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what's going on YouTube this is just my opinion and today I'll be reviewing notorious b.i.g life-after-death which it's actually celebrating its 20th anniversary today now biggie is a Brooklyn rapper who at the age of 12 started selling crack cocaine ultimately led to him being incarcerated for some time while he was in jail he decided to make a demo rap tape as soon as he got out of jail it was ultimately heard by Sean puffy combs a year later puffy decided to make his own label Bad Boy Records in which he signed biggie they released the 1994 classic album ready to die which was a gangsta rap album that helped push the focus of hip-hop culture back to the east coast now in between ready to die and life After Death there was a lot of East Coast West Coast beef in which we all know about between particularly big and Tupac which were the two biggest faces in hip-hop and it ultimately led to Tupac's death in September of 1996 and it led to Biggie's death in March of 1997 just two weeks before this album was able to get put out now once this album got put out it was the sequel to ready to die that ultimately wound up selling over 10 million copies worldwide went diamond and is considered to be by many a classic album so the album was broken up into two different discs both containing 12 tracks the first disc first track is just titled life After Death intro which is basically a sequel following up suicidal thoughts from ready to die we get a depiction of basically puff talking to biggie on his deathbed after he shoots himself from suicidal thoughts basically just telling him that it's not his time to die it flows directly into the second song which is somebody's got to die and this song right here is basically all about a friend of Biggie's it's a revenge song in which one of his friends got set up and was killed and now big is out to say seek revenge on the person who set him up and the production really takes you there it's very gritty and it has kind of this sombre moody type feel to it it basically makes you feel like something's about to go down with the rain pouring in the background really just it's a grim tone for the actual story that Biggie's telling the next time we get is hypnotized which is a standout track of mine this is the first single to be put out for the album and this was actually the last music video in which big was ever featured in alive this song has a nice dance groove to it has a very radio-friendly sound and appeal with a catchy hook the production is very smooth and big also comes across as very smooth and charismatic as well this song just reminds me of good times back in college I used to love pre-gaming to this song definitely standout track of mine on the album one of the legendary songs from this album that's timeless now next we get kick in the door which is produced by DJ Premier it's actually contains a nice sample of the song the classic song I put a spell on you but it is much more gritty and Biggie is just going in with great wordplay he's basically just reassuring to everybody that he is atop the throne in rap so after that we get the song fuck you tonight which is actually has a sexy sleek 90s R&B type sound in production to it which features our Kelley on the hook this song actually sounds like it basically could have been an arc le song that notorious b.i.g decided to hop on and put on his album now this song is basically dissolve out biggie spitting some game he has that nice raunchiness to him but it's still very suave at the same time as far as lyrically goes and this is a great marriage between hip-hop and R&B and not to say that big was first person to really do this as far as meshing RB and hip hop together there are plenty of hip hop artists that were being featured on our bee songs there's plenty of R&B artists are being featured on hip hop songs but this is kind of one of the first songs that really came out that actually featured more of an R&B sound on a hip hop album featuring an R&B artist the next song we get is last day actually features and really introduced us to the group the LOX which features Jadakiss chic Luke and Styles paid now Jadakiss has probably had the most successful career out of the three members and he's probably my favorite member out of all three members of the LOX but I actually think that Sheik had the best verse on the entire posse cut but they all complemented each other very very well in this song and it was another very good song from this album the next song on the album is I love the dough which is actually a more up-tempo track definitely has a nice funky influence in it but it sounds very lavish as far as production-wise goes and jay-z and Biggie on this track are both basically rapping about the lavish lifestyles in which they live actually really like jay-z on this song more than I did big they basically take you into this lifestyle you feel like you're actually there with them based off of the production and the imagery that they're providing about how jay-z's saying that you guys are watching the Mike Tyson fight on TV while we're actually there witnessing it in Vegas and I feel that I feel that on this song and to me this is another great song from the album so then the tempo slows down with the song what's beef which has a much more moody production to it has some moody violins in it and the song is basically all about how Nall really wants beef with biggie and how people are basically quick to talk shit about biggie but real beef is not about just talking it's backing it up so from here we got the big interlude which is essentially just a quick freestyle it was okay it didn't really throw off the rhythm and tempo of the album too much and actually flowed very nicely into the song Mo Money mo problems shout out to jail or die no that's my boy right now this is his favorite song of all time Mo Money mo problems it has a nice sample from Diana Ross on it features puffy and Masonic as well and this song is definitely the most radio friendly and accessible song that big has ever put out kind of start helps start the bling air with the the shiny suits and flossing in the music video and also started a trend where rappers started putting out songs that would feature brighter sounding production that were tailor-made for the radio and mainstream crossover appeal the next song on the album is a standout track of mine I will not say the name of the song though as I'm white I'm gonna get in trouble but this song I love the production on it it has some nice gritty New York classic New York production and the song is basically all about biggie telling a story about a drug deal that is about to take place at a hotel between him and his partner and his storytelling on this song is absolutely fantastic he's telling the story from the perspective of his boss from himself from his partner from the receptionist at the hotel and he's really bringing it all together and last song on the first disc is I got a story to tell which has this nice beautiful laid-back production on it has some nice guitar samples in it it basically gives off this effect where you're basically just chilling with your boys on like a summer night just reminiscing telling stories back and forth to each other this song is basically all about biggie telling this story to his homeboys about some chick that he has been seeing and having sex with she has a man who was on the New York Knicks at the time and it has come out in recent years that the story is actually about Anthony Mason the story goes that biggie just finished up having sex with this girl Anthony Mason comes home while he's there they're both panicking upstairs don't know what to do