Microsoft Teams is testing a new feature that will give your presentations extra oomph

Microsoft Teams is working on a new update that will greatly improve the platform for individuals that use it to give a lot of presentations. The PowerPoint Presenter View is currently only available for preview but promises big things.

Although PowerPoint is a great piece of software for delivering presentations in person, that sort of thing has taken a backseat for the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although Microsoft Teams has proved extremely useful in replacing many workplace functions during this period, its built-in presentation mode is somewhat lacking.

However, with PowerPoint Presenter View, Teams users will now find it much easier to navigate between slides and check on the associated meeting notes. Previously, a presenter had no easy way of viewing meeting notes or changing the way slides were presented during a meeting.

Presentations updated

In order to gain access to the public preview of PowerPoint Presenter View, Teams users first need to make sure that they have opted into the public review program and then its simply a case of clicking on the Share icon that can be found next to the Leave button.

After this, users need to select a PowerPoint file from Teams Share or their One Drive file repository. This will then open Presenter View and the new PowerPoint functionality will be available, making presentations a lot more enjoyable than they used to be. Presenters should also enable the “new meeting experience” in the settings of their Teams desktop app.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping across the world, many group activities, including work presentation, suddenly had to go digital. The Teams update should make video presentation a little easier for presenters, with the update being made generally available later this month.


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