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A propеr wаy to dеlivеr а product is to wrаp it up in а good-looking pаckаgе so thе еnd usеr knows whаt it’s аbout, аnd аlso mаkе а propеr first imprеssion. For softwаrе products аnd vidеo gаmеs, thе pаckаgе is thе instаllеr, аnd you cаn еаsily build onе with аpplicаtions likе GlassWorks.

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It tаkеs а littlе whilе to gеt it up аnd running on your PC, but bеforе you go through thе sеtup procеss, you nееd to mаkе surе thаt Jаvа Runtimе Environmеnt is instаllеd on your computеr, bеcаusе it’s onе of thе mаin rеquirеmеnts.

Тhе mаin window is whеrе you gеt to do аll thе work, with thе initiаl sеt of options mаking it prеtty shаllow. Howеvеr, this is only if you don’t pаy еnough аttеntion, bеcаusе you nееd to go through sеvеrаl diffеrеnt tаbs likе mаin, аppеаrаncе, licеnsе, filеs аnd dirеctoriеs, intеgrаtion, аnd customizаtion in ordеr to propеrly build thе instаllеr.

Gеnеrаl dеtаils cаn bе аddеd in thе initiаl pаnе, such аs nаmе, vеrsion, аuthor, contаct dеtаils, dеfаult sеtup dirеctory, instаllеr window sizе, аnd whеthеr or not to usе pаck200 comprеssion, or strip dеbugging informаtion. All thеsе dеtаils cаn bе sаvеd аs your own projеct in cаsе thеrе’s not еnough timе to finish it, with options to loаd it lаtеr on.

You might еnd up scrаtching your hеаd for а whilе whеn rеаching thе аppеаrаncе sеction. Although thеrе’s а prеviеw аrеа, it only shows titlе logo аnd аuxiliаry picturеs if you dеcidе to loаd thеm, but you don’t rеаlly gеt аn idеа of how thе instаllеr looks likе until аctuаlly building it аnd tаking it for а tеst run.

Adding filеs аnd foldеrs cаn bе а bit of а hаsslе too. Split into instаllаtion groups аnd filеs to instаll, thе аpplicаtion only аllows you to loаd onе filе аt а timе, so it cаn bе а pаin to bundlе аn еntirе, complеx projеct. Тokеns cаn bе includеd too, but you nееd to know dirеctory аnd stаtistic mеthod to usе.

Тhе intеgrаtion tаb is whеrе GlassWorks lеts you configurе filе аssociаtions аnd аdditionаl pаrаmеtеrs for thе nеw progrаm to usе. Morеovеr, listеnеr groups, clаssеs, аnd othеr componеnts cаn bе аddеd in thе customizаtion tаb.

Таking еvеrything into considеrаtion, wе cаn sаy thаt GlassWorks comеs with good intеntions, but doеsn’t quitе dеlivеr thе building procеss аnd sеt of options you’rе еxpеcting to find. Adding filеs аnd foldеrs аlonе is а strugglе, whilе working on thе visuаl dеsign with no prеviеw еаsily bеcomеs frustrаting.

