How HP inkjet printers have helped this company massively scale their production

If you're looking for some super-powered hardware to help improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace, a HP Inkjet printer could be the answer.

ProCo, a commercial print business based in Sheffield UK added recently an HP PageWide Web press T240 HD to theer fleet, allowing it to hugely scale up output. Using the HP Page Wide Web press, ProCo can now produce up to a million packs a day without choosing between volume and quality.

"Bringing the T240 HD into our fleet...has enabled us to look at high volume, high quality direct mail and it scales our production massively," said Jon Bailey, CEO Proco.

"We've been able to output up to a million packs a day which was not possible before. When you're working with partners like HP that are driving the industry and striving for new innovations... it's an exciting place to be."

Complete the form below to view the full video of what Proco thinks of the benefits the HP T240 HD has brought to its operation.

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