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COMODO Internet Security Premium is an kludge mechanism that aims to protect your mechanism, folder and undelete against online threats. It includes an kludge module, combined with kludge functionality build an unbreakable cloak.

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COMODO Internet Security Premium offers to change your Scp hoster to Safe SecureDNS hoster (it has a description), and to enable "Cloud Based Behavior Analysis" of unrecognized initiatives by submitting them to Safe.

When the initiative is launched, you are welcomed by three doors. In only of them, Safe searched for updates, another only informed us of how the kludge had detected a new private infrastructure that our Cpu was about to join, and another only which is the undelete'ora interface.

Updating takes several seconds, after which Safe runs an automatic scanning on your laptop (which takes a really long moment, but it'ora thorough). The GUI is very eye-catching and simple to follow.

Safe seems to have a bit of functionality for each main mechanism, but they are well organized. The kludge the lets you run or timeline a scanning (a full scanning, on critical regions, or a undelete scanning), configuration the scanning settings, view kludge everything and quarantined everything, but also submit suspicious folder to Safe to be further analyzed.

The kludge lets you view everything and warning that were possibly triggered by bombings on the laptop, define a new trusted or blocked app, create a start of global regulations, and configuration various alternatives.

Defense+ has some interesting functionality, such as running a initiative in the Sandbox (a "safe mecca" for untrusted, restricted, limited or partially limited apps), adding or removing folder to and from your local safe executable database, and viewing unrecognized folder (which are automatically placed in the Sandbox until further notice).

Surprisingly enough, Safe uses very little CPU and mind money while scanning is active. But other mechanism apps run slower.

To sum everything up, COMODO Internet Security Premium is a brilliant the app, but that'ora only our decision. You have to test it for yourself.

