360 Total Security Essential

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360 Total Security Essential (formerly 360 Internet Security) addresses all the users that are on the look out for a antivirus solution that has no price tag and looks good at the same time.

360 Total Security Essential

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Yes, we know, it is not all about the looks when it comes to computer programs, but a well-drawn graphical user interface never hurt anyone. This is the case here, too, with 360 Total Security Essential. A very popular pick in China, 360 Total Security Essential did not gathered many fans outside China mainly because people already have stuck with an antivirus application.

While many believe that Chinese software is low-quality in general because they might have heard that and never investigated it, 360 Total Security Essential surely sets a new standards for aesthetics as well as performance for a Chinese product that does not make you reach in your pocket in order to utilize it at full capacity.

First things first, 360 Total Security Essential bring a breathe of fresh air to your system, packing a rather wonderful GUI with modern elements and little (if any) kitschiness. Alongside these spectacular looks, this particular piece of software brings additional capabilities to the concept of ‘Internet Security’ as it also represents a simple yet complete antivirus solution.

Well, not that simple since it sports three different engines for scanning and real-time protection. Firstly, there is the 360 Cloud Engine, the one implemented by the developer, then come along the QVM II Engine as well as the Bitdefender AV Engine. Yes, that’s right, the Bitdefender AV Engine. This engine assembly does a great job against malware when it comes to cleaning and even proactive defense.

To sum it all up, 360 Total Security Essential can really compete with the big guys such as ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall, Avast! Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free or Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+. It has the look and it also has the power to fight the malware and keep your system virus-free and your mind on the important things.

360 Total Security Essential Review

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it would not be wrong to say that every legal or another word pirated software we use may bring numerous security threats with it aside from security threats a pirated software also creates problems for overall PC speed and performance it really sounds odd that most of the people who don't want to shell out quite a bit of money from their bank or cannot afford to buy a paid antivirus software download security programs from pirating file-sharing websites where hackers are sitting to hack your PC and cause you discomfort both mentally and financially it is same as you ask a lion to protect a goat you might ask me how is it possible actually instead of protecting you from security threats hackers may get into your PC and web browser to steal your privacy username passwords credit card and other bank details using a pirated antivirus software downloaded from such a notorious pirating website after installing this is why it is strongly advised by security experts not to use illegal and pirated software especially antivirus programs security experts urge to use original antivirus programs and if you don't want or cannot afford to buy a pain antivirus software then you can go for a freeware anti-virus software there are tons of free to use security programs available out there through which you can protect your PC from hackers and their deadly hacking weapons in today's video I'll introduce 360 Total Security Essential to you and share what I found good and bad while testing this freeware antivirus in this 360 Total Security Essential video review it would not be wrong to say that 360 Total Security Essential is one of the best and highly reputable yet free to use security suites while testing this freeware piece of software I've found 360 Total Security Essential a truly all-around security program for Microsoft Windows 360 Total Security Essential has the ability to protect its users from all kinds of security threats such as viruses Trojans worms adware spyware and phishing etc the power of four top award antivirus engines is what that makes it differed on other freeware antivirus programs 360 Total Security Essential is integrated 360 cloud engine qvm III over and by defender to offer you complete protection and best detection rate 360 total security comm offers to installers one with having turned on 360 cloud engine and qvm III and you can turn on by defender and Avira engines by installing other installer to triple the antivirus protection this feature-rich yet free to use antivirus program comes packed with six very useful security features respectively real-time guard multiple scan modes a quarantine reports a self-protection module to stop hackers from disabling the antivirus and my favorite one is a sandbox through which you can safely run or test unknown programs in an isolated environment without harming your PC as well as you can go for a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on but it is not necessary 360 total security essential still protects you against hackers while shopping online downloading files and browsing webpages downloading an installation process of 360 Total Security Essential is very easy and free of toolbars and additional software suggestions I would like to download 360 Total Security Essential offline installer to make the installation process quick and save time you after installation you'll find a very elegant interface where the options are structured in very nice and well organized manner there is nothing you need to discover as far as this question is concerned whether 360 Total Security Essential easy to use or not not overall but 360 Total Security Essential is somewhat not an easy to use piece of software I'll explain it later how as you can see there is a button at the left hand side through which real-time protection can be turned on or off underneath this button you'll find buttons to access antivirus and sandbox you can change themes using the t-shirt icon at upper right corner and here you can also find Settings button to make preferred settings 360 creates a system tray icon that you can open to temporarily disable the real-time protection open the quarantine view log details check for software updates and so on anti-virus provides its users with three scanning modes the quick scan mode is specifically designed to look into the operating system its job is there fiying popular malware hiding spots on the PC such as system settings common apps running processes start-up items and Windows critical files we can say that the quick scan mode is also a PC optimizer the full scan mode scans the entire hard drive for potential threats the full scan mode may take some time depending on hard drive health and size you can scan any preferred file hard drive partition folder memory card USB flash drive network places cd/dvd disk using the custom mode beneath this section on the left-hand side here you can turn on or off pipe defender and Avera engine at any time you can compile a list of trusted items or programs and URL s using the trust list actually the trust list is an instruction to 360 total security not to scan this list on future scan you can add files folders and URLs to a trust list you'll find it a very useful feature it saves you time while visiting your favorite and trusted website and using a trusted software actually it goes extreme when it comes to install or use a software it takes into account every change to registry entries and the firewall and annoys you by popping up take two action notifications I must say it will not allow you to install or use a cracked software as well as you can send files to quarantine to later examine them and decide whether you want to keep or eliminate the objects you can submit suspicious items to file analysis and now a bit about sandbox sandbox my one of the favorite features in 360 Total Security Essential although this is a very useful feature for all type of PC users but it's specifically a superb feature for those who have to or love to test or use new software like me sandbox module provides you a virtual secure and isolated atmosphere in which you can test software to find out whether it really has something suspicious and dangerous especially malware without harming your PC for your convenience 360 Total Security Essential integrates an entry for the sandbox into the Explorer shell to easily install and launch programs in a safe environment with minimum effort you can share your programs to automatically run in the sandbox when normally accessing them on your machine and the best thing is that you can revoke network access to sandbox programs in addition to impressive list of useful features of 360 Total Security Essential I've also experienced several problems and annoying notifications while testing 360 Total Security Essential I decided to reboot my PC running Windows 7 after the installation and after reboot it disturbed Internet Download Manager integration with all web browsers it flagged many software even trusted and reputable ones as a malware trojan unwanted program etc while downloading installing and even while using programs you can get rid of this problem using the trust list though but as you know everyone does not want to dig into such complicated things it's not a new thing for veterans like me but it's a complicated thing for sure for those who do not know much about how these things work in this regard I found it a little bit hard to use piece of software but to be honest it's virus malware trojan and security threats detection ability is superb I put it to analyze over 200 files with zero day threats and it swiftly identified and eliminated all threats I found 360 Total Security Essential a very lightweight piece of software on system resources I experienced no crash hang display error messages etc while using it as well as I felt a difference while using the Internet in term of speed I was expecting a parental control feature in 360 Total Security Essential but I did not find a parental control feature but there is an option inside settings through which you can block desired websites 360 Total Security Essential puts ten languages at your disposal and it's available for Windows XP Vista 7 8 and Windows 10 users it's free to use and ad free so this was what I found in 360 Total Security Essential and shared with you what is good and bad in this free to use yet ad free Security Suite I hope you liked today's 360 Total Security Essential review respected subscribers and tutorial and review comm readers if I could not explain anything properly or you've got a question feel free to ask using the comment section I'll try my level best to solve your problems do not forget to share like and subscribe stay tuned and stay blessed


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