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DVD Converter Ultimate is a professional software application whose purpose is to help users convert their DVDs to different file formats, such as MPEG, AVI, MKV, WebM, or MP4, or to other preset profiles that are built specifically for encoding videos to formats compatible with smartphones, tablets, portable devices, and game consoles.

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It sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows you to add items into the working environment using the built-in browse function or “drag and drop” operations. You can load the video from a disk, DVD folder, or ISO file.

What’s more, you can select the desired output format or create a custom one by specifying the name and video container (e.g. MKV, AVI, MP4), setting up the video parameters in terms of codec, resolution, size, aspect ratio, frame rate, and maximum bitrate, tweaking the audio functions by selecting the codec, channels, bitrate, and sample rate, as well as picking the codec for the subtitles.

It is important to mention that the utility offers support for audio profiles as well, as you can export the audio streams to OGG, MP3, or M4A file format.

DVD Converter Ultimate features a built-in video editor which comes packed with a rich-featured set of functions for helping you customize the clips. You are allowed to resize the videos, rotate images to different angles, alter the video bitrate, adjust the levels of contrast, brightness, saturation, and gamma, cut clips, and edit chapters and video titles.

Other important functions worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to make the tool shutdown or hibernate the computer at the end of the task, specify the output folder, limit the number of simultaneous conversions, set priorities, play sound notifications, as well as burn the project at the end of the conversion.

The program carries out the conversion operations very quickly and without errors. It is not quite friendly with system resources, so the overall performance of the computer may be affected.

All in all, DVD Converter Ultimate provides a powerful suite of tools for helping you make conversion operations, edit videos, and burn the project. Although it may seems more appropriate for advanced users, rookies can install and configure it with minimum effort, thanks to its intuitive interface.

