TD Ameritrade launches web interface for thinkorswim trading platform

TD Ameritrade has announced the launch of Thinkorswim Web, making it easier than ever before to get access to this powerful trading platform.

The new browser interface includes most of the essential features of the Thinkorswim desktop client, including demo accounts, live trading, and customizable technical charts.

The release came in part due to the spike in trading caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as stock trading activity in the US increased markedly when stimulus checks were issued. TD Ameritrade also noted that the web interface would make it easier for traders to access Thinkorswim in households where more family members are now sharing desktops for school and remote work.


TD Ameritrade originally purchased Thinkorswim in 2009 in a $606 million deal. According to Steve Quirk, executive vice president of Trading and Education at TD Ameritrade, the addition of Thinkorswim Web “completes” the Thinkorswim experience for retail traders. It also helps this broker compete against increasingly popular mobile-first brokerages like Robinhood and Webull.

The new Thinkorswim Web app can be accessed from any browser and is designed to be responsive to mobile devices.

It works for both live and paper trading accounts. It also covers all of the same markets as the ThinkorSwim desktop app, including stock, options, futures, and forex trading.

The only major feature missing in the browser interface is thinkScript, the internal programming language used to develop custom indicators and trading strategies within Thinkorswim.

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