Google Chrome finally lets you send tabs to other devices (nine months after Firefox)

Google Chrome 77 is now rolling out for Android, with a new feature that lets you send tabs to different devices. This handy tool (which started rolling out to a small test base in July, but it now available to everyone) eliminates the need to mess about with bookmarks, or email URLs to yourself.

To give it a try, tap the menu button in Chrome, select 'Share' and select the option 'Send this page'. This will enable you to send the current page to any device you're currently signed into using your Google account.

The receiving device will display an alert that includes the name of the sharing device, the name of the page, and the URL.

It's a welcome addition, but Google is rather late to the game. Firefox gained an almost identical Send Tabs feature in February this year, which you can see demonstrated in the video below:

Simpler downloads

This isn't the only new feature arriving in Chrome 77 for Android – once you receive the update you'll also notice a new, simplified Downloads screen. Google has done away with the drop-down menu in the top left corner, which was used for selecting different file types (including images, video, documents and pages).

Instead, there's a row of buttons along the top of the screen for choosing different file types. It's a small change, but saves you a couple of unnecessary taps and makes the filters more obvious.

There are also various changes aimed at developers, plus some performance enhancements under the hood. You can find a full list of all the updates in Google's change log.

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