FM Radio Player

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FM Radio Player is a simple application that provides access to four Romanian radio stations, namely Radio Zu, Radio Guerrilla, Kiss FM and Pro FM.

FM Radio Player

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The setup process does not last longer than a few moments and it does not come bundled with any offers from third-party software.

The interface is based on a user-friendly window, where you can view the last played ten songs or shows for a selected channel. Moreover, it is possible to pause the stream and adjust the volume level with the incorporated playback controls. As a result, all types of users can work with it with ease, and even in the absence of Help contents.

A few settings can be configured for this app. To be more precise, you can enable FM Radio Player's to automatically launch at system startup, show information about songs and notifications, and enable cache for song information.

FM Radio Player also integrates a function for managing plugins that you can download. Unfortunately, the developer's website is no longer active, so this option is no longer functional. On the other hand, advanced users have the possibility of building their own plugins, as instructions are listed in the Readme document found in the program files.

The tool is very light on the system resources, running on a minimal amount of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and delivers quality audio. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash; we have not experienced any difficulties.

It looks like FM Radio Player shall not be receiving further updates, so the preset radio choices are restricted to the four Romanian stations. All in all, it proves to be a pretty simple, yet handy piece of software.

FM Radio Player Review

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he folks your OS reviews your watching our video first look and a quick review of the wrote on T 50 NK 2 this is a FM radio that also dubs as the dedicated mp3 player boombox so you can plug in or insert a micro SD card and use this to play back your favorite tracks obviously this is kind of a dying breed in terms of products a lot of phones these days covers these features but if you do want a dedicated radio that is fairly compact and stylish that you can take onto camping trips or onto vacation or use as a backup for emergencies in the car it could be a good option to consider the specific model sells for under 25 bucks online which is pretty inexpensive features the traditional t9 style layout for entering numbers and selecting music and modes and features a 1500 million power capacity battery which is interchangeable it also features an LED light feature which makes it useful for lower light environments so this is a red version you can see also comes in a few other color models if you want to get a custom look so inside we have access just the radio itself we'll take a closer look at this in a second there's also access in here to the accessories inclusive of a microUSB cable which you use to charge two radio takes about two hours of completely charged and afterwards you can use it for about 20 hours of audio playback before you need to recharge it again there's also a lanyard strap which you can use to take with you for easy traveling and finally there is a Quick Start Guide printed in black and white tells you the various features how to activate it how to scan for channels and use the LED torch functionality so let's take a look at the design of the radio next it's pretty traditional not anything too out of the ordinary but this is a mono speaker in a sense since there's only once a driver you can see here there is also a passive radiator which gives you a bit of extra base and added thump when you're listening to lower frequencies of music you can see here we have the t9 style layout for the keys you can use this to control and scan through different channels as well as select a specific if you're using the thumb drive or SD card and over here we have an LCD display on the very top of the unit you have access also to the torch function which I can tap on to activate this light on the side it's an LED which is pretty bright there's also a different five millimeter headphone jack if you want to use your own headphones and not the built-in speaker there's also a volume adjustment here and also the microUSB for charging on the back there's a company's logo and there's also the antenna which extends to a pretty impressive length to get a better reception if you are maybe underground and finally there is the battery compartment which houses rechargeable 1500 million hour battery which can be replaced as aforementioned so let's do a quick Power on starting with my flashlight let's tap on this one so you can see it turns on automatically it's very bright good enough for reading some text as well so it works pretty well as far as flashlights go certainly will do in an emergency I can then turn it on or off and that's basically it so there's not anything you know really too fancy about this particular function let's turn on the radio itself and you can see there's also time and date information displayed along with the battery status on the very top that gives you a bit of an indicator for that I can tap on these modes to scan through multiple settings starting with FM radio to mp3 tracks may be stored on my micro sd card which is not included but it supports up to 16 gigabytes and I can also use this to change and adjust the date settings if I if I need to do that so let's do a quick sample I've found a channel and I can play on this but turn up the volume a little bit in terms of actually scanning through tracks just tap on this key and hold down on it for a few seconds you can see it automatically scans through we are underground on the moment so reception is a little weak but what happens is it automatically saves all the channels that has a certainly relatively strong reception and afterwards she can just toggle back and forth between the saved stronger reception channels by tapping this left hand down key like po1 saved since it was relatively strong there so the next time I tap on these keys it takes me through these like po1 and you know if you found any other channels po-2 so on and so forth so there's a bit of a memory feature built on here display is pretty bright I can still see it under fairly dark environments with just good and that's been our quick video first look and we're not going to play too much you know radio tracks on here just for copyright reasons but hopefully give you a brief impression of what the experience is like the speaker here is pretty loud it does get fairly clean sounding if you play back your own songs and music through and you know the SD card reader on the bottom there radio tracks or decent signal strength is is pretty good fairly average I would say if you are relatively elevated and not too far below ground then it's going to have a little bit of trouble finding strong signals but overall does pretty good you can check out more details in our official written review but for now just spin our video thanks for watching here at OS reviews this has been the roll ton portable FM mini radio the 150 Mk


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