TweetDeck gets support for GIFs, emoji and more in-demand features

Twitter is making some smart introductions for TweetDeck, including the most requested feature – following a poll of the user base – which is the ability to add GIFs when composing a new tweet within the app.

As well as GIFs, you can also add emoji and create polls directly from within the Tweet Composer, plus there’s support for threads and image tagging. Of course, it was always possible to manually add GIFs or emoji (by copying and pasting from elsewhere, for example), but it’s handier and more convenient to have this functionality integrated.

However, note that as the above official announcement tweet clarifies, these features are just in testing right now. However, it appears the updated Tweet Composer is currently rolling out, and some users already have access to it.

Scheduling loss

Furthermore, some of those folks are complaining about the ability to schedule tweets not being available in the new Composer. That should be in the works soon enough, we’d imagine, but for now, it’s a case of giving with one hand, and taking with the other.

More broadly speaking, TweetDeck users will be pleased at this development, not just because of the extra abilities that are coming to the app, but simply because of the fact that Twitter is actually paying some attention to the product. And, hopefully that bodes well for its future.

Via The Verge

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