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Anyone who works a lot with DVDs and has to copy them on the computer either for transferring the mmovies onto another device or just for storing them on the local hard disk needs a professional tool for the job. Among the utilities that are especially tailored for this task, there's a really easy to use software called  CloneDVD.

CloneDVD Ultimate

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The application sports a nice interface and comes with multiple copying methods, such as entire disc, main movie, split disc and customize, thus trying to address any need you might have in this respect. CloneDVD can remove the disc protection and enables you to copy the DVD movies with only a couple of clicks.

As expected, each of the copying modes have their particularities so, for example, if you choose the customize mode, you'll have to select the files you wish to remain in the final version of the copied DVD.

During our tests we found the copying speed to be a bit under the expectations, but the job was done in a fairly good time after all. A great thing about CloneDVD was that it enabled us to have a DVD-9 movie split into 2 parts so it would fit a couple of more common DVD-5 discs.

CloneDVD has a tiny settings menu that enables you to select the burn engine as well as the workspace folder. You can set the computer to shut down after the current task finishes and also have the temporary files automatically removed at the end of the process.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that CloneDVD can do a pretty good job in helping you copy your movie collection. It also preserves the quality of the original DVDs you work with.

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hello today we're taking a look at clone DVD this is a clone DVD 7 ultimate this is the trial version this is a excellent copy fast video conversion fluent DVD creation and easier slideshow making software so the main gist of it is allows you to rip DVDs into popular file formats you can create DVD masterpieces out of media files burning without flaws convert those files at a fast speed all of that good stuff so those reports of tons of formats you can convert all this stuff here via clone DVD it works on Windows it's a compatible that of Windows 8 with a really easy to use interface as you can see here so first off here you can put in your strip so first off here you can put in your source disc so this would just be your disc drive you can put any disc and you can tell it whether or not you want to get the entire disc maybe just a movie on the disc of main movie you can customize it or you can even choose to split the discs now within DVD or clone DVD here you have multiple tools so this right here is your DVD copy menu so this would show your DVD content it show the audio selection the subtitle selection DVD info etc and right here you can hit start now you can see a little preview right here this would show the movie info you can choose the target destination of where you want that file to go copy it as again a DVD and then I'll show you the capacity of us here so in this case DVD can store up to four point seven gigabytes on a DVD Drive or DVDs DVD ROM that is now if you go over to the DVD ripper portion you can actually just load in the DVD and you can rip the movie off of the DVD so maybe you want to put it on your mobile device so a DVD that you already own for example and you want to rip that DVD off to your iPad to your iPhone you can simply put it in again it'll detect the source disc you click to load the DVD will rip the media file and this allows you to again to convert it on the fly and upload it to your most you know your most favorable format so this will allow you to play a WMV MPEG you can get it for your iPhone your galaxy phone your iPods all of that good stuff so this is a really great useful tool built in additionally again you have your DVD creator tool so this allows you to create DVDs via your discs here so you can add titles and then you can and import on your media and content you have these little templates you can use right here so for like a white or something of that matter you can add background music and images you take that disk and then you can simply burn it to a DVD here so you take all your media import it add your titles and you're good to go here then of course you have your video converters this allows you to convert any video over into different formats here so you can actually just drop in file the your computer or you can actually just get them from YouTube so you can actually pull them in from YouTube or Yahoo video url and enter them in order to download the content and then move it to another location it will convert that again so you can use this for whatever reasons whether it's you want to convert it to put on a mobile device work on your computer however it is you want to convert it last but not least you have your slideshow maker so they have a full-on slideshow maker that you can use here so it's really great for photos if you just wanna make a DVD with photos you can set that all up to drop in your media drop in the content add your transition settings drop all your pictures right here you have settings right here you can do the transitions move left or right rotate you can preview in the window over here and then you can even add credits and titles into said slideshow and burn that and you know put that appropriate whether you want to export it to a file or just again at the bottom here you have your output formats and as you can see the output formats it supports it supports a ton of different devices from Apple devices from the latest iPods and iPhones and iPads to Samsung devices to just general HD video format like avi mp4 MPEG etc and then you can choose where you would like that to be outputted in terms of the directory on your computer so overall clone DVD 7 is a really great all-in-one program to copy rip create DVDs convert videos and make really high-class slideshows all in the easy to use interface so again if you want to check this out definitely click on the link below to download the trial or by with a $29 off price for a two-year license or $50 off for a lifetime license so definitely check it out and it will find it in the link below thanks for watching you


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