Microsoft Edge Collections is almost here, aiming to make your web browsing more convenient

Microsoft Edge’s Beta has just had the Collections feature enabled, meaning that hopefully it won’t be long before this functionality reaches the release version of the browser.

Collections first appeared as an official option (rather than a feature flag) in the Canary and Dev (earlier preview versions of Edge) builds back in December 2019, so it’s good to see it progress to the Beta (specifically, version 81.0.416.12).

If you’re not familiar with Collections, the feature gives you the ability to save web pages in groups which are, as you might guess, called Collections. You can then easily open these groups at your convenience, representing a step forward in terms of better organizing your web browsing.

As Microsoft explains: “Collections is now available [in beta]. You can get started by clicking the Collections icon next to the address bar. This opens the Collections pane where you can create, edit, and view Collections. We designed Collections based on what you do on the web. If you’re a shopper, a traveller, a teacher or a student, Collections can help.”

Essentially, you can create a collection for anything – just give it a name, and group relevant sites under that umbrella.

Imminent release?

Hopefully at this point, the functionality should be working pretty smoothly, and with any luck, it’ll be arriving in the full release version of Microsoft Edge before too long.

The new Beta also comes with various other additions, including support for Dolby Vision playback in websites, and tweaks for the dark theme.

Microsoft also made a telling improvement to Edge recently in terms of speeding up the browser. In fact, the company claims that recent optimizations mean that Edge now offers something like 13% faster performance, a pretty chunky uptick.

Microsoft’s hope is that the revamped Edge will soon enough be a challenger to the dominant Chrome browser (as you’re probably aware, Edge adopted the same Chromium engine).

Via Windows Central

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