F-Secure Internet Security

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F-Secure Internet Security provides your computer with the protection it needs against viruses and other web-based threats.

F-Secure Internet Security

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During the installation process (which takes a long time), you can set up Parental Control in the browsing mode wizard, after which F-Secure downloads its updates.

Parental Control lets you filter web content for small children, teenagers, or both, limit the time that your young ones can browse the Internet, restrict the daily browsing time to specific hours, select which type of web content you want to block, and finally, create a parent password.

In the main window of F-Secure, you can view the status of your current protection level (computer, network connections, Internet), select tasks (scan, check for updates, restore a removed file or program, allow a program to start), and statistics (last successful update check, virus and spyware scanning, email scanning, programs, e-mail filtering).

Scanning can be done in three ways - a full computer can, a custom scan, or a scan for viruses and spyware. It takes a long time to complete (especially if you choose to scan the entire computer), and during this process you can observe the current target, as well as the number of scanned items (viruses, spyware, riskware and suspicious items).

Furthermore, F-Secure enables you to open a port through the firewall for a program, enter a name for the firewall rule, and the port number. You can also turn on real-time scanning, detect and remove viruses from emails, block tracking cookies, schedule scans, or configure manual scanning (scan only known file types, scan inside compressed files, use advanced heuristics).

The program uses minimum system memory, but other open applications run slower when F-Secure Internet Security is active.

All in all, this security tool takes care of your computer, without you having to put too much effort into it.

