AWS - Why we need to make Machine Learning happen faster

Amazon Web Services has put out a call to speed up the development of machine learning across the entire technology space.

Speaking at the company's AWS Summit event in London today, a company executive said that AI is set to play a major role in the development of many future technologies - with AWS set to provide the tools and services required.

"Progress isn't happening fast enough," Matt Garman, VP, AWS Compute, said during his keynote, "most customers want it to run even faster."


Garman harked back to Amazon's 20-year history of utilising machine learning technology, spanning all the way back to its roots as an online bookstore that provided personalised recommendations based on prior purchases.

Now, the company's cloud computing arm has grown into a hugely influential global technology player, with AWS now offering over 165 services over 24 regions across the world, handling millions of organisations, with the likes of Sainsburys, HSBC and the Ministry of Justice called on stage at AWS Summit.

"More machine learning is happening on AWS than anywhere else," Garman said, "we need to make ML much more approachable."

Garman was also keen to promote the company's AWS IoT, which looks to help manage and utilise data from across the entire technology stack, including right out to the edge. 

The company has millions of IoT customers across 190 countries, including the likes of GE, Haier and Siemens, and says it can offer "the most complete platform for IoT".

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