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Microsoft Safety Scanner is a security software solution designed to keep your computer clean by finding and removing all kinds of malicious files on the local disks.

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Especially designed to be fast and reliable, Microsoft Safety Scanner greets users with a well-developed wizard, which only prompts them to pick from three different types of scan: quick scan, full scan and customized scan.

Capable of removing viruses, spyware and other dangerous files on your computer, Microsoft Safety Scanner completes the scanning task in just a few minutes, while the computer is moderately stressed up during the process.

Of course, the application displays some statistics such as the currently scanned file, the number of scanned and infected files, start time and time elapsed.

What's more important is that Microsoft Safety Scanner is quite effective, but this doesn't mean that it can replace an antivirus product altogether. No, this is just an application supposed to help you deal with some existing malicious files, but it can't prevent your system from getting infected in the future.

In other words, there's no real time protection available and, what's more, it can only be used for 10 days after launched for the first time.

Microsoft Safety Scanner works flawlessly on most Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7, without the need for administrator privileges to scan the system.

All things considered, Microsoft Safety Scanner does its job and removes spyware and viruses for your system, but an antivirus product with real-time protection is still needed.

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so uh hey everybody seven and sorry I have another video in a while I've been caught up with homework I'm going to Mexico this Sunday so don't know if I'll be doing videos in Mexico probably not it's too nice so yeah I'm just been trying to catch up on school I'll be missing five days of school so gotta catch up on that make sure I'm all ready to go all right aside to video today this is the one day I'm kind of free and um so today I'll particular look at the Microsoft Safety Scanner get a free pc safety scan this is just something to do I mean it I've barely see this thing on youtube so I decided to do a video of it do you think your PC is PC as a virus the Microsoft safe scam is a free download was scared to the price on a man scanning it helps remove viruses spyware and other malicious software it works with your existing antivirus software so you could have this along you're a vaster Kaspersky or anything and it'll work with it as far as the note the mark subspace care inspires 10 days after being download 3 run a scan with the latest anti-monitor pleasure definitions download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again so this is like the doctor web thing dr. web updates this thing every day looks like this thing up I don't I don't know how much it updates it maybe every 10 days which it doesn't give you the best protection but you know whatever least gives you something and if download to get the updates that's cool not it's not the best I'd rather just have a big update button and click it but whatever there are accessories here is not replaceable for using an anti-virus art program and then they tell you about Microsoft Security Essentials so we're gonna hit this download now you're gonna choose what you are I'm gonna do 64-bit and a whole equal were 64 megabytes well I'll be right back here and with this monsters downline also be 64 megabytes but that's pretty big for this a little on demand scanner I thought was gonna be like super any sparse on demand and it's nine megabytes Malwarebytes where's our buddy so I had removed it but this person was good it's like seven megabytes or something like that that's tiny this is 64 megabytes well that's I guess that's up to them so I'll pause the video I'll be right back with this download is complete I would wait one minute but I don't feel like it I'm too lazy be right back it's time downloading and gonna open it if it does open one I accept next this is it so 64 megabytes and it's this it's this I hope there's more to it but if mattress on me something that is 64 megabytes as just this you can choose your quick scan your full scan bring a customized scan I'm gonna do customized choose forward awful disk users next and it's going to scan scanning system 32 and this is it this is all it is I'm soft it's not pink but whatever they should probably make it tight and smaller waist smaller 64 megabytes this is kinda like hitman pro and hitman pro se 5 megabytes hmm cool my next video of eyes will show you is going to be I'm going to try that G data suppose standing and pure a phone call that's the phone ring so I'm just not gonna get it home security what you have is the antivirus the Internet security the total security and their noble security now what I did is we're so excited to buy YouTube here I remember doing GData somewhere there is a G data antivirus so I'm gonna do the internet security and what it protects is the Yi safe surfing safe shopping safe emailing and chatting a protects against spyware secure online banking mobile phone protection blocks annoying spam protects against hacking and parental controls cool hit find out more free trial today that's what we do but today you know what I'm doing it's something that much I'm gonna open it again Msgr tea better plug that him I don't want to be sitting here for a long time too like nine waiting for the scam to be done so I used to do a quick scan and yeah that's going way quicker so I'm gonna do a quick scam it will be cooler to follow them like a total infected PC and we could see how good the Microsoft Safety Scanner could clean it off but I'm not gonna suicide my laptop if I get a virtual system then my vittles be way funner I'd be having lots of fun these are basic videos I'm not pro or anything I'm just doing this for case just to show you what is best and what you might want to do that's my cat if you hear that that's my cat halfway time I'll see if I can upload this video today if not whatever and next video is at G data and I'm gonna let the video go I'm not gonna pause it who cares almost done been one many funny sightings you can see how the clicks how fast a quick stamp scan is and the full scan is gonna be way longer like way he it's kinda like the Microsoft malicious software removal tool I think it's exactly like that almost Sophie call him himself sorry my cat had her claws like right into my like and maybe she was like clawing it hurt cool and yeah so still going spend 10 minutes I'm possibly destroyed in his cab I'm just talking about myself this video - and just doing a video there's a quick little video quick one and scanned forty eight thousand forty forty four thousand eighty four thousand fifty five thousand items I had um thousand factored zero which is good I knew it was going to be zero I make sure my PC is clean as a whistle now it's going to scan something else here I don't know what is scanning but well whatever but yeah so I might actually pause the video here just cuz I don't want to wait it might be very boring for every ball viewers all viewers that are watching this so I'll pause the video be right back when the scanning is complete the scan completed successfully and no viruses spyware another potentially unwanted software was detected excellent well actually people I want to keep Kaspersky on my computer so I'm not gonna do the g8 a review I'm gonna do a how-to video next video is gonna be a how-to you guys are like it is very important without knowing this you could probably save your guys yourself or lots of money like a couple of hundred dollars five hundred dollars minimum you'll see it is cool I left this from a person on YouTube too it's important it's a how-to video us that's almost a how-to videos next thanks for watching this to the Microsoft Safety Scanner signing off and have a good week I'll have a good time in Mexico my next video won't be for a long time it might do one in Mexico don't know if my parents will allow me but we'll see I'll bring my microphone just in case tough day guys later have a good week light


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