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hi there this is John LexA from prosit Orioles and in this video I'm going to talk about wondershare Video Converter ultimate this is a pretty unique software compared to all others that you can find in the market at the present moment because in one software you have a complete toolbox what I mean about this is well for example if you ever wanted to convert one of your video files that you have served on your computer so later on you can watch it on your mobile device well we certainly had to get just a specific software just to do that same thing if you wanted to burn a DVD another software for that or if you wanted to let's say record your computer screens who can make a video we also needed another software just for that so what happens is it tend to sometimes purchase four to five software just to do all of these little things but in this case with wondershare Video Converter ultimate you get everything in just one single package you can do all of the little things in just one software so in this video I'm going to explain how this works so let's get started so for you to install wondershare Video Converter ultimate you must first go to the website which is wonder show com and once you are in their front page you simply want to scroll down until you see this option that says video and music tools you click on it and then you are taken over here and you want to click on Comfort video and the the one that you want to choose is this first one that says Video Converter ultimate because you have several options but this one in the middle is the one that you want just press on see more details so you are redirected to this other page you can see that you have two different versions you have the Windows version and also the Mac version depending on your operating system you can click on the Buy Now if you want to immediately get the full version and start using it on your computer once you click on that button you can see that you are taken to this other page where you can select a license that you want to use this really depends on your needs if you have a business and you want to install this software in several computers more than five computers then you need to get the business license now if it's only for you for for you to use it then the lifetime license is pretty much all that you need and if you still just want to try it see if you actually enjoy this software then I recommend for you to get the try it free version so you can just test the software and see if you like it so you click on this button and you can see that this file is downloaded to my computer once you have downloaded this file you will have something similar to this this file that you can see over here you want to double click on it so you can install the software on your computer this window pops out you want to press the yes button and the installation is preferred I already installed this software on my computer so I don't need to install it once more but you just basically need to click on the install button follow the next steps and in a few seconds you will have this software installed in your computer so you can start using it so just press the install button you can see that it's it asks me if I want to overweight which I don't want to do so I'm just going to cancel it now for you to start using this software you most likely will have this icon appearing in your desktop you just need to double click on it so you can emily go to wondershare Video Converter ultimate so in this section you can convert any video file or DVD file that you have saved in your computer and I'm going to explain how you can do this you need to click on this button that says have files then you need to select a video file that you have stored in computer so I'm going to use this one just by selecting it and pressing open and you can see that after a few seconds I have my video appearing over here now before I decide to convert this video I can use the edit option so I press on this button and you can see that I have several options to edit my video I'm going to explain each one of them so you can get a better idea so first is a trim option for me to use it I just click on this button that says hat trim marker and you can see that immediately I get this green bar appearing inside of my timeline now I can use this small errors that appear right below so I can select a specific area that I want to trim but if I want to be really specific I can use this third time and also the end time to add the specific times that I want to trim so let's say over here one to trim one minute and one minute and 50 seconds okay so I have the specific timing that I want to trim and then I have two different options when it comes to preferences keep the selected section that means that it will remove everything that is before the selected section and also afterward the selected section and also have the opposite which is delete the selected section that means that it will remove everything that is inside of the selected section you can also go to adjust and inside of adjust I can rotate my video 90 degrees in this case counterclockwise where I can you also use the opposite direction I can also rotate or recently or vertically and I can also crop my video by clicking on this button and if I want if I know the exact specific sizes I can had inside of the small fields or I can also use this box the cropping box and just a justice size or reducing or increasing the size and also repositioning my box until I have the exact area I want to crop so now I just need to press crop and you can see that everything that was outside of this box gets removed you can also use effect if I want to change the volume of my video the brightness the contrast and also the saturation I can even have some extra SFX by just selecting one of them so you have several effects that you can add it's just that this one it seems like it's snowing and you can also press the play button so you can get a better idea to make money online and what of how it looks like with the effect you can also add a watermark you can include an image if you have an image saved in your computer that you want to use has a watermark or you can also use a test box let's say let's say toriel's and you can see that I have a small test box appearing inside of my video I can pretty much increase the sizing this box I can press this multi icon change the font family also the sizing and even the color if I want another color let's say red and just press ok once I'm done and you can see that I have over here a watermark and lastly you have the subtitle option and for this you need to have a subtitle file stored in a computer basically you just upload that file so you can start using the subtitles inside of your video yeah once this is done you just press ok and I already did all of that I think I can press the play button over here so I can get a better idea and now what you need to do is choose the output format that you want for your file so in this case this is dot IV so I just select this this over here this box and you can see that I have plenty of different options I can choose also device if I want to pass this to a mobile file so you have several options over here for Sam Soon game Motorola so you can see that you have a lot of different files that you can choose from in this case I'm going to choose you also have audio this means that it will basically convert this file into an audio file that means that it will remove the video and it will only keep the sound from that video so let's go to HD and see where we have our video and let's choose another type of file so let's choose muff I typically like to use this type of file and below you can see preset you have high quality or small size depending on what you want let's just keep it small size but typically I just go for high quality because I want the best quality possible-- and once you have everything done you just need to press the convert button and this might just take a few seconds to convert so I'm just going to wait a few seconds and come back once this is done so as you may see my fellow is converted and if I want to see my new file I just need to click on the open folder and amelie goes to the 4 folder where it's stored and you can see that this is my new file it's a dot mouth as you may see so that's the converting option let's go to the other one which is born in this section you can burn any file that you have stored in your computer to a DVD so for you to do that you need to click once again on half files and then you just select the file that you want to burn it's in this case I want to burn this one that's open now the great thing about this is that you can choose a background for your DVD you just select on change template and you can see that you have several pre-made templates that you can use but also if you want you can choose a picture that you have stored in your computer and use that hazard background and you can also include a music for your background so I'm just going to have a premade one say education this one and I'm going to add a new title so let's say PROSITE Oreo video guide I can also just a letter and you can see that I get an example how this works like so I can get two scenes this is my video background and now I just need to press ok and in this case I'm not going to burn but you just need to press the burn option and basically you can see that I don't have a disc to burn but anything to add a DVD into your DVD roam so you can burn it to your DVD so now let's go to the download section this is one of my favorite features for example I'd say that you go to youtube and you watch a video really enjoyed and you want to pass it to your computer or you just want to pass the music from that video to your computer well in this section you can do that and you can also record your screen so you can make a video so I'm going to show you how you can do that for example if you wants to pass a video from YouTube to your computer first you go to that video you just grab the URL from that video select everything copy it go back to the software you had URL and over here in this URL section you just paste the URL from that video I press ok in case you just want to pass the music or the sound from that video you can use the second option which is YouTube mp3 so this will take just a few seconds so I'm just going to wait a few seconds so this is done as you can see it's pretty quick now I get this window and I can open folder so you can see that now I have that video from YouTube up download it to my computer now for me to record this screen I click on this option records video you can see that I have this small square which is basically the area that will be record but if I want increase I just get to the edges and I can use small arrows to increase the sizing of my screen of where I will record and then you just need to press the REC button so you can start recording if you want to just Amelie have the full screen you can't just need to click on this option full screen so you just click on rec and in three seconds it starts recording your screen so you can produce the video free to stop your you click once again on rec and it stops then you can see that now I have this new file which is basically what our record previously ok so this is the download section it's pretty fun you can do a lot of things over here now let's get to the last section which is media server if you have any movie TV show home video or music saved on your computer and you would like to stream it on your TV set or any other device that is daniele supported well it can do it over here and it's basically just a one-click process so the first thing that you need to set is if you want to stream a movie or music or any other option over here so let's say that I want to stream a movie so I just select movie and I press the import button now I just need to select the video that I want to stream let's say this one and press open and you can see that now my video appears in this section and I have this small icon in the middle and once I click on it it will allow me to stream this video on my television set it's pretty simple okay so that is all about wondershare Video Converter ultimate if you want to try to software out just click on the link that you can see on the description from this video and also please like and also subscribe to my youtube channel so you can receive my weekly video updates where I talk about WordPress internet marketing and a lot more so stay there and stay tune with prositetutorials and bye


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