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Crystal X is a straightforward and effective piece of software that provides you with a reliable means of detecting and removing malicious programs from your system. Since it comes with a fast detection algorithm against malware, Trojans, viruses, spams and other threats lurking on the Internet, you will be immediately notified about the occurred changes on your PC in real time.

Crystal X

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The main window allows you to track all the events, as well as start the ‘Checkup’ mode that will continuously monitor your system.

What’s more, the application features an efficient module that help you to scan your files online with VirusTotal, Valkyrie, CAMAD or Nicta Tech. On this matter, you can rest assured that no malware is presented into your system, modifying your programs’ behavior or stealing your personal data.

Since it does not require you to install it in order to use all its features, Crystal X will immediately connect to the cloud, thus allowing you to blacklist specific programs or move them to the Whitelist.

The Settings section allows you to choose what file types and directory paths you want to monitor, enable the protection mode, block unsafe programs and choose the checkup mode that best suits your needs, namely ‘Normal Checkup’, ‘Advanced Checkup’ and ‘Quick Mode’.

Because it gathers all the data stored from various computer users, Crystal X helps you to protect yourself and your documents from the latest viruses and malware attacks. Still, an Internet connection is a necessary requirement since it connects to a cloud platform and verifies your files.

To wrap it up, Crystal X comes in handy especially for users who need to secure their computer against virus attacks and malicious programs, as well as scan various documents and folders on websites that provide free checking of files for viruses.

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