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CryptoWall is included in the ransomware category, considered one of the most dangerous threats for computer users. It is a modified version of CryptoLocker, which is used to extort money from users of infected PCs.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware

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Created by the popular Bitdefender security company, Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware promises to protect your system against the aforementioned ransomware by monitoring the PC in real time and automatically blocking CryptoWall's actions.

What CryptoWall actually does is encrypt files on the host workstation, in the attempt to gain financial benefit by promising users that the documents will be decrypted in exchange for a specific amount of money.

The transfer is usually processed via a service that is difficult to track, making it almost impossible for you to recover your money, not to mention that you don't get a guarantee that the files will be decrypted.

Furthermore, CryptoWall uses a sophisticated public-private key encryption mechanism, which means that it is not easy to recover the files yourself. As such, the only solution is to try to prevent CryptoWall from reaching the system in the first place.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware can keep an eye on your computer and block known encryption methods used by CryptoWall.

Aside from real-time anti-ransomware protection, this application integrates an immunization technique that prevents executables from the 'AppData' and 'Startup' folders to launch.

Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware aims to help you keep your data safe by protecting you and your computer against the CryptoWall ransomware. No complicated configuration is required to have it up and running. It can be launched with Windows and set to run minimized in the system tray, safeguarding your computer without interfering with your work.

However, it is highly recommended that you use a permanent security solution, which can protect your PC against various types of threats, not just ransomware.

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you can geek out stem Tibbets here with major geeks calm and today we're gonna take a look at BitDefender antyram where a program designed to block any kind of ransomware that it's currently aware of ransomware is the one that takes over your computer starts locking random files and folders and demands a ransom to unlock them now the it gets a little tricky here we've had a lot of questions so that's the reason for the video you have cryptolocker which is the primary ransomware program and then you have crypto wall and other variants this intends to protect you against crypto wall and its first two variants I do know there is a third variant I don't know how many others there are probably dozens who knows basically what you're gonna do with this program is you're hoping to protect two of your folders it mentions it right here it wants to block these two folders because once that executable gets in those folders it's automatically encrypted and now you're screwed because it's just gonna keep popping up payoffs are ransom messages and it's gonna continue to lock files and folders and it's gonna continue to raise the price if you don't pay right away it's a real pain in the you-know-what so basically once you have it installed it's gonna use about eight megabytes of memory some people have had difficulty with it starting and startup I have not had that problem in Windows 10 however turn your immunization on wait a minute for it to actually enable it once that's complete we're gonna go into our settings and from the settings you're gonna have three more settings start with Windows minimize it to tray when it starts and minimize to tray even when you close it so this way when you close here it's still running it's really that simple now I'm hoping that protects against other variants it's a great tool to have especially if you're attacked to kind of slip on machines maybe you have a business you're dealing with who has this problem I've run into this nice another option not to sell you or anything but I'm a big BitDefender guy they're consistently rated number one or number two month after month year after year is the best antivirus protection out there it's not free and I know allow do you love the free antivirus but programs like this are built into BitDefender so it might be worth to spend a few bucks a year some of these ransoms are two hundred five hundred thousand dollars so honestly forty fifty sixty dollars a year sounds pretty good at the end of the day what and there you go that's how she works that's all you need to do give it a shot let us know if I answered your questions or if you have any other questions just throw them in the comments and I'll respond when I can and as always thanks so much for watching


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