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welcome back to another doctor who product review could be taking a look at yet another warlord games product and this time it's the Doctor Who Exterminate into the time vortex miniatures game game bought itself this is kind of a thing that all the previous reviews have been running up to so in case you're unaware in the previous reviews I have been taking a look at the miniature pewter figures some of these include the twelfth doctor and companions box set there's also the Tenth Doctor and companions one as well as well some classic and new series sort of alien monster pack expansion pack kind of things they are essentially expansion packs to the game itself which we will be taking a look at today so here is the game this is the first one that is available I do believe there will be a few more in the future and of course you can apply the different counters that have been released already all the different monsters all different villains to this board to trip again on to in a bit but here's the box itself as you can see it's pretty standard but I quite like that's very nice design we have the dr. Yoo logo at the top BBC logo at the side Exterminate the miniatures game then we have an image of a Dalek which is one of the main villains is in this set with the warlord games in time vortex log or at the bottom along for this rather unusual red and green diamond design which reminds me a little bit of vengeance on Barris optically nor why but to the Box we get the docs you logo once again as well as a Cyberman side of the box again image of the minifigures that are inside these are the Cybermen versions and then the opposite side we get a Dalek no the opposite side to this who guessed it we get another image but this time of the Dalek squad that is available in this set on the back of the box there is a lot more information to take in we get the doxy law got the top Exterminate you have the contents of the set which we'll be going through in this review then ever get a central image of all elements and components nicely laid out on the board making it look like the game is being played along with how to assemble a Dalek along some information about the game itself at the bottom two figures and then we also have some community formation at the bottom as well been watching this channel for a while you'll know that I do love a good bit of packaging and not going to lie this has been made out of some really nice card I think it's very sturdy it keeps all elements inside and even when it comes to sliding off the lid as you can see it doesn't slip off very easily it just nicely glides off the box listen you notice when opening this release there is no vacuum Fonterra on the inside and I was I expecting one however I do understand why there isn't one because of cause we have these big trees here but once you start actually putting the game together these big treads we'll be congested down into some smaller figures meaning that they would need to do bigger treads for products that essentially will be thrown in the bin after so I do understand why there isn't one but the good thing is as I said the box is very sturdy meaning all the components do remain on the inside so there wasn't really the case of anything gone missing too easily they can look on the inside of the box the first thing that we are greeted with is a warlord games catalog that is slightly completely unrelated to Doctor Who however if your wall or games fan you of course have a number of these this covers a lot of different lines as you can see at the bottom we get historical and sci-fi tabletop wargames how interesting so you got a few things there like a village I guess you could buy some of these in maybe you can pair them into unit soldiers I'm probably betting that somebody has done that already but we have some things in there some historic soldiers from the 17-2 1900s very interesting if you like your history and then at the very back you get some more sort of more mythical things such as blue horses or whatever the hell that thing is but yeah that's a thing let me get some robots of your side as well because hey we all love a good robot along with some sort of nice scenery pieces at the back so if you're just a Doctor Who fan you'll probably find that a little bit and interesting therefore I'm just gonna pop it to the side back and forget it was ever that thing on the inside of the box is for big plastic trays which are the figures that I'm taking a look at in a little bit when we take a look at them in more detail then have three booklets once again we'll be taking a look at them in a bit along some sort of more flash car diversions of the booklets which is nice yeah some dice or die whatever you prefer to call them as you can see these aren't regular dice because they have some weird things on which once again when we read the instructions we'll actually know what these are all about but yeah take a look on the other stuff we get the game cards themselves these are the character cards there we go you have the Tenth Doctor at the front there so those are a selection of companions and things like that from I do believe the previous sets and then we get the battle cards ideals are all nicely put together and at the bottom of the box we get the slightly more bigger pieces of card I sort of the talk and some things you all get in the game itself along with a ruler which makes it look very complicated but this is a thing you move all the little characters with a make it or very accurate so basically if you're not getting it already this game is not simple for young children it's not cope lankan anywhere or anything like