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Avira is one of the big players in the security sector, providing reliable scanning technology combined with advanced performance tools to help you get the most out of your PC without compromising data. The Avira suites bring together multiple Avira tools into a single installer, saving users the time and effort needed to deploy all these applications separately. That is also the case with the Avira Free Security Suite.

Avira Free Security Suite Crack With Keygen 2020

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The collection of tools in Avira Free Security Suite includes the Avira Free Antivirus, the Avira System Speedup, and the Avira Phantom VPN, all working together to turn your daily computer sessions into a secure, fast and private experience.

All the aforementioned applications can be easily managed via the Avira Connect, an application that runs in the system tray and enables you to check protection tools on the local computer and other devices. Using Avira Connect, you can launch the antivirus and the other utilities included in the suite, or download and install additional Avira software.

The Avira Free Antivirus relies on Avira's scanning engine to detect malware and potentially dangerous files before they reach your system. Furthermore, its enhanced protection system promises to detect and block ransomware before individual files or the entire system are encrypted.

With real-time protection and on-demand scans of local and removable drives, as well as key system areas and running processes, it can provide the essential security level any computer should have.

The suite also comprises Avira's VPN solution, which ensures full anonymity during browsing sessions. Phantom VPN offers one-click access to secure servers from all around the world, protecting your online privacy.

The Avira System Speedup assesses the performance of your system, looking for fragmented data and settings that might slow it down. It also features a boot optimization module, and predefined power modes, alongside a plethora of tools for managing files, find errors and defragment disks, manage processes, services, and installed applications, or create backups.

With the ever-growing assortment of threats out there, both in number and in complexity, running an up-to-date security solution on any computer is mandatory. Avira Free Security Suite is a good choice but remember that it only offers essential security and system optimization tools. Additional features are available in Avira Internet Security Suite or Avira Total Security Suite.

