Surfshark launches free Trust DNS app

To help users protect their privacy online and bypass censorship, the privacy protection company Surfshark has launched a new secure DNS resolver for Android called Trust DNS.

The new app allows users to browse the internet securely without being tracked or subject to surveillance. Since Surfshark believes that privacy is an inherent human right, its Trust DNS app is completely free for users to download and use.

Cybersecurity adviser at Surfshark, Naomi Hodges explained why the company decided to launch a free DNS resolver as opposed to a paid one, saying:

“When tech giants began to thrive on data-driven marketing, the concept of online privacy became the essence of internet reality. Sadly, many people cannot afford premium protection software. Instead, they choose free solutions that in most cases are more dangerous than none. Having that in mind, we created Trust DNS to grant a basic level of protection for everyone as an embodiment of our company values.”

Trust DNS

Surfshark's Trust DNS app sets itself apart from the competition by being completely ad-free and by not requiring users to register in order to utilize its service.

Industry-leading security protocols DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS help guarantee users' browsing privacy as well as a strict no-logs policy.

The Trust DNS app enables users to disguise their browsing activities online from everyone including ISPs and surveilling agencies. While the app itself does not change a user's IP address, their browsing information cannot be identified.

Surfshark's new service allows people who live in or travel to heavily restrictive countries to access blocked websites. In many cases, these restrictions are enforced by meddling with DNS addresses and Trust DNS is able to resolve these changes.

Interested users can download Surfshark's new Trust DNS app from the Google Play Store.

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