Bond Optimizer Software Suite

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The Bond Optimizer Software Suite (BOSS) is a platform for a whole host of bond investment calculators. We frequently add new calculators to the suite, in the form of Plug-ins, quickly and easy downloadable from our website.

Bond Optimizer Software Suite

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Here is a list of some of the calculators and what they can do for you.

■ Bond Payback Breakdown

So you are thinking about buying this house or that property investment.

But how much will you have to pay each month?

What are the bond and transfer costs?

How much interest will you pay?

This calculator gives you summarized information on all the general factors taken into account on a bond.

■ Bond Monthly Payback Breakdown

Have you ever wanted to see a complete detailed overview on what you're paying back over the selected repayment period? This Calculator breaks your bond repayments up into 6 variables: Beginning Balance; Interest; Principal; Balance; Accumulative Balance; and Accumulative Principal. See exactly what happens each month. You will be surprised to see how little capital you repay in the first month and year. The reason why this happens is that the bond repayment is based on an amortization algorithm.

■ Bond Optimization

Not many people know it; but there are some remarkably simple tricks to making a bond more affordable. The Bond Optimization Calculator Suite shows you smart ways to pay less interest without necessarily using extra money. In this suite there are eight different calculators. Each one is designed to show you how much you can save by implementing a single or different strategy to your repayments.

■ Monthly Return

There are a number of extra factors that come into play when owning a property. For instance; Security expenses; levies and renting. This Calculator takes into account inflation among these other extras and will present your final monthly return.

■ Target Year Analysis

How much do you still owe on your bond at the end of year x? What rental income/loss have you made after inflation and other expense factors have been taken into account? This Calculator gives you an overall summarized perspective for the current year.

■ Return on Investment (ROI)

You've owned property for x years and now you're ready to sell; or you intend doing this in the future. This Calculator will give you a perspective on your return after calculating the future property value; deducting the estate agency's cut and your own investments. If this function is used with the Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax calculators you can get your ROI after tax.

■ Bond and Transfer Costs

When you buy a new property there are a number of legal costs involved. These are your bond and transfer costs. This Calculator calculates bond and transfer costs for you; and presents them individually for you to see exactly how much they are.

By using this calculator you can immediately see the difference in cost between buying a property in your own personal name or that of a Company, Close Corporation or Trust.

■ Investment vs. Debt Repayments Calculator

Is it better to invest your money or to pay your debt? This is a decision we often make without a great deal of thought. But the results can have major consequences for our future. This calculator will help you to make the decision whether it is better to invest your money or pay back your current debt.

■ Sensitivity Calculators

There are four calculators in this suite. The Loan Sensitivity Calculators offers a two-dimensional grid to reflect the difference, which dynamically display the results of changes made to the Rate, Loan Amount Payments or Term...

■ CGT (Capital Gains Tax) Calculator

How much CGT tax will you pay if you sell your property investment? What is the growth on your investment after you have paid Capital Gains Tax on your 'profit'?

■ Income Tax Calculators

How much income tax you will have to pay on the 'profit/loss' that you have made from your trade - (speculating, development or trading.)

■ Payment to Bond Calculator

What is the maximum bond that the bank will allow you based on your income? The Payment to Bond Calculator will calculate the maximum bond that the banks will give you based on a % of your income. Normally the banks will not allow you to pay more than 30% of your income on your bond. You can include the income of your spouse.

■ Quick Calculator

A highly effective yet simple way of calculating either: Bond Amount, Years, Interest Rate or Monthly Payment, when you know three criteria but lack one.

It is also useful in converting between the various variables.

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