biggie in this chick so biggie decides that he's gonna that he is robbing her and holding her hostage Anthony Mason comes in the room he drops his glass he's freaked out he tells him to take whatever you want biggie comes out stealing from Anthony Mason and coming back to his boys saying you know you can't believe what just happened to me so the second dish starts out with the song notorious thugs which is one of my favorite songs from this album definitely stand out track of mine this song has a really nice smooth melodic sounding production to it with a nice hit hard-hitting beat in the background it features bone thugs-n-harmony and together b.i.g and Bone Thugs are just straight spit and rapid-fire Bone Thugs sounds perfect over this type of production this melodic production and big held his own and I think he had the best verse one of the best verses on the entire album now from here we get the song miss you has a nice reminiscent type mellow type of production vibe to it it features one 12 on the hook this sound fantastic and the song is basically an ode to a couple of bigs friends that had died and one of them in particular is about his friend Oh who was really important to him and he kind of feels guilty almost about his death and kind of feels like he was kind of responsible for it and could have done something to help prevent it the next song is called another which I really like the production on this one it kind of has a Dancy almost like an electro funk synth pop type feel to it features a little Kim on it and it's all about basically biggie talking about how a woman cheated on him and how for a little Kim how a man cheated on her it could potentially be about each other rumor has it that the little skit in the beginning of Kim and b.i.g arguing back and forth with each other is actually supposed to be a real argument that got caught while they were in the studio together the one thing I'll say about this song though that I didn't like is the hook I thought it was one of the weaker hooks on the album and biggie just does not have that great of a singing voice and little Kim didn't sound that great singing on this hook either and then from here we get my favorite song on the album going back to Cali love the production on this song it has that real smooth g-funk Cali type sound to it with the talkbox vocals sounds so smooth and big sounds so smooth on it this song is basically just an ode to Cali and Biggie's basically saying in this song that he has no beef with California at all he loves going to Cali he basically just has beef with those that have problems with him which he specifies on the second verse of the song and this song just brings back a lot of great vibes for me when I used to have a car with the sunroof during the summer putting sunroof down and just cruise into this song then from here we get the classic classic ten crack commandments which is produced by DJ Premier has that nice boom bap sound to it that DJ premier is known for also features the nice vocal scratching in there as well on the production this song is basically all about his rules to selling crack never get high on your own supply then from here we get playa hater which has some nice smooth jazz and blues influenced production in it but I gotta say that this is probably my least favorite track on the entire album from both discs I just did not care for biggie singing on this song and puffy didn't help at all either singing on this song either then we get the song nasty boy which is another great track on the album it has a nice dance funk groove to it a nice bass groove this song is basically all about Vig talking about his sex game dressed to impress sports pitches interest sex is all I expect now next we get sky's the limit which is another standout track of mine on the album another one of my favorite big songs has really nice smooth mellow production to it and it basically sounds like you're kind of just sitting on like the dock on a Bay just reminiscing about your life and just all the different things that you want to accomplish and this song is basically BIG's juicy for the album his of rags-to-riches story or as he states ashy to classy story he basically talks about his childhood growing up hustling and how he always had a bigger vision for himself in the end 1:12 sings the chorus of this song and they sound absolutely amazing on the course of this song whenever I hear this song or whatever I'm in a bad mood in general I put the song on I hear that chorus and it basically makes me think that everything's gonna be okay I could have what I want and be what I want really great song now the next song we get is the world is filled which has kind of this smooth R&B disco sound to it as far as the production goes and this song is basically all about being the pimp and of course if you're going to talk about being a pimp you have to have to short on the song too short does a great job featured puffy actually does a pretty good job as well in the first verse now the next song we get is called my downfall which has this moody production to it and the song is basically all about biggie rapping to everybody who's basically wishing for his downfall he also really talks about his death on the first verse basically talking about if he were to die kind of almost sounding like it wouldn't really faze him the one thing I didn't really care for about this song as puffy was shouting way too much in it I didn't really care for that we then get a long kiss goodnight and this song essentially is the closest thing that we got as far as a response to Tupac's hit him up as far as a diss back at biggie although little C's did claim that this song was about to Park but puff when it came out stated that this was not about Tupac and the final song that we hear on this to end of the album in general is you're nobody till somebody kills you which is one of my favorite songs on this album it's just dope as production love the production on it and the song basically embodies everything about big that you could possibly ask for great wordplay all the themes that you hear throughout the entire album are all again put into this song and this course is basically all about his fascination with if you're nobody until somebody kills you it was an absolutely outstanding way to wrap up the album and the song was a great end to his career and legacy as well so in conclusion this is big at his finest in my opinion not only do I think that this album is better than ready to die but I think that this is one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time is 100% of classic this album not only redefined the genre of gangsta rap and also kind of the birth of mafioso rap in general but it also experimented with different sounds and styles in hip-hop more than we've seen in the past with big and with hip-hop in general experimented with the softer R&B sounding tracks the mellow smooth tracks and it also experimented more with the up-tempo dance radio-friendly singles as well in which we saw this influenced a lot of other rappers which include that of jay-z 50 cent even rick ross more recently the only gripe that I really have about this album is the fact that it is a little bit too long it's almost two hours long in my opinion if you cut out some of the useless skits there may be just like little bit less than a handful of tracks that I would cut and I would also condense some of the songs that kind of dragged a little bit long but overall still a fantastic album overall I give this album the strongest 9 out of 10 that I could possibly give on an album but yeah that was my review of the album and thank you for watching YouTube


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