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BitDеfеndеr Intеrnеt Sеcurity is а complеtе protеction suitе dеsignеd to providе your computеr with thе lаtеst tеchnologiеs аgаinst virusеs, phishing, hаckеrs аnd othеr virtuаl thrеаts thаt mаy comе your wаy. Bеsidеs thе аntivirus еnginе, thе suitе аlso bundlеs аntispаm, pаrеntаl control аnd sociаl nеtwork protеction.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Crack + Keygen

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Тhе intеrfаcе is vеry usеr-friеndly аnd аttrаctivе. It еnаblеs you to viеw thе currеnt protеction stаtus for thе аntivirus, firеwаll, аnd аntispаm modulеs, whilе updаtеs аrе аutomаticаlly аppliеd on а rеgulаr bаsis (thеrе's аlso а mаnuаl option to chеck for nеw updаtеs аnd instаll thеm on thе spot).

Тhе pаrеntаl modulе (а highly intuitivе function thаt аlso comеs with prеdеfinеd profilеs) cаn bе еxtеnsivеly configurеd to filtеr onlinе wеbsitеs for childrеn, whilе scаnning options includе quick, full systеm, custom, vulnеrаbility scаn аnd а rеscuе modе.

BitDеfеndеr Intеrnеt Sеcurity providеs а strong wаll of protеction аgаinst е-thrеаts аnd phishing аttеmpts. A spеciаl fеаturе of thе suitе is Bitdеfеndеr Sаfеpаy, а uniquе cаpаbility dеsignеd to sеcurе your bаnking opеrаtions аnd prеvеnt your finаnciаl dаtа from bеing hаckеd.

BitDеfеndеr Intеrnеt Sеcurity comеs with а lot of othеr vаluаblе fеаturеs, including аn аdjustаblе scаnning modе, instаnt mеssаging control, Fаcеbook control, а BitDеfеndеr toolbаr (monitors onlinе trаffic аnd othеr аctivity). Switching to аuto pilot modе will disаblе BitDеfеndеr from displаying аny notificаtions.

Our tеsts rаn smoothly аs it sееms thаt, oncе аgаin, BitDеfеndеr mаnаgеs to kееp up with modеrn stаndаrds. Mеmory is modеrаtеly usеd during аn аctivе scаn аnd thе аpplicаtion didn't prеsеnt аny bugs or crаshеs whаtsoеvеr.

Тhаnks to thе vеry strong fеаturе pаck аnd to thе impеnеtrаblе dеfеnsе it offеrs for onlinе аnd offlinе аctivitiеs, you should givе this Intеrnеt Sеcurity suitе а try аs your mаin аntivirus аs it will surеly not lеt you down.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Review

