanned only this and no other file types for example this one and to delete it cell highlight it and click red X now I'm going to show you something let's wait a little as you can see the scan started with documents and settings and this is how you exclude a folder just copy/paste it and add a little star on the end let's try scanning again to see if I'm correct and as you can see documents and settings was not included in the scan those are options for updates you can select the frequency and time as you like also make sure this option is enabled that means that as soon as your computer starts a clamp in will download updates and that's good you have nothing to do here so let's give this one and he here you can schedule scan again you can select frequency and time but now you have to select which folder or hard drive you want to be scanned let's say Windows and now you can name this scan and that's it you can add more if you want scanner priority if you leave it as slow CPU power will split among clamping and other applications but if you change it to normal clamping will take entire CPU power for itself for the scanning I suggest to leave it as slow but as you want with the normal scanning is faster now disable this option because it's completely useless and not needed at all don't touch this those are the maximum numbers it does go higher than this I try right so just use the following numbers for yourself to reach maximum efficiency this option is useless I don't use it and Tainan see why you should when it's done don't forget to click OK because otherwise changes won't be accepted now I'm gonna show you the reports you can see it here it's important to see that updates has been successfully completed and that you have the latest versions up-to-date versions now let's check scan report and as you can see it will show you infected files and data scanned time spent for the scan and so on this will tell you about the makers of Clavin and I just want to say don't underestimate clamp in because it's protecting you from over 600,000 viruses which isn't bad for freeware antivirus now let's check help and don't think you're too good for the help because this is what help is for and I'm showing you how to perform our virus scan from the CMD I suggest you to explore help files because they can help you a lot and answer on your questions and that's pretty much it if your right click on the try icon this is what you will see a quick menu but really nothing what you couldn't set in the Preferences from the main window but you can use it if you want if you want to scan a file just right click on it and select this option I think that's pretty much it because I showed you how to scan I showed the Preferences and I showed you how to configure it for best performance I showed you where to download it and where to download offline updates as well as portable version of clamp in I showed you how to scan and I also explained the buttons from the main menu and today icon if there is any questions I will be happy to answer and don't forget to check my website for some other tutorials as well


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