that this is definitely aimed at the more adult audience which is good to see because I don't people have ever seen a doctor you game aiming for this market so that is something brand new cost at the bottom you get another sturdy piece of car this time I have some more scenery as you can see some parts of Fallout that but these are sort of you have some space station side of things out some pipes and the TARDIS in the middle and then we'll flip that over we get another form of scenery which is sort of mr wheres land Utah Texas kind of thing I'm just assuming it looks a bit dusty and sort of rather alien and barren but yeah that is basically contrasting with the game vault which we'll get onto right now the very final thing at the bottom of the box we have a double sided game mat this is the space station side and then the opposite side is also the space station side the other side is in fact some one in the middle of there but that is also a barn sort of Westland type thing that we slightly seen earlier we'll get onto that in a bit because it is rather large I don't know how I'm going to actually film this because I was then it is rather big and it definitely board fit in this shot so firstly going into more detail with the rules in the booklet because it's probably the best place to start because otherwise we won't actually know what we're doing so firstly we've got the actual rules themselves these have cos contain the rules because it says rules here well sir I was taking a look at this earlier and I really do like the weather it's been set out as you can see we get some smaller diagrams here of the different game cards and things saying exactly what the different parts are we even get a little bit of a forwards in a bit of a description about what the game is about along once again lots of different pictures so you don't really get confused and sort of miss think one thing as another thing so it's very clearly labeled so yeah and you can once again see that this is definitely a little bit more of a complicated game from what we were seeing with other games that a doctor who have released in the past once again there's a different side of the dice if we'd like to take a look at what all of them mean you can pause that now of course as you can see as it's going running the light is in fact made of this very nice glossy paper it's not anything crap or anything like that which is brilliant to see and once again we get a little bit more information such as Missy in there as well relating to the alien battle pack release that I do believe is out now also on and they've got some more damage in different things around at the back there is what long the appendix you know exactly what's going on so that is good and that is the rules I won't be reading them all out cuz rock girl I'm will be here all their but the next booklet now this is the guide to the time vortex and something of which once again that I really like this is basically a backstory to the game itself again introduction of what's going on we get there bit on the Daleks but on the Cyberman so this is essentially even a painting guide which is something I would like to see for the other figures have been released as well even though that I don't penned them think we'll be something that will help others have bought the releases so we can give information on how to paint the figures as well as the darks and salves along with ability and weapons so if you're somebody that's not really into doctor who want I would question why you have bought this but at the same time it is very good for those people that do want more information it really adds an extra level to the game itself once again some similar information about the Cybermen on how you compare them and then have the general rules on weapons and things like that as well along with a lot of different things like the weapons table which will probably come in handy at some point and then have competing species as well so this is essentially all about the Daleks and the Cybermen so once again if you're somebody that wants a little bit more background and knowledge to your game this is something that very much that you will like finally if you've been playing the game for quite a few times and you kind of know what's going on then you can add a little bit of a more complicated expansion to it which is something once again not really on offer with Doctor Who games basically this is how you can bring in all those or the alien packs I've been reviewing in previous reviews the Zygons for an example the clockwork droids the tat traps upcoming see dabbles the Vashta Nerada basically everything even the doctor and his companions which is brilliant I think that this really does once again add another level to the game it means that once you've played it standard you can then go on to do more things in the future and bring more and more things in meaning a lot more interest in there so I'm not going to go through that completely because I know that your problem to get introduced to the game itself first BM that is a really good expansion I like that if you're somebody like me who's a little bit daunted by instruction booklets such as the ones who previously just been taking look up because they have a lot of information and then whilst you're playing the game itself you can have these more flashcard ease style of formats which go once again into on the back there the weapons table and then we have all the different moves and things that you can make so this is a really good sort of more congested down version of the rules for the game itself sort of the basics of causes - in content everything because I'll probably be impossible yeah