Darktrace’s self-learning AI security systems are now in AWS Marketplace

Darktrace has announced that its Enterprise Immune System and Antigena security solutions are now available in AWS Marketplace.

These are products which are built on the firm’s Cyber AI platform, a self-learning artificial intelligence system which is designed to pick up and respond to emerging threats that can be very tricky to spot.

Darktrace explains that the AI system learns the unique footprint of activity, or real-time ‘pattern of life’ for all users, assets, and containers, learning from what it sees, and making “billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence”. This enables it to detect and respond to threats that might otherwise fly under the radar.

The sort of cyber-threats that can be pinpointed by Darktrace’s AI solutions include attempted data theft by rogue insiders, and the presence of unencrypted intellectual property in the cloud.

Unprecedented visibility

Nabil Zoldjalali, director of cloud security at Darktrace, commented: “Darktrace provides companies around the world with the ability to better detect emerging threats, fight back in seconds, and achieve unprecedented visibility across their cloud infrastructure.

“Availability in AWS Marketplace can provide improved time to value for customers, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly benefit from Darktrace’s Cyber AI solutions.”

The security firm also noted that it helped CBS Interactive host the 2019 Super Bowl with Darktrace AI and AWS, and everything ran smoothly and securely.

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