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Computer work benefits from a great deal of accuracy, and one simple feature to prove it is the clock. It can be synchronized with specialized online servers to match custom time zones. Additionally, network synchronization is also possible, and applications like ClockSynchro make the whole experience a walk in the park.


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On the one hand, the application doesn’t have to be installed on your computer for it to work. This is a neat advantage, since it can be stored on a thumb drive, and quickly deployed on all network computers, without having to be connected to the Internet, while registries remain intact the entire time.

Once launched, the application asks for the server address to try and reach. The address comes in the form of an IP, so you’d best be sure of it for things to work. What’s more, administrator privileges may be required for proper synchronization.

Punching in the numerical values of the IP doesn’t take a lot of time, nor for the application to reach the target server. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an online location, and can be used on a local network. Log is shown in the main window, with updates performed in real time. Additionally, the log file can be saved as plain text for later analysis.

When not used, the application stays hidden in the tray area. However, there’s no option to make it run with Windows, unless you manually add the shortcut to the Startup folder. What’s more, you need to perform synchronization manually, with no built-in function to automate checking of server status, and updating accordingly.

To sum it up, time is an important resource which helps guide our daily activities, and the computer places it in plain sight. Time servers can be used to have an accurate display, and ClockSynchro lets you connect to a local database. Sadly, the set of features is rather poor, and it needs to be deployed on all network computers to sync, and not option to select other PCs to sync from the master computer.

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