this is a really good decision in something which like imagine you can just glance to during playing without sort of flicking through all the pages and things like that so this is a very good choice I'm taking a look at the figures and the counters that come of this release these are pretty much exactly the same idea to the previous figures I've been reviewing however one major difference is one you have to build them and two they're not made of metal this time they're made of plastic which is something really good for army building I know that they're doing a lot more of these in the future for the Cybermen and the different variations of design because recently we've seen 50 years of the cybermen pact which no doubt a review of that will be coming soon but yeah basically we get two trays of the Cyberman and then we also get two trays off the Daleks as well these have been written I see put together actually once again you do need to pop these out and actually construct them and things but the good thing about them is you don't need glue or at least you can choose not to use glue with them and then construct extremely easily one of the little Cybermen all constructor this is one of the versions where you can have the Cybermen marching along if it's gun and Isis spread the good thing about this is you can have a few different variations of different pauses these are pretty much exactly the same idea to the metal figures as you can see you get a lot of different bits of detail on these and the truss to mold them in sort of a grey short of almost bluish plastic it does seem to look like on camera it's not in real life that's in fact quite grey that's a good choice considering the Cybermen are of course a sort of silvery metal color I mean you don't really need to choose cracks repaint these if you so wish which is a good thing unlike the previous figures where it is it just a solid color and you have to parent them if you want them to look like they've got any more detail which is good yeah this is sort of the more plastic you version and you can't glue these down as you can see we've got the best that at the very bottom which is sort of just a circular piece of plastic we've got some company information at the bottom there and the good thing about this is you can move the arm which is something that does in fact come off which I'll come to you in a second constructing another Cyberman but yeah you can sort of move that about and glue it anywhere you want meaning you can have a number of different pauses so that it's a Cyberman and now moving on to the doll i can'ts against some really good detail on this actually you've got all the things you expect from a doll like all the different slats all the different herbs the weaponry has been really nicely detailed once again exactly the same thing as the Cyberman a really good choice - actually more this in a sort of goldish bronze sort of plastic meaning that once again you don't really need to paint this and also the good thing is you can essentially paint this doll like any colour I've seen a lot of different versions online sort of them painted as several different versions of the Daleks and 60s ones look really good but yeah with the silver and blue but you can essentially do this any call that you want be sturdy the only thing that will be an issue of course it's a smaller weaponry pieces as with many products as these are small they're called snap so basically don't snap them because that's not a good idea so to show how easy it is I'm going to construct one of the darks on camera so as you can see we've got a hole here that's why the previous one I've just been taking a look at came from in case you couldn't work that out but yeah I'm good to now pop these out with one hand which may or may not work these are really easily constructed together there you go you've got one piece then we get the other bet finally we get this rather unusual looking bit for the front once again just popping that out memory pieces of Dalek at the bottom here which we can now put together ously we've got this rather odd looking contraption of one half of a Dalek so you get the front of the Dalek which has a little bit of spray on there we go just popping that off to make it look a bit better but yet moving this on we can now slide that bit through the ice stock and therefore put that piece in and then just sort of clicks into place as Saab taking a look at the opposite side once again isn't really rocket science is you get those two whores on the inside and then just slide these together as so there we go on of the parts and I'll put together that pop could pop in a little bit better the silver there you have another Dalek to go with the other one but yeah really good army builder and really good to put together but then moving on to the Cybermen have cost you had this sort of walking stompy one from earlier I think that this time we're going to go for a more normal King seidman as you do have several different pauses so I'm going to go for this walking one here because he looks like he wants to come out the plastic shoes one army wants so I'm gonna choose this one here if it's mildly open as you can see even to the extent of the arms we in fact have several different versions you can get you can have an open palm to one a standard one or the gun one that's on the previous one I'm popping that out there we go as these are small like you may want to sort of be a little bit more careful with this into the decipherment itself so I think we can just go as so there we go very easily and he's got his arm nicely spread out and then of course we can choose a base for him two different versions of best we've got