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Anti...worm is a compact application designed for Windows users that need to protect their computer from virus attacks.

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This application can locate and eradicate over 700 threats that have been classified as trojans, backdoor trojans or worms. This type of threats provide remote access to the affected system and are used to install additional trojans or other forms of malicious software. With this software your data can be viewed or copied by unauthorized users without your knowledge.

The application is very easy to use and allows you to perform a full computer scan with just one click. To perform a scan and remove all the detected threats you should be logged in as a computer administrator. Also, the program is a simple executable file that can be run from a removable disk without having to install it to the hard disk.

The program starts its job by removing the temporary files that are a direct result of the Internet browsing and present the higher risk of being infected. The application continues the scan by checking the operating system registry for questionable keys that can be the result of virus or trojan attacks. The RAM is the next target and all the programs loaded in the current memory will be scanned.

As you noticed, the program's first priority are the locations that are usually the first choice for a malware threat. After that it proceeds to verifying the files that are stored on your hard disk. For every identified threat the program will take action by removing the infected files. This application can remove only some types of threats and we recommend that you also use an anti-virus software for best results.

In order to prevent others from getting access to your data, passwords or email addresses use Anti...worm to scan your computer periodically.

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