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cereal Cleaner is a brand-new indie game on the switch the suite that's already available on the ps4 Xbox one and PC and as its name suggests you play as a Cleaner of serial killer murders it's a completely bizarre concept but hey Mario is about a plumber that eats mushrooms and saves a princess so let's just see how fun this bizarre concept really is serial Cleaner doesn't have the most engaging or in-depth narrative nonetheless there is a story to be told here you play as Bob a freelance Cleaner who mainly cleans up after crime scenes of serial killers that means that bob has to infiltrate crime scenes clean up blood pick up and your leftover evidence and most importantly get rid of bodies ball has to do all of this while not being caught by the police and escaping the crime scene although the story is told by a text dialogue that placement Bob gets phone calls from different criminals looking for cleaning jobs you'll get to learn more about Bob sense of humor and personality through the way he responds to conversations a bit more of his character is flushed out when he interacts with his mother who is very much the ideal example of a mama's boy living at home with their mom ultimately though Bob is pretty much a flat character both literally and in his personality he's pretty much the average mid-twenties man living with his mom that cracks sarcastic jokes and loves to make references a more linear connected story is told by interacting with objects like the TV and radio that speak of murder scenes either happening right now or that just happened previously this all foreshadows future cleaning contracts that you'll get called for some of these contrasts or levels are continual others are connected slightly it's an okay story that gives a bit of background information to the levels you're playing but ultimately it's nothing to write home about Syrio Cleaners gameplay falls into the genre of action stealth with a bit of puzzle elements 20% of the game will have you walk around your home where you live with your mother these scenes have you playing on small dialogues with either your mom or people calling you for job contracts it's sort of like a hub world area though it's pretty small you'll pretty much spend time here at the end of every contract completion until you go to the next job the rest of the main campaign will have you fulfill 20 contracts that in total can take you about three and a half to four hours to finish these contracts have you visited different crime scenes and pretty much clean up all the evidence without getting caught it's simple in concept but quickly evolved with larger stages and in return more complex mechanics and layouts for you to solve and maneuver early contracts will have you enter a crime scene with the task of getting rid of the dead bodies and cleaning up the blood to us or in degree it's pretty easy as these early sections are just trying to teach you to pay attention to the AI pattern of characters learn to be patient and know when to maneuver around the crime scene as Bob you can use your Cleaner vision to zoom out the entire map and see where everything is it's a really handy tool that color coordinates different parts of the objective plot user picked up and evidence to collect for example now although it's a vital tool to use it it doesn't freeze time so it's important to know when to use it and if there's any cops around when you use it now I'd say the main challenge of these contracts is the AI pattern and new elements that are added onto the contracts as you progress through the game like I said it's relatively simple at the start but it does get increasingly more complex and challenging throughout the game to pick a blood for example you use a vacuum Cleaner that creates noise the noise is demonstrated with a diamond pattern that can alert nearby cops other elements like simply moving around or carrying a body can also make noise and it's another thing to keep track of cops will move around the facility with cone vision and if you appear in their sights they'll run after you and they're pretty quick too so your chances of escaping they're rather slim that's actually where one of my problems with the contracts come in the hiding spots if you're being chased by the police and find the spot that's indicated as a hiding spot you can completely ditch the cops here the cops can literally see you jump into a bin that's indicated as a hiding spot and they'll have no idea where you went now don't get me wrong I've certainly used this mechanic to save my butt a few times but I can't help but feel it's a bit cheap at times I feel like it's a useful tool to have if you're not seen jumping into the hiding spot by the police but if a cop sees you jump into a cause it it's pretty dumb to see the completely lose track of me there are some remedies to this later on in the game we're more puzzle elements are added in the number of cops and the objectives and the level increases over time making it a bit harder to avoid the police and also spacing out some of the hiding spots interactable elements are also introduced like distractions that can create noise to get cops to leave their post that's another thing too there are cops later on in the game that won't leave their position unless there's some sort of distraction in the way midway through the game you'll be able to start moving objects like crates cop cars and even giant boats in a harbour moving around these objects already adds a bit more complexity to the level by changing out the layout of the map but also in return the AI pattern of characters changes with the new layout in these moments the AI design really does shine outside of the times where they just completely derp on you if you find a hiding spot and they see you jump into a hiding spot now these new contract elements that add a bit more complexity are added about every three contracts or so while the crime scene locations only get bigger with every level these new elements keep contracts feeling fresh and challenging though I never thought the difficulty of the contrasts were ever frustrating or excruciating if anything I wish there were a bit more context in the main campaign for the 15 dollar price tag luckily we do get some extra contracts unrelated to the main campaign these come in the form of 10 bonus unlockable contracts that you can earn by collecting special items in the main campaign these bonus contracts are unrelated to the main campaign and instead take on film aesthetics from different pop culture hits outside of the bonus contracts you can unlock new clothes for Bob to wear also from other pop culture hits the last bit of content and replay value comes in the form of challenges that you can activate for the story contracts here you can turn on different modifiers I made the story contracts a bit tougher like turning off your Cleaner vision and having a timer so although the main story is a bit short at three to four hours you still have some bonus levels costumes and challenges that you can tackle after work serial Cleaners visuals are charming but nothing really amazing or outstanding the graphics overall are pretty flat but I think it plays nicely whether you're playing on a large TV on a ps4 Xbox one or switch or on-the-go on the switch a smaller display main objectives easily stand out thanks to the art style and I never had trouble losing something that I was trying to keep focus on if anything the art design that length of most was the menu system of the game and the introduction that paints Bob has his badass but when you jump into the gameplay he's a pretty casual dude with this game being test dialogue based you'll get much of an actor's performance in terms of audible performance instead the game shines an audio with its ease of catchy jazz music the entire game has the 70s aesthetic to it that's brilliant thanks to the car that Bob drives around town but more importantly the music the heavy jazz music is great to vibe with along with the trial and error gameplay this game offers with his contracts I don't think the songs will ever get stuck in your head outside of the game but they're pretty good and funky if you aren't playing this on the Nintendo switch there is a little bit of use of HD Rumble every time you're captured by a comp you get a slight vibration it's nothing outstanding but it's a nice touch that I appreciate cereal Cleaner is a fun and charming little stuff indie game available on the Xbox one ps4 Nintendo switch and PC for the $15 price tag I wish there was a bit more story contracts here however there still is some extra replay value and its challenges unlockable contracts and costumes all I never found the game is difficult to either be frustrating it did provide a gradual pace of challenge with competent AI new puzzle elements and slowly growing Maps throughout the game it's a rather short game in terms of its main story though I think it's a worthy purchase with the extra added content that does it for my review of serial Cleaner for the Nintendo switch ps4 Xbox one and PC if you do have any questions I may have missed in this review feel free to ask me in the comment section down below now I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that I'm approaching college final so expect less reviews because I'm pretty busy with school but also there aren't a ton of triple-a releases outside the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the switch as well as pub G on the ass boss 1 so for the next couple of weeks expect less frequent reviews like I have been doing for the past a month more spaced out indie game reviews as well as possibly some rants less discussion videos all of you guys wanted to read a new opinion pieces /of lungs where I talked about things like the micro transactions in battlefront 2 so I'm probably gonna double with that in the future as well but that does it for this video so thank you all very much for watching hope you guys have a great day and if you're also dealing with finding as a good luck I'll see you guys in the next one


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Added: Oct 30th 2009 User rating: 2.5
Supported Operating System: Win All

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