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Trend Micro Internet Security is an antivirus tool that aims to protect your files, folders, and system information from malicious activity. Use this kind of software anytime you are connected to the Internet, and you should be safe.

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The installation process is simple, during which the software takes its time to verify system compatibility. The user interface is very appealing and easy to navigate through. But if you find something difficult to understand, make sure to check out the help file.

In the main window you can view the current status of Trend Micro Internet Security, security summary (any kind of web threats), parental controls, and subscription date.

Parental Controls is an option that allows you to set up separate Windows user accounts with limitations for children. You can manually or automatically (according to the child's age) disable their access to various types of online content.

Scanning can be done either quick, full, or custom. A full scan takes a long while to complete, but the antivirus tool seems to work very thorough. In our case, it found some interesting “enemies” we didn't even know about, and removed them.

Plus, you can configure the software to scan for threats when opening, saving, or downloading files, to schedule a scan, and others. CPU and memory resources are fairly used, so your computer shouldn't have any problems running it.

All in all, this is a great piece of software to have at your disposal. We especially liked the many features found in Parental Control.

Trend Micro Internet Security Review

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hello everyone this is Leo from the PC security Channel and today we'll be testing Trend Micro Internet Security this program seems to have a very clean and professional user interface and installation process no offers no bunglers this is a paid program of course but it's one of the few products I'd say that truly feel premium in terms of a user experience perspective but that's not why you get a security product so the settings here are actually quite interesting it has the real-time protection as you would expect but it also has some nice zero-day settings like for example it says check if programs try to make unauthorized changes to a system that could potentially threaten your security this seems like some kind of a hips mechanism or behavioral blocking and also seems to have some kind of exploit protection and most importantly it seems to be able to protect against unauthorized encryption so when I loaded the program up the first time I was asked to set up some protected folders and I set up documents and pictures as that was the default setting apart from that as you can see we have three different protection levels normal hyper sensitive and this is the best part switch protection level automatically so maybe if it detects certain threats it is going to go into hyper sensitive but anyway the UI is really good tool points there now let's see how good it is when it comes to protecting us from malicious entities so we'll start with some malware links and after that we will go to a much more elaborate file test the first link is quite interesting money dot exe if only you could get money by running executable files wait you probably can I don't even know what to do these days guys everybody's like free money now all right this one's blocked chrome dot exe well blocked instantly though now we have some more interesting names the website filtering here seems to be very quick and very and this one is a ransomware according to Trend Micro PI dot exe it seems to be loading up no it's dead let's try it again nope taken down I did check these links but that was like eight hours ago so maybe some of them are not active this one is though and we are going to run it koala downloads I will go ahead and check out some of the other links this is another one from the same site but it's blocked interesting that tells us that Trend Micro does not block list entire domains because one of these files is able to download but then it is probably blocked by the real-time protection there you go all threats resolved so that was taken care of although it wasn't blocked instantly by the Web Filter it was caught by the real-time protection next one's blocked instantly though Firefox set up the last link looks awfully similar to discord Capcom which is legit but they'd stopped cam watch out for these kind of things guys well you don't have to if you have good protection Trend Micro gets it so now I'm going to grab our files but before that I have to disable the protection in order to make the process a bit quicker and then we'll do a scan of the entire folder of course I have a lot of malware files in here ransomware P ups pretty much everything as you can see a lot of dangerous invaders waiting to begin their assault let's see what Trend Micro can do to stop them so the way the scan works is pretty interesting after it detected a lot of malware on the system it automatically triggered what they seem to call an intensive scan which as you just saw completed now the funny thing is the intensive scan seems to be pretty quick the process was really nice no hiccups no getting stuck and overall I think it took less than 10 minutes no problems there now just to make sure that no further threats are going to be detected by subsequent scans I'm going scan the folder again just because it seems to be picking up a few more files with the real-time protection but no as you can see no more threats are detected I've also turned on the real-time protection again as you can see now let's check our malware folder 118 items left we had one four one four to start so that translates to roughly about 92% which is great detection for this kind of a sample collection now let's go ahead and execute the remaining pieces of malware give them their best shot of infiltrating the system and see if Trend Micro can still protect us against these files which it does not detect with its signatures this is of course a cloud-based product so we could see that come into play this seems like some kind of Chinese adware oh we see suspicious files blocked due to recent widespread attacks that hijack and hold computers for ransom you should block this file for your own safety hmm pretty interesting I'm going to go ahead and delete that again suspicious file blocked so that could be some kind of sear day protection against ransomware which is great so far so good for Trend Micro all of this is getting blocked and another thing to note is that these are all automatic actions that are being applied the user is not asked to decide whether to allow the operation or not well this is really clean the way it's blocking these very neat I'm impressed it's pretty much on execution like it's not waiting for that to do some kind of malicious action so I'm guessing it could be some kind of reputation based system or it could be a really quick behavioral analysis I don't know either way the threats are getting blocked so far I haven't noticed anything execute other than that one tup installer and that too I don't think did anything it just disappeared after that initial prompt might have been blocked so I'll go ahead and run a few more of these and then we're going to do our second opinion scans although I doubt if we'll find anything interesting on the system Trend Micro has done a really good job so far finally we have another potential threat but again this is some pupae installer or so I'll just let it run in the background and we'll continue it seems like our malware is at an end and our system more or less looks pretty safe but I can't just take my own word for it so I'm going to reboot the system after this adware install is done and then we are going to do our second opinion scans and that'll lead us to the conclusion okay so it seems neither zamana nor hitman pro detected any threats on the system which is a little bit surprising cuz we do have this one annoying optimization tool maybe it's legit maybe it's not it does keep popping up again and again which is a little bit annoying I guess it just does that when your system starts up but it's not really a big deal so apart from that it was a total block out so what are my final thoughts on Trend Micro Internet Security it seems like a very professional well-built product I'm very effective against modern malware it did block a lot of threats at the execution part which is what I always focus on the UI is good honestly I don't see any cons here so this is good to go be sure to check them out if you're on the lookout for a new security product I wish I had an affiliate link Trend Micro what are you doing contact me but yeah actually it's funny somebody commented that they have Trend Micro on their system and they wanted to know if they were safe or not I'm really sorry I don't remember your name you won't be able to be plugged into this video or anything but well to make up for it I'll give you my personal answer you're in good hands so that sums up this review please like it if you enjoyed it don't forget to subscribe once again this is Leo thank you for watching and as always stay informed stay secure


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