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Getting rid of annoying toolbars, browser add-ons installed with or without one's consent as well as eradicating adware or hijackers from a system can be a daunting job, especially if the appropriate tools are not at hand.

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To help users clean their PCs of such nuisances, utilities like AdwCleaner have been created. This particular application is quite lightweight and also a breeze to use.

The program doesn't need installation and can be deployed from any storage device, most suitable for portable usage. Plus, it doesn't leave any traces in the Windows registry.

As soon as it is started, AdwCleaner immediately finds all traces of unwanted components or remnants of former installations that should be cleaned.

The results are presented in a text document so you can view in detail which files and registry keys have been detected and proposed for deletion. Pressing the 'Delete' button will start the removal process which will end with a system restart.

An important note that should be seriously taken into consideration is that AdwCleaner needs all the running applications to be closed, so its highly advisable to save your work before using it. Also, the reboot that marks the end of the cleaning procedure cannot be delayed.

A neat feature of this software tool is that it can 'uninstall' itself with a single mouse click. There's a dedicated button which, when pressed, will instantly delete the application from the drive it is stored on.

AdwCleaner targets a wide variety of undesirable programs (PUP/LPI), can fend off advertisements and reverse the effects of hijacking malware which might have taken over your browser's homepage. Another example of usage, perhaps the most common for this particular software app, is browser toolbar removal.

All things considered, AdwCleaner does a great job and if you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to urgently get rid of ads, toolbars and similar unwanted components, make sure you give this tool a try.

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hello everybody my name is cap and welcome back to cap tech in today's video I want to show you guys a software utility known as a DW cleaner now a DW cleaner is a program that searches for and deletes adware toolbars potentially unwanted programs or pups and browser hijackers from your computer it doesn't actively search for viruses and Trojans like malware bytes or super any spyware instead it looks for some of the junk files that can get downloaded into your system that can cause you to start seeing pop-ups browser redirects or any other kind of adware in your system for starters atw is not an active scanner meaning it's not running when your computer turns on or running in the background constantly looking on your system for malicious software adware instead it's known as an on-demand scanner meaning you launch the program run it let it do its cleaning and you close it and it's gone and hidden away a DW cleaner also has no installer so you can easily put this onto a thumb drive or CD use it on a computer that you're trying to work on or just run it let it do its cleaning close it out and you don't have to worry about it again this is one of those tools that I recommend to people having at their disposal before they have an infection just to have on their system because it's always good to have tools readily available versus waiting until you have something bad on your system and then trying to find something to clean it up with when you first launch a DW cleaner this is the window that comes up after you you know choose to run the program and accept the User Agreement like normal but there is no installation it just loads directly to this screen under the Tools menu into the options you can see you have quite a few different things you can list to have the program reset by default it only resets your windsock which is what allows your computer to connect to outside connections you can choose to reset your proxy tcp/ip firewall and things of that nature and you can go through and have a select where you want to delete tracing keys prefetch files image file execution operation keys but normally all you would have to do is just leave it on default also you can choose to update the database locally in case you're working with an infected doesn't have it access and you can download the most updated version of the database directly from the publisher once you have it all said I have to do is click on scan and it will start scanning your system this will go through it make sure you have the most updated version of the database loads the engine into memory and then begins the scan the skin itself doesn't usually take very long more or less depending on how many files your systems and of course on how many infections you actually have but for the most part it went through and scanned my entire system I think it took at about 15 seconds once the scan is complete it brings you to the main interface where it lets you know it's waiting for action and it breaks down everything it finds into various tab like services folders files registry etc and with under each one of these each thing that it finds it marks it as a checkbox list here so what you can do is you can go tab that tab see what you have options here as selected and then deselect anything you don't want to leave within the program once you're done you just click clean it lets you know everything has to be closed for it to work you click OK and it starts the actual cleaning once it actually finishes the full cleaning it will notify you that in order to be able to finish it has reboot your system you click a button it'll reboot the system and then when it comes back up you'll see it bring up this log here of everything it actually did it broke down files DLL shortcuts registry and you can see exactly what it did so there's no question about oh I'm not quite sure what was left behind what was changed and that's the program in a nutshell it's really clean really basic and easy to use it's not super confusing for people who might be kind of nervous or scared using a computer and once again this is a program I recommend people have at the ready it's always good to have something like this downloaded in your utilities folder or a download section somewhere or a bootable CD just in case you ever get something bad on your system it's better to have it ready and not need it then think oh no my computer's junked I can't access the internet how do I go through and download these tools so anyway the link and everything to this program is covering the video description as normal below if you like the video do me a favor and leave a like on the video and be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on any future videos thank you guys so much for your time you guys have a good day and I'll talk to you later


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