Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

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Bitdefender Windows 8 Security addresses the owners of Windows 8 powered systems by offering the first experience of its kind, namely a security solution that comes as a first in its category.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

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What this means is that Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is not only recommending itself as the premier Windows 8 tailored antivirus product through its looks only.

This particular piece of software makes use of Microsoft’s ELAM (Early Launch Anti Malware) technology that allows security applications to initialize and even closely examine other boot-start drivers in order to ensure the smooth operation of all the processes and services.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security’s interface suits the operating system it is designed for, providing a totally revamped GUI than the main line of Bitdefender products such as Antivirus Plus, Internet Security or Total Security.

Many users have found out that Bitdefender Windows 8 Security works with Bitdefender Internet Security licenses and that has caused a bit of a swirl within the community as many users criticized Bitdefender of changing the IS interface and commercializing it at a greater price tag just for the sakes of it.

While this is partially true (the license compatibility fact that fogged a few minds), we can assure you that Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is indeed a new product based on the Internet security software with added features exclusively built across the Windows 8 framework.

Being the first of its kind, Bitdefender Windows 8 Security sets a trend for a new wave of Windows 8 specific security products. Its integration of ELAM technology as well as other Windows 8 only features like Proactive App Scanner, Scan Boost or Security Info endorse it as a very robust option, nevertheless.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Review

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hello and welcome to deleted video review in this video review we will see about Bitdefender Windows 8 Security software which is a newly released a software from defender to make sure that your computer is well secure and protected against viruses Trojans malware spyware Adwords and all of the known internet threads and hack attacks so this software is a very exclusive one for the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system which is released by Microsoft officially few days ago so this defender of in dosage security has some extra features compared to the default Windows 7 compatible anti viruses like bitdefender antivirus 2013 bitdefender internet security the different a total security and be different the spear this software has some features new such as early startup scanner which integrated with the windows security center very well and brings you and proper notification system inside the windows 8 so i'm running windows 8 here using parallels on my macbook pro let me switch windows 8 to the full screen alright so here we have been defender windows 8 security sorry about the background noises so this there are currently no virus threads or something so here your we can see the notifications that will alert us in case of any security policy has been breached or any problem related to the security is there in the system so we can easily fix it by visiting this particular page so next one is antivirus to configure the antivirus effectively you can click on the Settings icon and you can tweak the settings with various tabs you know in each tab you will find various options to tweak the Bitdefender Windows 8 Security settings supplier privacy and you can configure all these here and in the firewall you can apply some rules and you can modify the existing rules and so on you can make sure how frequently the update is happening whether everyday or it should have been only a week that sort of configurations can be done but it is a recommended to run the update automatically at least once in a day and you have a pattern ttle control so all the you need to login with your bit different account which we can create it when you purchase video finger so the thing is like you will get all the Microsoft I'm sorry bitdefender windows 8 security features in this you know compared with the previous antivirus and internet security software the very first feature is early start up scanner which protect your computer against viruses by notifying you so it is an a complete notification system which is well integrated with windows security center the windows security center which comes default in Windows 8 operating system the second one is scan boost a technology which the defender has implemented in windows 8 security software that brings a tremendous performance in your PC overall even though the scanner is running currently for scanning against any threats and attacks the next one is the proactive app scanner which scans all the apps that you install and notifies you whenever any security policy is compromised on any specific app or because of any specific app so that is really effective and necessary for our windows 8 and the fourth one is the security security info the different rest deployed ela M technology to protect your computer from viruses malware infection this a particular feature runs when when you boot your computer so the defender starts to run even during the booting sequence so if there is any strange malware or any advanced level of viruses that can possibly infect your computer during the boot up sequence or during the Buddha process then this can be eliminated with this latest the defender feature and we do have some exclusive discount coupons for you today so if you are interested in Bitdefender Windows 8 Security for your new microsoft windows 8 operating system on your laptop or desktop then give it a try with our exclusive windows exclusive windows 8 security coop and where you can save up to fifty percent to seventy percent the seventy percent openers available for a very limited time so if it if it is not available then you can use the coop and other coupon codes to purchase your security software have a safe and secure computing thanks for watching and have a great and wonderful day


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Supported Operating System: Win 8, Win 8 64 bit

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