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ClamAV (Clam Antivirus) is a useful antivirus toolkit designed to detect threats in email messages and other files. It provides you with multiple detection mechanisms for malware, trojans and other security threats.


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The Internet is an endless source of information but is also includes multiple security threats which can be copied on your computer without your knowledge. This is why you should always have an antivirus installed on your computer and keep it updated on a regular basis.

ClamAV is one of the software solutions for keeping your data safe and prevent viruses from accessing your files. It is optimized for email servers which makes it more suitable for network administrators than for casual users.

The package includes multiple command line tools which are designed to perform multi-threaded virus scans, on-demand scans and virus database updates. It does not include a graphical user interface so you need to set up the engine by editing the sample configuration files.

Since it performs all operations with command line arguments, the app has a small footprint and requires minimum resources to detect the unwanted viruses which is important when you need it for processing a large number of email messages and attachments.

Although the installer does not include tutorials or help files, the can access the online resources from the developer website. As it is a open-source application you can also contribute to its development or share opinions with a large user community.

If you need a lightweight virus scanner for your email gateway, ClamAV is one of the available solutions. However, you need to test its detection rate for yourself in order to select the best tool for your needs.

ClamAV Review

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hi guys today I want to show you how to install clamp a we soak lamb every is for those who doesn't know what it is it is an wires scanner for Linux most of you are knowing that from Windows so for example Kaspersky a vast or yeah McAfee or something else and it's also used in Linux travel file is an open-source virus scanner it is not bad but it is not that good as that for you have to pay for but it is doing his job and yeah it's alright said first of all we put getting updated hours getting updating our server or if apt-get update and apt-get upgrade my server should be up-to-date yeah it is so now we can install clamp are we with apt-get install we and clamp are we fresh plan the fresh clam is the demon for the climate file who always updating the database the virus database we can set it up how often it should update the database normally it is set it at 24 hours so every day it is checking every update available it downloaded if not it's that to doesn't do anything so we have install it and now we can scan directories with clamps can slash for example home in the home directory isn't anything so it shouldn't find something the clamps can doesn't know if there are no files in the directory that it that she shouldn't do anything but it's checking also and we can see this scan summary we always get that and we can see known viruses are 6.3 million and scanned directories one scanned files and in fact it finds ok so now we download a wires file it is an enviros test file from the European Institute for computer antivirus research I short I car so I downloaded it and we can see here are now two files on zip file and one yeah dot-com file we can see it's in a small file yeah if we open it we can see it there's only yeah bit of here or not bit of but the grammar a we should should found that this is and virus so now we scan it again and both of this should he should check if if it's yeah ok I have to go to the correct to the correct directory so if we check again it should find that so now here ok eicar test signature found he found everything scan files in fact it files too so we are getting an information that there are some virus things we can also say that we only want to get the infected files so now the output should be the same because yeah we always get that and ask in summary we also get all and we can also say with move that it should move the found that files to a directory or yeah we can say with our we want to scan the directories in a recursive way records safe way and it's all possible with no our Heath that no our Heath should be scanned if we do that now no it should be found only this file because this is an ahi f-- okay also founded yeah i don't know exactly what he ignore but if we now put clamps can remove /home it should remove this two files and our server should be clean and no virus is here okay we see he found it he removed it the zip file and thought calm file he also found it and removed it now in fact it files okay and if we put now alas yeah we can see everything is clear so our server is not infected and yeah I hope I can help you both this video and if you liked it let the thumb up and thanks for watching bye


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