One of the biggest security companies want to kill VPNs ..... again

Keeping corporate networks safe while employees work from home has become a priority for businesses during the pandemic which is why Avast has announced the release of Secure Private Access (SPA) by Avast Business.

SPA provides zero trust network access to medium and large-sized businesses using managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs). Avast's new solution takes both a user and application-centered security approach in which authorized users are granted access to applications but never to an organization's network.

As enterprise needs evolve and the cloud environment expands, businesses must adapt to meet the demands of remote, mobile users. Workers today expect to be able to seamlessly work from anywhere on any device and Avast argues that traditional remote access VPN services just can't support this. The company also makes the point that VPN services place a heavy maintenance burden on IT departments.

With Avast Business SPA, organizations can separate their security from the data center while leveraging the scalability and reliability of the cloud.

Secure Private Access

By eliminating the need for legacy remote access VPNs which can be difficult to configure and route traffic inefficiently, Avast Business SPA takes a user-focused approach that securely connects users to company apps regardless of whether they are privately or publicly hosted.

The company's new SPA services also make deployment simple and scalable while  eliminating infrastructure overhead.

Central manager of Avast Business Vita Santrucek provided further details on the capabilities of Secure Private Access in a press release, saying:

"Our new Secure Private Access offering enables Avast Business channel partners to provide a much needed bridge between enterprise-grade security and today's remote workforce. It is a more secure and seamless way to access critical applications, and it's all in the cloud, making it simple for partners to manage. As we continue to navigate the current pandemic and what the office environment will look like moving forward, organizations can rest assured knowing that their employees and data are safe – no matter where they are."

Avast Business SPA is now available to MSSPs and MSPs globally and the new solution could be useful for organizations that have had problems configuring VPN access for their remote workers.

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