Best practices for a 1:1 implementation

Using technology in the classroom can make the entire educational process more immersive and successful for both teachers and students. However, sometimes not all the conditions are met for it to bring true results, which is why educators propose that:

In terms of delivering educational content, a projector is still the most practical and affordable method for large screens. Not only does it increase student engagement and create more immersive experiences, but it also results in more effective learning of new material.

Newer interactive projectors by Casio, a Japan-based multinational consumer electronics manufacturing company, aim to support both students and teachers in the collaborative classroom.

In addition to providing flexible content delivery, these projectors can increase interaction and promote student engagement. The more engaged and immersed students are, the more they will learn. That said, to truly make the most out of implementing these newer technologies in the classroom, there needs to be a system of meaningful, ongoing professional development in place for teachers so they can learn how to improve instruction.

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