Google is getting back to work on Chrome updates

After recently making the decision to pause all Chrome updates to ensure stability, Google has now announced that it is once again ready to resume work on its browser and operating system.

The reason behind the cancellation was to avoid causing severe disruptions to web developers, system administrators, Google's engineers and the countless number of people working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now though, Google has revealed in a blog post that future Chrome releases are coming, albeit with an updated release schedule.

Chrome updates

According to Google, beginning next week the current Chrome 80 release will begin receiving new security updates.

Chrome 81, which was initially scheduled for a March 17th release, has been rescheduled for April 7 and Chrome 83 will release in mid-May.

Earlier this week, Director of technical program management at Google, Jason Kersey said that the company will skip version 82 of Chrome and the features planned for it will find their way into Chrome 83.

Pausing updates during this trying time made a great deal of sense to avoid disruption but now that the Chrome development team has adjusted to working remotely, Google's browser will once again receive security updates and new versions will continue development.

Via ZDNet

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