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If you have a computer that's connected to the Internet, you have probably heard about the dangers and risks that lurk around every corner and probably understand why ransomware is one of the most invasive ones.

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Fortunately, nowadays there are various software solutions to help you prevent your PC from being infected with ransomware or recover your files from ransomware encryption. One of them is Cybereason RansomFree.

First thing first, understanding the modus operandi of ransomware attacks can benefit you greatly, as you can learn to avoid this kind of attack and counter its effects, should you ever get infected.

Ransomware is a type of attack that targets various documents on your computer that might be useful to you, encrypts them and demands a ransom to unlock them. Usually, the operating system is not amongst the targets, since the attacker wants you to be able to pay the ransom and tries to assure you that you'd receive your files after the payment has been processed.

Mainly, most ransomware removal tools are focused on letting you recover your files. However, unlike other similar software, Cybereason RansomFree provides you with real-time protection. Therefore, your computer is protected against potential attacks whenever the application is active.

The protection status is displayed in the main window of the program, which also informs you that not only local drives are protected against ransomware attacks, but also network ones.

This application also creates a few specially-crafted documents and places them in various locations on your computer so that it can offer you a higher level of protection.

Although you can safely ignore these files, if you decide to delete them, it might have an adverse impact on the application's efficiency as a ransomware prevention tool.

To sum it up, Cybereason RansomFree is a reliable application that can protect your computer against ransomware attacks. It comes with a simple interface and creates several files in various locations on your PC to enhance the protection module's efficiency.

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hello there this is Leo from the PC security Channel today will be finally taking a look at cyber reasons new tool that is ransom free i'll let the program explain itself cyber reason is a company of the late former military cyber security experts and thanks to their deep experience they have been able to create surfaces and intelligence that enables companies to stop attacks in real time so this claims to be a completely zero day or behavioral ransomware protection tool I haven't been able to contact the developers or get to learn more about the backend functioning of this but we are going to try it against a lot of ransomware today and we'll see how it fares I have heard mixed feedback regarding the effectiveness of this product some say that it's really good and some have reported that it does not block threats like say Tana and Petya so today we'll be trying it against a variety of ransomware first of all I'm going to try something really new to check its errday capabilities so this file on the desktop image/jpeg is actually an application this is really new I think it was first seen only a couple of days ago or so and I believe this is a variant of the Russian Roulette ransomware so I'm going to go ahead and execute this and we'll see what happens as you can see this fall was able to successfully execute now I don't know if it managed to affect our files so I'll take a look and no it did not affect our file so it seems the program ransom free has done its job in protecting our files although we did have the application execute so now I'm going to just try to find the process and end it wait that doesn't seem to do it there multiple processes I probably have to end the process tree over here yeah so there are two processes and I guess they spawn each other when case one dies the other one just takes over and windows won't allow me to get rid of both of them at once but well you get the point I'm sure if I check in task manager there'll be a new startup item and if I disable this then I should be able to get this annoying splash screen out of here but we'll do that at the end there are a lot of other files to go through and our focus is going to be on our files because well removing ransomware is rather easy if your files aren't affected so that's not the focus of this video our focus is going to be on seeing if these files are affected so now we'll move to Adam Locker which isn't exactly a very sophisticated piece of ransomware so I don't expect it to be able to go through ransom free and it is not this time it is actually detected so I'm going to stop and clean the threat there you go the file has been renamed now we'll try out server which has been a devastating threat as of late but once again it fails to do any real damage the application probably cannot do what it wants to do so once again we're going to stop the threat and clean it now we'll move to phantom the fake Windows Update thing and it doesn't seem to be able to take over the screen either let's try running it as admin still nothing so I'll proceed to the globe ransomware then we'll go ahead and run jigs on kangaroo and then we'll move to locky and the risk of the--the threats like say Tana Shades Bora and Goldeneye it seems like our computer just crashed I'm sure that was because of some kind of ransomware defect in the background let's check to see if our files are still intact and they are so we can continue the test but it seems server isn't giving up with this little game here to keep signing us out and rebooting the system so further action may be required to fix this computer or continue the test because it seems like task manager is also disabled at this point system just keeps rebooting endlessly a thing that's the wrath of server even if it cannot kill the system it is going to try its best to ruin your day let's see if I can no task manager I'll have to use process Explorer now if I can get to it soon enough now where are you server just keeps trying to encrypt our files and then restart the computer whenever it's not able to do so right it seems like our system is finally settling down so I can continue with the test now I'm going to go ahead and run jigsaw which is again not a very sophisticated threat doesn't seem to be doing anything so we'll proceed to kangaroo seems like jigsaw was blocked it is renamed by ransom free kangaroo also seems to have failed to do anything to our files but now we'll get to the real deals we'll get to shade and then to locky that you're both very infamous for doing their thing well by the way I just noticed a couple of server encrypted files so it seems with the endless restart loop server dead managed to encrypt some files while several reasons ransom Creek was still loading attention Oh attention your documents photos databases and other important files have been encrypted your document photos databases and other important files have been encrypted so that didn't take too long we didn't even have to go through the difficult salts like sporulate on ax and gold mine it seems like server has finally overcome ransom free and have encrypted all of our files despite this thing running so that shows that this product is still very early in terms of its development and success rate is quite low I'd say especially when you're a specific ransomware tool and you cannot deal with like 10 or 15 samples you must be struggling so I wouldn't exactly recommend this product at this point even though a three and there's really no downside to running it it seems very light I don't feel that it has enough to offer to consider adding it to your setup or relying on it for protection so I'm going to try running say Tana goldeneye surprisingly seems that being blocked so that's not too bad let's see if say Tana is also blocked so it seems it does have some kind of a signature component because it detects some falls in a dozen detects some but still prevents them from modifying your file so that is a little bit confusing to me let's go ahead and try petty on the system - I just try the green variant because I guess that's newer at this point even right-clicking on my taskbar is not working and our system just rebooted let's see oh there we go so I thought I ran the green petia but it seems we've got the red one that's funny but regardless our computer is totally screwed up and it is overrun with ransomware so ransom free didn't do a very good job in my opinion being a dedicated tool for ransomware you would expect better results considering I just tried ransomware no other threat so still a lot of work to be done I think this is still kind of a beta product I don't think it's quite ready for facing all the kinds of ransomware scenarios there might be it is a step in the right direction I think we need some kind of behavioral product to combat ransomware but this is definitely not it not at this point so I hope you enjoyed watching this video let me know your thoughts in the comments below what are your experiences with cyber ease and ransom free is there something I did wrong or did I make any mistake causing the system to be screwed up I didn't notice anything but if you did well let me know in the comments so I'll see you guys there suea oh thank you for watching and as always stay informed stay secure


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