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welcome everyone to another maurer geek review today we are going to be taking a look at the highly requested Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 this is bitdefender's latest release of one of their flagship products they actually have a step up from their internet security package which is called total security but since we are looking at the underlying capabilities of the anti-malware engine I figured it was just as relevant to test the internet security version as it is to test the total security version since there are just a few features that are included in total security that you don't get in their internet security package so if we dive into the product I like the dark user interface they have here it seems pretty well organized and simple to use you can turn their autopilot on or off up here and start a quick scan at a vulnerability scan it shows you if it's blocked any applications files or websites right here so it gives you plenty of information on the main user interface if you look at the features here you can change the settings of the antivirus here the little gear wheel you have some advanced settings here that you can show or hide which is good for advanced users or novice users you can turn the shield on or off you have your exclusions menu here where you can exclude different files or folders from being scanned by the antivirus you can have it scan CDs DVDs USBs and map network drives and here you have your quarantine where it puts detected malicious files you have your web protection here that you can modify you can scam scam scan the web traffic for malware that you have their search advisor scan SSL and protection against fraud and phishing you have their ADT which is their advanced threat defense basically their zero-day component where they have ransomware protection and their advanced threat defense for general malar and you can modify these settings here you know add applications to the whitelist that won't be scanned by the behavior blocker then you have some anti-spam options over here scanning for vulnerabilities and over here interestingly they have protected folders the desktop to documents music pictures and videos which seems to be some sort of ransomware protection and you can also add applications that can modify those files and folders over here so it seems pretty well equipped to deal with general malware as well as ransomware so we're going to give it a test while we're at it we might as well check the resource usage seems to be pretty light doesn't seem to take a whole lot of RAM and I haven't really noticed any significant CPU usage so we're going to check for an update let me open up my malicious URLs these are fairly fresh all from the last day or so and I believe these are all active although I have noticed a bit of a system slowdown as you can tell since installing BitDefender so it may not be as great on the resource usage as the task manager shows so it is up to date so we are going to go ahead and start testing the defender is known for their good signatures so I'm expecting a lot of these websites to be blocked so let me make sure my web filter is off on the host machine give me just a second ok so the web filter is off on the host machine so let's start punching some of these links in our first weird link and it is blocked easily by bitdefender so the first one is taken care of let's try the next malicious URL 4.0 Exe that's totally legit while we're waiting for that one to load let's try this one this one has a very low detection rate and as you can see bitdefender's Web Filter has not detected it let's see if their malware protection engine catches it appears to have executed I'm not sure if this is some sort of ad work this is a legitimate application so we will get another link because that looks like a legitimate application to me so could download out adware or malware in the background but we'll go with a different link this one the payment advice notice zip file was blocked by their web filter this polish URL is dead here's another weird link some kind of an IP address this one may not be functioning this one was blocked as a Trojan that one was also blocked one task dot exe from some kind of help domain which is not going to help you this one was also blocked let's go with this randomly named executable and it is taken care of by the defenders Web Filter and here is the last malicious URL and it is blocked immediately by the defender this one appears to not be functioning so let me grab about some AC we're going to need three more URLs so let me grab those really quick and I'll be back and we'll finish up the tests okay I got three more malicious URLs so let's see what BitDefender can do about them and that one is blocked apparently it is a some court of some sort of a JavaScript Trojan and it is blocked by bitdefender let's try this next weird link this one actually loads up from Russian domain qw exe generally files like that are malicious it is in memory right here and I've got no alert from BitDefender so we will move on here's another malicious URL not sure if that one got blocked let me open a new page that one may be dead yep that one's dead give me a second here let me find one more okay let's try this help desk malware and it is blocked by bitdefender as a trojan so let's see here what we have going on in memory if anything we do have some things executing the background yeah there's a new API server interesting see what pet defender has to say sozin hasn't blocked any files or applications and we have some weird things going on we have some kind of looks like add we're loading up or something and the machine is very slow to respond so I'm guessing we have some malicious things going on in the background from that qw exe that load it up so what I'm going to do is I'm let the Machine run for a few minutes and see what happens and then I will grab my second opinion scanners and clear out the temporary Internet files and we'll see what's going on here so I'll be back ok so I restarted the machine just to you know clear everything out and to see how it was reacting because there were some funny things going on in the background and I opened up system configuration just to see if there were any malicious changes because I knew I did notice that there was some new things that were added into the startup menu we have this web Cydia thing that appears to be some sort of adware there secure surf browser has been added to startup and we have this weird unknown startup item here that appears to be malicious and it is some kind of random executable and app data roaming and the web Cydia browser has been added to app data roaming and so I noticed some weird things going on it actually detected a threat I blocked a threat interesting and it appears to me that there is malware that is attempted to be downloaded into the background because it is blocking malicious web pages and there is this potentially malicious application that it has blocked or advanced threat detector fences blocked and it's actually this random executable that was added to app data roaming but since there are infected pages still being detected it makes me think that there's some active malware on the system so what I'm going to do is I'm going to load up hitman pro and zamana I'm going to scan the system and then I'll be back with the results but I wanted to show you all what was going on so I'll be back ok so as I suspected the machine is infected we do have some weird things going on first of all this web city of browser it's not actually a browser it's malware which is what I thought in the first place because there is no user interface except for like a little pop-up window that you get when you start up the machine which this file actually starts up with the machine it has been added to the startup menu as I showed you and it is malicious and this is actually a very nasty piece of malware because this file from hitman Pro it appears to have been removed by bitdefender but we have a couple of other suspicious files that are probably related to this malware here but interestingly enough it has been attempting to connect to infected webpages as you can see and it even attempted to connect to some infected webpages after it was blocked