Avira Free Security Suite Review

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you welcome everyone to another malar geek review today we're going to be taking a look at a Vera's new free Security Suite that they're offering when I saw the son of yours website I was intrigued to say the least so I kind of wanted to see what it included and you know what they're offering with this so here's a website a bear's website and it says introducing the first ever full suite of free security software I think that's a bit misleading because there are other companies that offer security suites so I think they're misleading you a little bit there next-gen security enhanced anti ransomware protection well I may have to take them up on that offer and test Avera against some nasty ransomware not in this video necessarily because we're going to do a full review but I may have to test them against some ransomware it includes privacy protection with their phantom VPN master your IP encrypts your communication evading snoops advertisers and bypassing geo restricted websites and has enhanced performance with their system speed up utility and you get you to continuous updates and then of course down here they show you the comparison between the free and the paid versions so that's what they what it looks like before you download it the first thing I want to say about this security suite is that it takes forever to download and install and no it's not my internet connection because I've downloaded other programs that are much faster look it wants me to check for issues not right now I took about an hour for this to download and install I've downloaded other security suites even full paid security suites that don't take that long so it was a mess trying to get this to download in addition to that this thing is a resource hog you can see the different Avera components are taking up quite a bit of memory and it does slow down the system and it overall the program feels very unresponsive and the system in itself seems very unresponsive if we take a look at this user interface and its usability they have all the different components here your phantom VPN your system speed up their Scout browser hold on just a second here okay sorry about that their Scout browser etc and then of course you have the antivirus which is what I'm really interested in but if you want my honest opinion I've looked through this security suite and this feels like a bunch of watered down paid for products that they want you to just drop money on thrown in with an anti-virus I understand it's free and they want to make money I get that but this just seems to me like a big advertisement for their paid Security Suite they give you a few extra features that I really don't feel are necessary thrown in with the antivirus what I would like to see instead of them you know throwing in all this extra stuff is an improvement on the overall security that the antivirus offers I know I'm being a little bit harsh but I really hate it when a Vee companies do this kind of stuff or they you know basically try to you know sell you more stuff by giving you the free watered-down version so I just really wish that they would improve on the performance or maybe the security that the antivirus offers and you know that sort of stuff because that's really what matters these days so if we take a look at the antivirus user interface this is the same user interface that Avira has been using forever and in my opinion it's terrible to be honest with you it looks cluttered it doesn't look user-friendly it's not appealing it doesn't look modern there's there's many things I could say about this user interface I really wish that they would fix this I've seen it before and it's just it has a very bla look to it so on the main interface you can turn off your real-time protection you can get into your settings by hitting this little gear wheel and this settings menu itself is a mess I just it just looks very old and tired out so I really wish that they would fix this you can start an update start start a system scan and over here you have your internet protection weapon web and mail protection as well as game mode are not included in the free version and they have a firewall setting interestingly enough it's not an Avira firewall it's a Windows Firewall so they allow you to edit Windows Firewall which I find hilarious inside of Avira it's not very many more options than what windows offers you so I really wish that they wouldn't mislead users that way I mean that just seems kind of silly I mean I can do that from within Windows I don't know why I need to do it from within Avira I mean yes it's more centralized but it just seems kind of silly so that rant aside like I said I know I'm being a little harsh but I just hate this kind of stuff that AV companies do it seems kind of goofy you know so anyways rants aside on performance and usability and whatnot I have some malicious URLs so we're going to see how well Avira does in terms of its protection from malware because that is important so I have ten malware links here so we are going to go ahead and test Avira let me turn off smart screen filter because I know it's on because I always forget to turn it off and let me make sure that my web filter is off on the host machine so that it's not being blocked by the hosts anti-malware program so give it a second okay so my web filters are off so let's start inputting these links and see how well Avera does here's the first malicious URL okay tango dot exe but you probably won't be dancing when you run this file on your computer because it's most likely malicious so while that's downloading let's grab the next malware link all jokes aside this one's about ready to download here running a security scan and it wants to run very interesting by the way of error is up to date tango is currently running you must exit tango before reinstalling interesting is it in memory yes it is right there we hit ok it crashes so it looks like that one didn't work that's ok I have 9 more malware links there's the next one okay that one appears to have been detected yes it was it was a dropper so most likely that's not the actual malicious file I mean it is malicious but most likely it would have been downloading some kind of malware in the background so what's this luke viral file Walker that's their goofy name for their scanner I don't know why it's trying to scan I don't know if that's their way of quarantine the file but it didn't run so I don't really see a point of running a scan if the malware didn't make it to memory this one is there any kind of image files but see this one appears to not be working just fine and grab some more malware links in a minute let's go to the next one this is a JavaScript file and it doesn't appear to be doing anything I'll see any goofy kind of malicious behavior going on in the background something tried to drop a file appears this one tried to drop a file and it was blocked yep so this is an infected web page that tried to put a file on the system and it was blocked by Veera here's the next malware link again it's scanning let's try to save this one as dot exe save as get it to do that on the desktop let's go exe looks like that one got caught because it couldn't download look they're deleted yeah that one is a Trojan and it was blocked that's good let's move on okay I don't know if this one's actually working not seeing any kind of malicious behavior what's this something tried to drop onto the system I'm hearing Avira again infected webpage again so it's trying to run a script in the background or drop a file and it got caught so that one was blocked as well looks like a here with six detection okay this one wants to run and it looks like that one got caught as well I didn't see an alert on that one but it may have been caught see if this one tries to drop a file anything like that it looks like it is trying to drop a file on the system because the ver is responding to it to suspicious patterns let's take a look and see what we got here see dropper well whatever tried to drop onto the system I'm not seeing any kind of malicious behavior going on so it looks like it was blocked by Avira which is good and let's try our last malware linking on I might grab a couple more here just to test it out okay this one wants to run okay couldn't be downloaded looks like it was caught by Avira yep and it was adware and it was blocked so I don't