Chrome OS could be getting virtual desktops

A video has emerged that demonstrates virtual desktops being used on Chrome OS, which suggests that Google is looking to incorporate the feature into its operating system for Chromebooks.

The feature, which will apparently be called ‘virtual desks’ was found in a video spotted by Android Police, and was included in the Chromium Gerrit commit, which suggests that developers are actively working on implementing the feature.

The video, which you can view below, gives us a brief glimpse of how the virtual desks feature would work when creating new virtual desktops. The commit also explains that the feature will have thumbnail snapshots of all your desktops, making it easy to switch between desktops.

Hot virtual desking

Virtual desktops are a very useful feature found in Windows 10 and macOS, so adding the feature to Chrome OS will allow Google’s lightweight operating system to better compete with its more established competitors.

Virtual desktops allow you to create and manage multiple desktops on a single machine, which can make it easier for you to organise windows, applications and more.

The inclusion of this productivity-boosting feature will be welcome for anyone who finds working on a Chromebook (or a Chrome OS-powered Chromebox PC) a bit cramped, and will help make Chrome OS an even more feature-rich operating system. Let’s hope this feature makes it into Chrome OS soon.

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