this one for the walking side man and they've got this one for the more standard looking one so before I popped that one out I quickly realized that such that lines up with the little stubs are at the bottom of the Cybermen's foot there we have it it's standard the marching side man some little bonus points as we have a little bit of plastic left over do in fact have some tiny little side nuts which have their own little bit of the Vario me get a few on some bases and they also get some independent ones as you can see there's one down there which I'm not going to take them out cuz I literally absolutely tiny and I will lose them almost immediately but as you can see we've got a few up there as well which is something that didn't really have to be done but I just think it's a really good idea and something which I really like once again and will look quite cool on the board I don't know if they have any involvement in the game itself if they do even better if they don't I don't mind you for where and hey some of the figures altogether now this is a whole tray of Daleks along with a whole tray of Cybermen plus one I accidentally popped out from another tray but yeah they look really cool together actually they come struck really well however a few notes I've realized after taking a few out the side of the Dalek that has them an appealing a trauma be incredibly careful when taking that one out because the manipura itself is in fact connected to the tray I mean that sometimes you can't forget and nearly pop it out there is your bonus points if you can figure out what Dalek is broken and commenting it in the description and boom you've just wasted 20 seconds of your life you're welcome but yeah overall they'll already go together even though they're not painted and you know what I even decided to pop out a few side maps as well which in fact look really cool and really do compliment the Cyberman so feel the other components in the game first see we have some dice there is 10 of these available and as you can see they're not your average dice who don't have any numbers on these instead we just have some little symbols so taking them all out to be honest checking all but one cuz they're all exactly the same we're all going all over this was a bad idea do different symbols on this we get a lightning bolt we get an explosion we sort of get a tunic kind of design another explosion and then we just get the same things repeated over and over again basically once you're actually through all of these and devolve out or if you meant to do with die so then drop them out basically you can add them all up and then that tours up to how far you can move on the board or something like that we add that is used in other games as well but yeah this is a little bit more interesting than just using one normal dice matzah get as a little bit of interest to it and unique identity so that's good two packs of cards the recruitment sort of character cards let me have the battle cards along with the adventure cards so go take a look at the character ones first because they're in their own little pouch meaning they're more special so I'm gonna try and keep this in sort of as intact as possible to try to keep them all in and then I can all screw it the citrus can either come off entirely isn't it the packaging now so can take a look at all of them I've no in fact looks at any of these so far so taking a look at a random one let's go with the Judoon one because hey that's the first one that I found so we have a few things on the back they're going to rage hunter and agents a bit of information about them on with an image they're all the different components there that once again if you read the instructions you'll know what these are but basically these help the certain ways that you can move and the different things you can get from using the Judoon so then we have a riot check and then we have sort of the adventure card thing on the back there to contrast with the Judoon on the car so basically we sort of got together then for a few just randomly to see what we have you have the partial regeneration card you have the Anansi card we have the Tenth Doctor sonic device card to get lots of Tenth Doctor ons basically all these characters that we've seen so far rose and the clockwork droids they're igon cards sia mars igon cards Wilfred Mott we get Donna Noble Martha recruitment cards so that is them and I'm going to put them over there so you don't separate them out with other ones because then it's going to get extremely confusing here look at the much larger pack now once again exactly the same InDesign I really like the contrast between the box as you can see you get the diamond design once again along with a few things we have the symbolizing on the dice there for that one that was a random one to start on then we get the rapid response then we have the Cybermen once again exactly the same layout for these ones who get the cyber lead out with a few of their different powers and the tokens that are available for them on there so yeah we got lots of different bits of information and then we have once again the explosion card more Cybermen so we go through go to go a little bit deeper into the packs who don't just have Cybermen cyber Matt's we get the Daleks once again and then we have Jenny Flint Strax so you can see we don't really want to go through the market a that ruins the sort of newness of the game or when you buy this for yourself you could have cost flick through them all and it'll be very very exciting but yeah I realized the design of these as I commented on earlier I love the diamond design in there I love the image of the actual character some very nice