understand why it does this this might be a way of it quarantine it but I understand why it needs to pop this little window up all the time let me try to grab a couple more malware links and see what we can do here be right back okay I got a couple more malware links here so let's go ahead and try these out okay let's go for this one first okay that one appears to have been caught yes infected webpage and it blocked it let's try that again come on and last malware link here and getting no alert yet now I got an alert to suspicious patterns were detected and blocked so a lot of infected webpages today but doesn't look like anything really got through because I'm not really noticing any kinds of funny behavior or malware like behavior although we have that comm surrogate running I don't know why that's running I shouldn't be I'm going to go ahead and put some second opinion scanners on here just to make sure we got a clean machine so I'm going to go ahead and run some second opinion scanners and once I get done with that I will be back okay so hip empro and zamana finish scanning zamana says the computer is clean and hitman pro just found these temporary Internet files but these did not execute both of these were blocked I forgot to clear out the temporary Internet files both these were blocked by Avera it didn't cause any damage or anything like that and there's no other files on a computer so I'm going to call that a clean run by Avira it blocked all the samples that I threw at it so now we're going to do is I'm going to disable a Vere's real-time protection we're going to grab a pack of malware and stick it on the desktop and we are going to test out of various detection rate these are going to be fairly new samples so we're going to see how well it can detect them with it's signatures so I'll be right back okay so I have put the malware pack on to the desktop here in this folder we have 623 samples so we're going to do a right click scan and see a how many varakin detect as well as see what the scan speed is seems like it's fairly quick on this scan speed but let's see how quick the removal is so okay so it found it says it found four hundred and sixty items so clean looks like it's the yep it's the only option so let's apply that and I will be back when it removes these files well you know what I nearly fell asleep waiting for this thing to remove all the malicious software it's finally done an hour and 12 minutes later wow that is one of the slowest removal processes I've ever seen it says there's six warnings so I guess it wasn't able to remove six objects because it says it detected 460 but I don't think that let me check the math here really quick but I don't think that adds up we had 600 and 620 come on 623 minus 267 356 were removed so I'm not going to scan it again but they definitely need to work on their scan speeds that's absolutely terrible so if we get the overall detection rate there's 267 objects left over that weren't removed 623 - 667 356 divided by 623 57.1% which in the realm of signatures is really not that great I know these are fairly new samples but I would expect at least maybe a sixty-five to seventy percent from Avira but boof so anyways I'm going to re-enable the real-time protection we're going to do the zero day component so let's do this let's run some of these that one doesn't work hmm a lot of these seem to have some sort of error are not running so possibly a Vera remove them or clean them that one doesn't work six suspicious patterns so it seems to be removing them or detecting them I know why it didn't remove them on the original scan at once yeah so a lot of these aren't working so it appears like the detection rate is higher let me see here yeah so most of these aren't actually working so I'm guessing Avira remove them and we do have that one running in memory this one is also running in memory as you were is it running from Windows Mail Program Files understand focus to the side here I'm just going to run a couple more of these and if you know yeah a lot of these aren't running so I'm guessing that the detection rate is higher and I'm getting a response from Revere and now that it's detecting suspicious patterns so it appears that a Veera is removing the malicious software that is attempting to infect the system so let's see if we can run Oh error occurred yeah so we do have some things running in memory here Windows activation client is to appear to be some sort of malicious software possibly but it's weird I know it's weird and Windows is activated out no why any an activation tool so ooh some funny things going on easy cd/dvd burner not all of these are probably malicious but I'm just going to run as many as I can that Avira hasn't caught or removed some of these appear to be actually working how long I caught and it's actually removing more of them as as I run them so interesting enough to have some interesting things running in memory here okay so I think I've run enough of these because a lot and the majority of them are not actually working so what I'm going to do is I'm going to delete this folder what I can delete what is it running in memory I'm going to restart the machine and then I'll do a scan with hitman Pro and Ximena and see if anything actually was able to infect the system so curiously enough it's still detecting malware as I try to delete all this stuff so I'll be back how once um once I restart the machine okay I went ahead and restarted the machine and I'm running zamana and hitman pro right now we do have some this in particular right here is catching my eye this web companion thing it's taking up a lot of RAM a lot and now it's dropped back down but it appears to be a lava soft thing but I don't know why lava sauce would bundle their software with other software it just seems weird it just seems like we have some things going on that aren't supposed to be going on the machine seems very slow to respond so we're going to see what a hitman Pro and Ximena find when I did restart the machine a barrel is still trying to remove a lot of malware so we'll see what happens so I'll be back once these scans are done okay so Semana finish scanning didn't find anything and these again are still left over files from the link test so there was no active malware on the system and nothing was really able to infect the system so overall I am opinion on Avira Free Security Suite in terms of its ability to prevent malware from infecting the system it did a great job I think it's overall detection rate was higher than the 57% because it was still detecting stuff I don't know why it didn't remove them on the original um scan but it was still detecting stuff and when I was trying to run them some of them that were running it was detecting them and removing them so overall I think it did a great job protecting a machine however I think that you're better off just using their free antivirus I also would like to see them improve their removal time because let's be honest the removal time was ridiculous I don't know if it's going to be any better with the free antivirus or not just the antivirus not the actual um security suite also I think they need to overhaul their free antivirus user interface and make it more user friendly on that part of the test the usability and the performance on the system it fails protection wise did a great job no actual malware infected the system this right here this web companion is actually a legitimate file I uploaded it to virustotal signed file verified signature it actually is from lava soft so that could have been a false positive included in that malware file that I didn't pick up on or if you are including your web companion bundled with other software or a lot of us off shame on you because that's adware type behavior and stop doing that so I can't really knock Avira's protection per se because I think it did a great job like I said but its performance and its usability no fix it so like I said if you're going to use in a very product use their free antivirus don't download their free Security Suite because in my opinion like I said at the beginning of the video it's just a bunch of junk thrown in with the free antivirus so I hope you guys enjoyed this review if you have any any comments leave them in the section below if you like this video go ahead and subscribe and hit that like button and I will talk to you guys later you


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