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EnSign is a dҽdicatҽd rҽtail PoS dҽsign and print application allowing any rҽtailҽr to producҽ high quality signs, ticқҽts, shҽlf-ҽdgҽ labҽls and promotions in-storҽ. Ҭhҽ program providҽs all thҽ tools rҽquirҽd to dҽsign your own tҽmplatҽs that you can usҽ for multiplҽ products.

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By crҽating prҽdҽfinҽd tҽmplatҽs in your corporatҽ stylҽ and mҽrging thҽsҽ with your ҽxisting product data, all your PoS can bҽ producҽd on-dҽmand with copyfitting, pricҽ formatting, pricҽ calculations and input constraints appliҽd automatically.

Ҭogҽthҽr with EnGinҽ, or wҽbPrint, EnSign providҽs thҽ basis for a rangҽ of highly cost-ҽfficiҽnt printing solutions for indҽpҽndҽnt rҽtailҽrs through to largҽ storҽ chains.

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hi if you liked the video please remember to subscribe hi I'm Rob calm and in this evening video we're going to be looking at a cool little camera that I picked up from the car boot sale a few weeks ago this is called the EnSign pocket whole distance camera and it's a 120 film camera from the 1920s that really caught my eye EnSign if you've done any research into old camera brands particularly British old camera brands is a name that kind of pops up and cameras like the EnSign commando from just after the Second World War quite famous and sought-after they did a they did a rangefinder think even though EnSign commander might have been a rangefinder type camera but this isn't anything like this is an old design this is an old folding camera I remember we were walking when the car boot sale in Bridge Mary and I kind of saw this sort of sitting there and immediately knew it was old folding camera and then I saw the name I saw the night EnSign after all this looks interesting and so I picked it up and very carefully opened it up and these cameras basically so they call them a pocket camera I guess this isn't a date and everybody had large jackets and you keep it there but basically you can you pop open the front like that and then the center bit pops out and there we've got you know you're you're very familiar type of box camera box folding camera with the the bellows in the front really nice little little piece of photographic history really so the name caught my eye and that I said to the lady on the stole you know how much is it in see she immediately came in said well you know it still works and I was thinking when was the last have used it and they said I said well how much you want for he said five pounds you know four five pounds for the opener about the same prices of a roll of decent film for you know for a couple of quid more than a than a cappuccino you know I picked up this little beauty and it look nice and clean went home started doing a little bit of research and then set and obviously have another look at the camera itself and what's really great about these little pocket all distance cameras from Edison is that I guess you know if you're in so collecting cameras you know it's a little bit of history because it's a it's a it's a British camera it's an English camera but there's plenty of these on eBay going relatively cheap but especially if you're into taking photographs to actually have the experience of using this type of camera it takes 120 roll film which is some of these old of bellows type folding pocket cameras they can take roll film that you can make up yourself you know you can roll your own but the beauty with 120 there's no messing around you know you can get Alfred FP for 1 2 5 or there's loads of different no black and white and color roll films readily and fairly easily and cheaply available now roll film if you haven't played with it already there's meanwhile I for roll film well this is basically the stuff here instead of coming in the cartridge to see if it's on a roll with the spool in the middle and it has a paper backing and I think you get about I think it was eight shots you get out of the answers you don't get that many but don't worry 120 film is incredibly easy to use and then look there's lots of advice on eBay oh sorry on YouTube about how to do can watch lots of different videos it means that you can pick up one of these families very little on eBay I did a little bit of research and they're they're very very cheap indeed and you'll be able to put film in we have to play in it and what's especially good is the NCR name isn't known that well and lots of the people who are selling these cameras don't know that they take 120 film or don't care so in the listings it doesn't mention 120 but we know you know if you look up her and then it's an old distance pocket camera it will take 120 films so you have to pop it in and then go shoot away and if it's black and white develop it yourself is this color send it off it and get it get it developed but it really are very cute little cameras and they're very easy to use as well it's called the old distance because quite simply it only has two different focus points and you do it just by pulling the bellows backwards and forwards you probably won't be able to see but there's just one sitting for views which means landscapes and there's one for portraits when you taking pictures people and all you do there's a little lever that you push over like so and then you just gently drag the bellows forward and it clicks in the next setting and that's it you know it's a very simple zone a focusing system and then to set your aperture all you have is you have small medium and large apertures and what they say is you would use the large one because came with the instructions or you can download them from Mike Booker's the large aperture you use on it and a cloudy day the medium aperture you use on a sunny day and you would only use the small aperture if you're using the bulb focus the bulb shutter setting because it only has one shutter speed a 30th of a second but you can either have it you know your normal instant picture sort of like that or you can you can set it to bulb where you kind of press it and then press it again to release it and then you've got time sorry is it better bulb is where you press it and you hang on to it and when you release it closing time your president wants to open it and press it again to close it to compose your photos you look down through a little finder which is which is just here this one's a little bit cloudy and it's a bit of guesswork to polish because everything's around the wrong way but you know that's part of the beauty of using these cameras but if you want to do a landscape type shot you gently flick that over there can you see the metal frame and so if you you do that and then when you're ready to take the picture there's that little lever there which you just press to advance the film you just use the winder and then you just look for the arrows and the numbers appearing in the little orange screen at the back so there we go a fantastically cool little camera now I've taken the shots with these and I'll put them at the end of the video there okay I'm using expired film and I think my developer might have expired as well so they're a little bit grainy and but I'll put three shots up but the camera works there's no big light leaks in it at all which sometimes you can get with the old bellow cameras but to kind of sum it up I would say if you see one of these cameras going cheap in a thrift store at a car boot sale you know pick it up because 120 film it is a workable usable camera that you can take out and take photographs with and enjoy the the simple experience of not having to worry about electronics just going out and having to think well how far is my subject away from me are they very very close for report or is it something else and is it a sunny day or is it a bit overcast but that's all you've got to worry about doesn't work too great on moving subjects but for everything else you know what a great slice of living history that's almost you know hundred years old as photographers we can play with we can use and we can get some really nice images out of as well that's it so that's the EnSign all distance pocket folding camera my name's Rob from Robin on photo calm thanks for watching you


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