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Owning a computer that's permanently connected to the Internet can be a luxury but it also implies a series of risks if you don't make sure that your PC's security is at optimal levels. ESET Online Scanner is one of the applications that can help you scan your computer and remove any potentially hazardous file from your system in the blink of an eye.

ESET Online Scanner

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This application does not require installation on your computer, as simply launching its dedicated executable lets you benefit from its full range of features.

However, before the scanning process begins, you need to accept the End User License Agreement and decide on which components should be included in the scan.

Before you start the scan, you can enable or disable the detection of potentially unwanted applications by selecting the corresponding radio buttons from the "Computer scan settings" section.

Moreover, if you want to adjust advanced options, you can expand the "Advanced Settings" menu, where you can enable the detection of potentially unsafe or suspicious apps, scan archives, enable Anti-Stealth technology and clean threats automatically.

Unlike other similar software solutions, ESET Online Scanner doesn't provide you with constant protection against various harmful components. Instead, it enables you to perform one-time scans in order to detect if any suspicious files reside on your PC. However, it is worth noting that the scans are thorough and might take a while, depending on the PC you run them on.

After the scan is completed, you can clean the identified items by ticking their corresponding checkboxes and hitting the "Clean" button. At the end of the cleaning process, you can view a summary of the performed operations, as well as brief statistics that include the number of scanned files, how many infected files were detected and the total scan time.

To sum it up, if you're looking for a tool that can help you scan your computer for malicious apps and remove any identified item without providing you with real-time protection, maybe ESET Online Scanner is what you're looking for.

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okay go ahead and go to this website here I'm gonna have a link to it on the description once you get there find where it says that this page button here that will bring this window here accept the Terms of Use make sure that's checked and hit start I've noticed that takes a while on this online scanner to what you kind of get it set up like we're here take a couple of minutes it's not normal for it to do that but I guess they're still working on developing yellow bar across the top just select it and hit install this add-on and then you're gonna get this a few times probably once and when you hit retry and we'll go ahead and take it to time to load whatever it needs to load and while this is loading let me go ahead and tell you the steps or which programs I use whenever I'm removing viruses from a computer the first one I use which I've made videos on these different programs the person I would use would be malwarebytes I would use that that first to start you know kind of begin the process after that I would use combofix after that I would use AVG with those three programs it's pretty much going to be taken care of but then I got the last one I use its ESET online scanner because they kind of pitch you some things that these other three don't catch and vice versa these other programs catch things that you see online scanner isn't gonna catch so when you get this window here just click install so that's if you kind of better know whether you get started that that would be the way or that's the way that I did I do it I used to run you know some of these twice clean on this section make sure we move found threads check and I also do scan archives then I select start what is doing here it's just updating the virus signatures database in case any new viruses have been made since the database was updated go ahead keep you current after that updates it'll start to do its can go ahead and pause the video until it starts to scan so you'll kind of see what it what it looks like alright once the update is done it'll start it automatically starts scanning your computer and it'll it'll find any malware that's automatically delete it so once it's done it'll give you kind of a wrap-up of what it did so go ahead and give it a try if any viruses make sure that to comment below and as always don't forget to rate and subscribe then we'll be informed of any new videos that that I post up and the purpose is just to you know help you to remove any malware at the same time teach you different techniques that as people have been in this business for for quite some time we will teach you some of the tips and tricks that we we know and that I found or that I know a couple of us technicians or so go ahead and flex it do me a favor in and rate comment and subscribe and I think these videos coming so have a good day and I'll see you on the next one


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