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Creating installation media for the operating system of choice should be a quick and straightforward task, especially if you are burning the image on bootable Flash drive or SD card. Etcher is an application that allows you to burn OS images to SDcards and removable drives as directly as possible and hence, helps you avoid having to deal with sophisticated procedures.

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The program comes with a modern and stylish interface that consists of a single window where you can specify the image you want to burn and the drive. You should know that the application supports only a handful of images, such as ISO, IMG or ZIP file formats.

You will be happy to learn that the app does most of the operations automatically and that your only assignments entail selecting the OS image and the card. In case you have multiple cards connected to your computer, then the tool allows you to pick the one you prefer for processing.

Once it is done burning, the app offers you the possibility to load a new image or burn the same one on another drive. As a side note, the app does not display the local drives, a feature that can help first-time users avoid a lot of inconveniences and confusion. Most importantly, you can avert very unpleasant situations, such as wiping your hard disk, for example.

The advantage of the program comes from the way it simplified an operation that is not recommended for beginners. Simply put, creating installation media can be summarized to choosing the image and the device.

Unfortunately, the application does not come with too many configuration options. Then again, you can set the utility to auto-unmount on success and toggle the error reporting tool, a feature that can aid you to analyze potential issues that prevented the process.

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution that allows you to burn the operating system of choice to an SDcard or other removable drives fast and without any complications, then perhaps Etcher might come in handy.

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alright welcome back let's take a look at a piece of software that is cross-platform available for Mac Linux and Windows it's called echar so this will allow you to burn images to SD cards and USB drives safe and easy it's basically I will test this basically to create a USB bootable stick and it is cross-platform so you can try it for Mac Linux and when those this is the graphic a nice interface very simple validate burning hard drive friendly beautiful interface open-source cross-platform more on the way including 50% faster burns sounds cool so let's see here why a chair here add resin dot IO we have thousands of users working through our our getting started process and until recently we were embarrassed about the steps that involve burning an SD card hmm ok there was a separate track for each Mac Windows Apple 2 and several manual never prone steps along the way to our surprise there was nothing out there that fitted our needs so we built a chair a SD card burner app that is simple for end-users extensible for developers and works on any platform well that is very user friendly isn't it all right so I will have a link for this below in the show notes but let's give it a shot and see what it looks like so I already downloaded and instructed the software extract through the application to my desktop so I'll just right click run and we'll see what we have I downloaded to test this I'd download the latest Lubuntu 16.04 ok looks simple enough let's see select image need help let's click the Settings sprocket there report errors auto unmount on success validate right now success I'll leave that the way it is the default settings advanced unsafe mode dangerous Oh where's my fire extinguisher hmm all right fine I'm curious what does that mean are you sure you want to turn this on you will be able to overwrite your system drives if you're not careful yeah well that would suck no I think you should leave that off yep go back let's try it select image alright so lubuntu open and the last step is to flash it so let's click flash starting course your password and let's see okay so it gives a percentage and you can't don't know if you can see this but it has an ETA of about one minute and some seconds which is nice not too long I think what I'll do with this I will not edit this video I'll wait till this is done reboot the computer and see if it'll boot off this bootable stick and if it works then I will upload the video as is without any editing but this looks very easy so far so yeah if you are wanting to create a beautiful a bootable USB Drive for either Linux or Windows why not give this a shot it seems very easy and simple not halfway done I normally used unetbootin to create bootable sticks now of course there are other choices out there I seem to have good luck with unetbootin so why not keep using it but this caught my attention I actually caught this while browsing through the Zorin OS website they recommend it to try this so I thought sure why not all right almost done no errors so far finishing let's see validating okay that's fine about 30 seconds or so if you're wondering I'm testing this in ubuntu 16.04 success yep I'm running Ubuntu ok so success and flash complete safely ejected and ready for use would you like to flash the same image would you like to flash a different image no I think I'll leave that leave this the way it is so well I think what I'll do now is reboot the computer after I finish this and if it works I will upload the video and yeah so check out EDD sure I will have a link for this below in the show notes it certainly seems easy enough for anybody to use that's it I'll catch you guys later


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