F-Secure Internet Security Review

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although everybody how you doing this is my our doctor here with another review today I'm going to be taking a look at F-Secure Internet Security final version 2014 right away you see that whenever you trying to open up that secure these options open up right above the taskbar for the purpose of this review I'm going to click on computer security here is user interface says internet security 2014 complete security if we view additional information is computer security twelve point 89 build 105 deep guard 5.0 build 309 the deep guard it's basically the zero day protection along with the exploit protection of f-secure this is newer version 2014 they previously had the 4.0 deep corn so that is what is the main difference between this and the previous version anyway the user interface I find it very appealing I believe it looks better than how it did before with a large checkmark in the top left hand corner it says your computer is protected all security features are up to date last successful update check 927 331 about 10 minutes ago I'll check for updates one more time before I begin the testing but anyway let's check out some settings under tools we can do an advanced in buyers inspires hand full computer scan and we want to do a custom skin we also change the scan settings we're going to computer security virus the spiral scanning real-time scanning removes harmful files from your computer or puts em in quarantine handle harmful files automatically remove harmful email attachments and remove tracking cookies all those are enabled and under deep guard deep guard make sure that you use only save applications the safer of an application is verified from the trusted cloud service if the safety cannot be verified deep guard start tomorrow the application behavior it's basically this will monitor any applications that are not completely verified to be 100% safe and it'll observe these programs for any malicious activity so it'll put them on notice warn me about suspicious behavior is enabled or maybe a plication exploits and asked my permission to make internet connection I believe the first two really pertain to the zero day protection and as neither one of these would be an option if this was a purely signature based antivirus and way under firewall firewall allows only safe internet connections and blocks and throughs from accessing your computer f-secure does not have their own firewall they are using Windows Firewall so do not be mislead here because f-secure does not have a firewall built into their product and under advanced network protection the setting is effective even if your firewall is turned off you can protect your computers against all abilities by blocking any application from downloading harmful files and that's the check mark for do not allow applications to download harmful files under spam filter that is disabled by default under manual scanning ski and only known file types which is faster scan inside compressed files also on my virus or spyware is found always ask me scheduled scanning is turned off mobile broadband does not apply and database version I chose roll all up to date your application permissions VM where tools set to allow precise that installed to help better the display and functionality of this virtual machine under quarantine nothing in there windows firewall settings check for updates and turn off all security features and statistics it'll show as virus in spiral scanning the clean files and scan files so far and for applications the same is true let's check out memory usage all right right now we are about right now about 70 Meg's definitely a little bit high but I haven't been feeling that much of the system slowdown which is always a good sign like I said before I'm going to check for updates one more time and I'll be right back alright the updated check was successful your prizes are already up to date and let's begin I have 12 brand new malicious URLs I may be putting up against f-secure today and let's begin alright let's run this you application blind deep guard has blocked a harmful application in your computer what should be done your computer is protected if you still want to use the application you can change the application permissions it appears that I user doesn't have any options so as long as it was blocked I am completely ok with that and let's go on are any fires removed virus was found the blight it was removed successfully and you can continue to use your computer click close sorry virus removed virus moved let's go on to the next link here let me close that out there we go that was the last one let's run this by removed let's go on alright let's run this let's run this one all right that one appears to not be functioning properly I'm not sure about something to do have f-secure blocking component of it we'll be sure to find out soon enough if that is the case this might be a legitimate program that might be a legitimate program I'm going to run it through F I'm gonna run it through virustotal later because that one is no longer working appears I still have internet access I'm going to see what's going on here just appears that one is dead let me just try it one more time there we go so we get that one to go as well no but I don't think I want works anymore let's just go into next one are a virus removed a virus was found and blocked it was removed successfully and you can continue to use your computer it's linked let's try redoing that one well we love that one continue downloading let's go into the last one here you all right virus removed a virus was found in a blot it was removed successfully and you can continue to use your computer and this point in time I am just going to cancel this download because I have no idea how long it's going to take and I'm going to run a scan with hitman Pro now our bites and f-secure I'm also going to see this is a legitimate program and I'll be right back our everybody before I forget I just wanted to go through some of the additional settings I have secured that I did not go through previously under online safety online safety helps protect against malicious websites and inappropriate internet content this user is protected harmful websites are blocked banking protection is turned on unsuitable content and browsing time limits are not and used or are not block we chuckle in another setting can view the safe profile which is basically just basically just provide suggestions on how to better protect your personal information on social media sites and then wait I'm going to continue the scans and I'll be right back hello everybody I'm back after scan finished I had to close out of the user interface because I needed to get back on in order to turn off the real-time protection because I couldn't open up to f-secure windows at the same time but anyway here the results did not find any malware nomads were found and I scan that file that was in question earlier nothing founded so I am assuming that it would be a false positive never bite same time error found one threat simply found it appears had found a trojan.agent in roaming data SBC hoes let's see what hitman pro found and it found that same though she appears to be the same piece of malware detected by i caress which is kind of weird and kaspersky which listed as a trojan win32 agent so I'm going to remove that threat and then I'm going to restart the system and we will move on to the next portion of the review and I will be right back all right buddy I'm back on the desktop I have a pack of Malheur containing exactly 229 malicious files I'm going to scan these of f-secure and I'll be right back hi everybody I'm back in finish scanning it was very quick apparently found 213 malicious files I'm going to select automatic cleaning which is recommended yeah and complete malware is found what do you want to do automatic cleaning I'll do next I'll let it clean all these threats and I'll bury back all right buddy I'm back the scan finished apparently four items were not cleaned if we show rapport I already ran the skin twice just to make sure about what these suspected items were again they were just suspected infections so it didn't necessarily detect them as being a threat so the final tally or however many files remain and this pack will be detection rate of this test for f-secure so let's see how many pieces of marrow are left behind 19 so if we did enough session area by 92% these samples are a couple days old so it doesn't surprise me that it has a decent high detection rate considering the age of these samples however I think it would be around average anyway let's run a few of these first let me open up Killswitch and let me rename all the protection on let's turn that on there we go real-time protection is has been renamed and let's run a few of these samples you the virus found it's as fires found it's removing that thread internet connection temp the following under an application tried to connect to the internet what should be done the phone option is I do not trust the application block it permanently I'll be ok application has been blocked by the deepguard but should be done your computers protected reasons harmful application and it's already been blind this one is also been labeled as a harmful application this Dragon Nest all these been blocked I'll try running this first item again once Media Center has been installed applications in blind reason potentially potential security risk I do not trust the application block it permanently I don't trust the application I don't trust the application reason previously blocked application yeah well I guess I might or accidentally running twice razors and harmful application all these threats are being blind it's already automatically determining what I want to do with these threats this one's been listed as a harmful application it's already been blind and at this point I'm going to run a quick scan with hitman Pro now our bites and that's secure once this is done scanning and removing this threat and I will be right back hello everybody I'm back I'm hitman Pro finish scanning detected a few items that are in the now non-existent in our pack detected this new dot exe in Program Files SVC host in Windows not sure about anything else and now our bites cultures start with f-secure they did not find anything and now our voice detected 13 threats let's see we found in Program Files this new died exe SVC host there's Trojan spy eyes something in the recycling bin spy eyes back to her bot and a couple Mallard traces overall I think it did an okay job I think it could have performed better I think the detection rate was so high was because it was was a fairly old pack a malar even though it was only a couple days old that is considered older so overall I think it did an okay job memory usage was fine detection rate according to my review did pretty good or average I would say the web based protection was good the deep guard did a pretty good job blocking programs it had not recognized before so I'll get my hat off to that and overall I think it's an okay product personally I would never buy a security suite but that is just me so I believe there are free alternatives out there that are equally as good or better than this that is for you to the side so that'll be the end of this review take from as you wish and I will talk to it


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