choice of images these sort of blue and yellow which I do believe sort of the core design pattern for Doctor Who I hope that stays in the future there is the game board all set up and sort of a mock trial style format because you know I'm a lonely person and don't affect have anybody to play this game with yay how sad but yeah this is a Cyberman fraction over here I've got the Dalek one over here I've decided to go over the more desert EU starry style of backdrop on the game mat itself because I thought that was quite interesting so you have the cardboard designs there making the game but also look at the more unique and interesting as well so half the Dalek fraction over here which I've decided to pick out these three cards for just as a little bit of an example of me of the doll constructions there and then over there we do have the side man fraction as well so briefly going through a few of the scenarios as you can see get a lil bit of a description of the story behind it which is something that I really do like so if you like to pause and read that you can and then we have the second over here as well which is once again a little bit different to the other one and then we have the third scenario here as well which is a little bit bigger so as you can see you could choose from several different ones basically the two players decide what scenario they want and if they want to be Daleks are Cybermen you can of course have different cars that you can select to do blue that you can actually have a choice of what cars you can pick from so see I've got a patrol leader and two average Daleks and that is then reflected on the board itself and then going over to the side man's side this is an incredibly awkward thing to film because I've never filmed on a game map before but yeah here we have the Cyberman fraction as you can see of the cyber leader and their two average Cybermen and then I do believe that with the cyber leader you also get some sitemap cards as well which is something that was reading in the instructions earlier but you somewhere in those piles over there light in fact forgotten to get out but imagine this game appearing to quite a few audiences because now looking through the instructions some parts of it do in fact seem quite simple I think that to start with when you look at the images it does look a little bit daunting however when you go into the instructions a tick look they're a little bit more some parts of it are quite it's important you can get extra grips with it quite easily even for our filming this review I have a better understanding that I did at the very starts that is a good thing yeah I can imagine this being quite a fun game to play with the family over off of the doctor who Exterminate miniatures game from warlord games I think that this is an incredibly good example of brings something in from pre-existing franchise that is already successful that idea of adult board games painting many beautiful girls it's something that has been around for a rather ever a long time from as long as I can remember I even know that because next to Forbidden Planet where I locally live there is sort of a model painting unit shop this is something that has applied that to Doctor Who and once again I think that this is definitely filling a gap in the market something of which there has never really been seen before on my time of collecting dr. Hugh merchandise I have never seen a game aimed at that older audience even on the digital format there's been absolutely nothing and this has filmed something out there because previously would Doctor Who board games have never really done very well because they're not that good I think that dr. Hugh ball games have always tried to fill something that hasn't really been wanted for the year of moving the figures around the bottle or having that scenario battle format of choosing what different villains you have choosing what storylines and things and the movement and how you can move the different characters and have different sort of alignments of people and different battles what should actually get involved the game I can imagine it this being very successful something that's very enjoyable for one or two people or more I think that it is as I say a gap in the market and something brand-new which I think that if you are a fan of the game so far or the lines so far the mini pewter figures this is definitely something you need to sort of be the central point of the collection however and the good thing is you can also buy this game and not have the mini pewter figures that I previously been reviewing you can just apply this game with the darks and the Cybermen and none of the other expansions so if you are interested now I highly recommend checking this out and in fact if you do like it maybe going to buy the other figures as well and then you can expand your gaming experience a little bit more off this release if you're somebody that likes board games I generally just want something new from Doctor Who merchandise then I highly recommend this release I do believe that currently is that recommended retail of 30 or 35 pounds either way I will leave the link in the description below to buy this directly from the warlord games website as well as any of external links to the other products that they have released so thanks for watching this review if enjoyed it appears you give it a big like this grab if you're not already if you've got any questions please do leave them below and you're sure to answer them at some point in the near future thanks again for watching guys I'll see you all next time thanks watching and bye for now


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