by bitdefender so that suggests that there are still some potentially active malware on the system although the infected web page connections have died down so I don't know if BitDefender has blocked the malware or if you know it successfully made a connection to an effective website that BitDefender didn't know about either way the machine is infected the defender has blocked some of the malicious files but we still have some active in memory so I don't know if it has actually controlled them because it doesn't appear to be active on the CPU right now or on memory but we do have a very active CPU as you can see just an idle process is very active so I think the machine is infected still even if the applications have been blocked the defender did allow the malware to infiltrate the system and it was attempting to download more malicious files from the internet I don't know if it was successful or not it doesn't appear to have been successful because I'm not seeing like a huge amount of infections but again the machine is infected which is disappointing because you know I really wish BitDefender would have prevented this infection because this is a very nasty infection and that goes to show you how nasty one single file can be and how important it is to have a good protection there so anyways I'm going to say it did okay in the link test so I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10 but this infection is nasty and it's slowing down the machine doing weird things that start up so I am going to try one more thing I am going to restart the machine again and see if we get any kind of alerts for infected webpages or anything like that because that will really tell me if the FD malware is active or what the deal is or the defender got rid of it so I'll be back and I'll let you guys know and then we'll go on to the second part of the test okay so I restarted the machine and as I suspected this malicious file here is still active even though this one may be dead this malicious file is still active and I don't even think it was detected by you hitman pro or zamana and it's a pounding away at my RAM right now and using my CPU to do whatever it's doing so it's running around in memory and doing whatever it wants so the machine is infected it's good to see the BitDefender was able to block the web Cydia browser file but there's still other files associated with it that are still active in memory so the machine is infected so again I'll give it a 9 out of 10 so yeah so anyways this is the vital process not a big deal there so but the machine like I said is infected and that goes to show you how nasty one malware file can be I mean it's still attempting to download things you can see BitDefender just blocked several always making a whole bunch of connections Wow yeah so definitely infected and this show goes to show you how nasty one malicious file can be just that one malicious file in memory and it's still trying to make connections to the Internet and download malware and do all kinds of crap so I'm kind of disappointed by that to be honest with you but as what it is so I'm going to go ahead and restore this machine to a clean state and we'll move on to the second part of the test okay I drag in my malware folder and we have 815 files in here so I'm going to do a right click scan with BitDefender see how many removes and then we'll do the zero-day component of the test so I'll be back okay so there are 175 files left over we started with 815 so let's see what that detection rate is the defender says that the folder is clean now so 640 out of 815 78.5% I was hoping for better but okay so we're going to turn on autopilot and we're also going to turn on make sure that everything else is on yep the shields are on everything is on so let's start executing some of these and see what happens that one doesn't work some of these may crash some of these may have been disinfected because it appears that BitDefender disinfects the files some of them actually goes in and gets the infected archived because a lot of these aren't working so it makes me think that it didn't delete the actual file but it got rid of the infected part which basically you know stopped the file from running Flash Player pro yeah I bet that's totally not flashes of icon there but we'll see some of this may be adware yeah it appears that it may have gotten rid of some of the infected archives the application microsoft windows operating to change a file protected folder and was blocked let's see what happened so there appears to have been some sort of attempt to modify one of these folders I don't know if that was a ransomware attempt but it was blocked by different BitDefender which is excellent so that was exciting this might be some sort of adware and it looks like it's trying to download something so there's another attempt may actually be just attempting to apply load files on the desktop that may be what's triggering that that prompt as well so I'm going to run a couple more of these and then we're going to call it a day a lot of these appear to have been either disinfected so because they're not working which is good yeah so let me try to get you guys a better number and see in terms of disinfection how well it did because it looks like it did very well if I delete all these files that were disinfected so anyways I'm going to delete these files just so I can give you a letter number and then then I will scan the machine see if there are any malicious changes so I'll be back okay so after removing all of the files that didn't work and calculated in the detection ratio it's an eighty seven point nine percent which is much higher than before so that's good we're left with 98 items so let's see if there is any malware on the system if not that I'm going to call it a day so let's do a scan with hitman Pro and Ximena and I will be right back okay so let's finish up this review here Ximena found this slim cleaner plus crap and a Trojan as a potentially unwanted application obviously that Trojan is not a potentially unwanted application its malware but or scareware or whatever you want to call it so we have that it also added itself to startup menu hitman Pro found this file which is not on the desktop and I didn't move it into that file so somehow got moved into that file and I didn't do it so that's malicious it's also detecting VB box tray which is part of the virtual machine as suspicious which makes me think that the file was modified because it's never been detected as suspicious before so maybe I'm crazy but it seems like the file was modified we have some registry keys here that looked like ad where we have the Trojan in program data and then this potentially risk where wizard dot exe thing and apt at a local time so once again the machine is infected so my thoughts on BitDefender 2018 they have a good detection rate it's above average in terms of their signature detection however I'm not satisfied with their zero day if it's unknown to their virus database it seems like it blocks some of them but it allows other malicious files to go past so mmm very interesting looks like something's trying to download stuff in the background because that was not a file that was detected by hitman pro or zamana interesting so I really think that they need to improve their zero-day component I would like to see them be a little bit more active in that department so I mean right now I really can't recommend it I'm kind of dissatisfied that you know it's not really functioning in terms of zero-day its I mean the risk waiter thing and the adware thing you know I don't really care about that but it did allow another Trojan in Trojan is not adware risk where it's malware you know so and it still was allowing that one Trojan in the link test to really you know do whatever it wanted it was running around in memory and you know I wasn't doing anything about it so I really I wish I could recommend it right now but I can't because it just it's not performing the way I would like it to perform for an internet security package you know so it's just it's not doing what I would like it to do so I'm not going to recommend it right now so I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will talk to you later thanks for watching


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