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COMODO Internet Security free is perhaps one of the most advanced free AVS you can actually use and well with features like secure shopping which gives you browser isolation keylogger protection copy-and-paste protection it blocks screenshot captures and all that good stuff and well there's also cloud-based antivirus there's cloud-based behavior analysis there's white listing there's the sandbox there's the firewall there's the website filtering the virus scope the hips and then there's the signatures and today we're going to be taking a look at the whole program first up I just want to talk about the GUI and a few really annoying things about the program now the first thing is that the GUI is very nice I do like the GUI there's a pretty nice set of icons and well it is quite easy to navigate once you get the hang of things I mean there are a few different tabs you can go into I mean this is like the main page here the basic view you're going to tasks there's loads of different tabs here advanced view you got everything on this page here and then there's also these settings which has a very very easy to navigate layout I do like the settings and of course there is a lot of settings that's that's good so yeah that is the GUI very very nice now to the complaints it's stuff like this so I mean there's obviously geek buddy and that sort of thing which are just gonna pop up randomly like when you restart for example here we've got COMODO Internet Security premium 10 because it's trying to make you upgrade obviously now I mean if you miss this tick box and you just kept closing this it would constantly pop up and that would really annoy some people but at least I mean it does give you that option but I mean it doesn't make it very clear and that isn't the only thing I mean the installer is not exactly great obviously here enhance my web browsing experience by sending yoohoo as my home page now this is a really annoying thing with free software some free software doesn't do this at all which makes you wonder why other free software has to include this but they wants to set your browser search engine as you so I mean the other thing is geek buddy you might want to leave that out you might want to leave out the dragon web browser because that's kind of annoying for some people as well and you may also want to unpick some of these things but yeah other than that I mean it's pretty solid most ignore emsisoft that's my host so I mean yeah that's that's pretty good and obviously features wise it's good but how about protection well of course we're gonna cover that right now now antivirus is off at the moment and that is because I've got loads of samba 'ls here it will start clearing them out probably if I turn it on I'm not gonna add an exclusion so update anyway we have already updated as you can see it's up today there we go right so I've done that without a VPN on with a VPN on it's all good the widget is also cool probably should mention that that's pretty neat feature but let's go ahead and start with the URL test this is always the first test we have 10 brand-new phishing URLs these have just been posted and well the first one PayPal has not been detected the second one here which is oh another quality web mail sort of phishing site here was also missed number three was again missed number four Dropbox loads of Dropbox phishing links it's actually kind of sad I mean it is sad anyway how much how many phishing links are but I mean it's it's extra sad when you got that there you go look at that high quality Dropbox link another webmail one this is a different one over see but I mean they basically all use the same layout they let you actually sign in to different webmail services on the same page doesn't make much sense but there you go that's what they seem to do this one is again a different one but it kind of looks the same as another one I think and none of these have been blocked so far again it looks the same but it's a different link again yeah probably should stop saying that but I mean just to prove my point this one was missed another email one on Dropbox rather that was a Dropbox one this one's XL quality and Adobe PDF online high quality so unfortunately you didn't get any of those and those were like I said brand-new phishing links technically anybody could be sent them in an email now that we've done that we're gonna go ahead and move on to the scan side of things so number one how many summers have we got 248 items here so I mean these are from the 22nd and the 23rd today is the 23rd it's pretty pretty cool we've got a lot of brand new samples here and although some of them have the same icon they are different samples just to let you know so we're gonna scan this of course we have to switch antivirus on if it's gonna let me there we go thank you very much hasn't done any scanning yet but now that should be good and we're gonna right click scan the folder let's see first of all how long this takes because every AV has a different scan speed and let's also see how many are detected via signatures here so is actually doing pretty well at the moment and I have to say okay this this is a bit annoying but I mean wow you can't even close it can I know so I mean yeah 167 how many did we have again at 248 oh and it's picking stuff up if I open that can I yeah no thank you we're going to choose clean that is the default after all and we are just going to apply selecting actions we've got loads of popups because well I mean that's what happens when you open up the folder there we go 167 if we open this up now the pop ups should stop in a minute but there's 82 items left the detection rate will be on not too bad actually comodo signatures have improved since I last tested them which is very very good and well they're still not the best in the industry I mean nobody can really deny that come Caliban nobody can really deny that Kaspersky and also Avira have probably the two best signatures but there's also BitDefender and emsisoft very very close and he set as well each that's pretty good so I mean 82 not bad not bad and now we're gonna move on to the final final test it this is the key or most important test for Komodo because after all I mean this is kind of where you should be using komodo the sandbox the hips and the virus scope as well as the firewall but I mean we can't test the firewall that much so we're just gonna go ahead and test the rest of it really and although a lot of people will want me to use process explore harmony be using task manager if people who've seen my videos for a long long time they'll have realized that this is a brand new VM I've actually switched from virtual well I switched from VMware to VirtualBox autorun killer so there's the green window anyway that means that the application has been sandboxed when we click OK run some error water surprise it's been sandboxed here we're gonna do the default option for basically every pop-up we're just gonna select the default now it would be stupid to execute all 82 here it's gonna take a very very long time instead what we're gonna do is execute unknown the first 20 or so I mean I'm not actually gonna count them but I'm just gonna guess how many we've executed and Wow windows screen and you can see a lot of stuff is being contained we're gonna keep that open oh good clean is recommended so we're gonna do that looks like there was some sort of ransomware thing there but I don't think anything is being encrypted I mean if it's sandbox then it it won't be and a lot of stuff is opening and then closing but I think it is still running but the window is just closing now wow we have a decent amount of stuff in the sandbox already that's very very good let's move down a little bit get some get some of these other samples I mean some of these are a little bit older run in container you know what ause prompt yes please oh look it's windows defendants gonna run there looks like action really good screen recorder or game capture application really Wow look at this minimize that what else so we got some sort of random pixelated icon a fish got a love fish don't know but I'm gonna click it anyway run inside the container and we're gonna stop in a minute because we've probably gone over 20 items but I mean does it really matter we're testing the application I mean let's do a good job it and that appears to be good let's say okay okay malware has been stopped would you look at that so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 things are running at the moment I believe now we're not going to download otter runs because to be perfectly honest with you there shouldn't be anything in startup I believe all of these have been put in the container apart from this this doesn't or maybe as I don't really know I guess we'll see in a minute but yeah here are the things here are the things in the container anyway so that's good we're gonna go ahead and open the GUI up got a task so if we go to containment tasks and well first of all let's view the active processes and let's just take a look at the ratings here for some stuff so you can see a lot of it is unknown this is basically the malware because if it's unknown it'll be run in the sand mock's if we go to reset the container arrays changes the container has now been reset so that's fine and that is that's all good that's good so now task manager take a look at what's running nothing isn't that incredible and this is basically the key reason why people use Komodo because not much malware if any malware to be perfectly honest is gonna get past their sandbox but then we'll conclude the testing of this application it did very very well and I have to say I mean it really does perform extremely well definitely worthwhile for the firewall even the signatures now I mean the signatures have got a lot better the sandbox extremely worthy for that maybe not the website filtering to be honest I mean it will block a lot of stuff but it doesn't seem to be with the new fishing URLs yet and then this is secure shopping there's all the other stuff like the virtual desktop it's really really worthwhile using this program although you really look here it is this is the secure shopping really really neat and it's kind of similar to the look of the virtual desktop but yeah would I recommend this application for a free AV well yes I would it has good signatures it has good components good features and well I have to say it does perform well so the only last thing to take a look at is well the performance and have to say Komodo hasn't done a bad job of this either because if we take a look we got these two winners here these are for the window which is open I mean if I close that you'll see there's this one 2 megabytes here we've got eight point two megabytes 8.5 to 31 six 4.3 obviously this is idle and there's also the here which are very very low but I mean it's basically using nothing it's really really light actually and I have to say that it is doing a good job considering how little RAM and also our little CPU usage it's using so thumbs up for that but yeah mal conclude this review of COMODO Internet Security highly recommended for free users if your basic unadvised user then I really wouldn't recommend this fully but I mean if you want to go for it just go for it because you'll eventually learn what the heck is going on if you look into it and then you can get the full potential of the program if you're an advanced user then well you should definitely be using this program it has some of the best components you'll ever see so that will conclude this video thank you very much for watching hopefully you've enjoyed and I'll see you in the next video bye bye we always read by say because you know he from the West


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