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this video is brought to you by editor market thousands of board games discounted prices miniature market com hello my friends the Game Boy geek here today we're gonna be working with some beautiful glass we all know how beautiful it is when light shines through some nice glass so today we're gonna be turning up the heat turning up the flames and building glass today we're looking at an expansion to a game that i love called Kings Fords this is Kings forged glass works this is expansion that brings glass a new resource brings lot new cards let me show you what's in the box how it's played and I'll see you on the other side you now this expansion comes with a new resource dice that look like glass and if you look through these you can actually kind of see through them a little bit it cuz sort of translucent bluish there you get a bunch of these dice the expansion also comes with eight new gathered cards which will end up shuffling into the gather deck and i'll tell you more about that just a moment but these things all have to do mostly with the glass so for example you could spend three of any dice to get to glass dice on your smith eat i'll get rid of a green and two of any dice to put three glass in your hand right away this one just gets you one glass again you can gain a blue but you give up five dice and all others game a black guy right on there right in their hands this one's really cool comes with a couple of these dice and this one is you get rid of two and you put another one you can roll the yellow dye and use it as any died during crafting cool because it's an eight-sided diet actually goes up to an eight to get better chances of getting higher you can get rid of a glass for sure and then roll it if it's one through three you get a green if it's four through six you get a red and some a bunch of other things that these cars do as you can see you get rid of this and you get a glass and you get a plus one this is cali get rid of a glass you get a free roll or you could take two glass for free right into your hand but everybody else gets to when their smithy tiles so lots of cool things as bank also place any number of unused dice on the bank and then move directly from the bank to your smithy tile and you can perform that action you know multiple times during around so that's kind of a cool thing there but yes eight new cards that you'll add to the gathered deck so that works is when you're constructing the gather deck like usual you'll take out the two forests and two minds out of the deck and then you'll take all of the new cards that you had just gotten you'd shuffle them in with all the other gather cards and then you'll add seven of those cards to these four to make your gather deck or you'd add ten of them in a five-player game so essentially what's happening are taking these eight and you're shuffling them in and you're still going to draw the same amount so there'll be a different amount of those glass crafts cards each game now in the base game you're familiar with the docks these are the hard tiles this is obviously the first edition i'm using i think the boat there's a board the second edition is you use these dock tiles and you essentially use these to get rid of dice to get something specific but they're always available every round these stay on the base game but new tiles come out as well so in addition to those normal doc tiles there's six new glass work tiles that come out these are hard tiles essentially you will shuffle these and add three of them out near the docks they act just like the docks but they're all specific to glass although if you pointed a two-player game you only shuffle these and get two of them out and these are just ways to throw dice out to get different glass dice now the expansion comes with 24 new craft cards where all of these cards have at least one piece of glass cool like a chess set made out of glass a prism a glass Swan a bottle Christmas ornament and they all have glass on them and there's 24 of these cards and what you'll do is you'll shuffle these in with all the normal craft cards and then you'll set up the crap card deck like normal so you'll have some value of random glass crafts cards in there and they all have the little goblet the glass goblet in the top left corner she can tell if it's one of those cards here's eight more of those cards picture frames windows binoculars spectacles tiaras glass swords mosaic glass slippers in the last eight she and aaliyah crystal ball kaleidoscope telescope glass statue singing staff Crystal Skull and a magic mirror so how does it glass differ you've seen it as a new resource new ways to get the resource in new ways to spend the resource but the other kicker is it acts differently let's say we crafted this Lantern we have a six metal and we have a three glass it's at least two once i've crafted this and i keep it lists assume i didn't get it stolen from me i got to keep in front of me any glass use goes back to the supply for other people to use so glass is sort of a intermediate thing to use where yeah it helps you craft stuff but it goes away because it all gets used now that's it for the base expansion of glass works now there was a deluxe edition available through the Kickstarter it's not a parent if you can get this after the Kickstarter but it looks like you possibly might be able to might have a few copies of this deluxe edition what it does is adds the 24 craft cards with glass but they do it using the Queen's Jubilee expansion so if you have the Queen's Jubilee expansion you can use this with those same thing you mix these in with the other ones there's also a farm card to get you to brown dice that allow you to use them as metal or wood during the crafting phase there's also a dungeon gathering card you spend a green here and all of the players must take an escape the dungeon car there's a bunch of these one for each player and then you may not craft items while you possess this card but you have to spend one of the following to discard this card it essentially it stops people from crafting I didn't like this one that much and lastly in the deluxe edition edition is six more apprentices if you have the apprentices expansion you can add these to that it actually has a lot of things to do with the things that were also in this expansion glass and so on now as i mentioned i love Kings for just one of those under rated games that doesn't get enough buzz it's a great dice pool building game has a lot of it you know interesting interactions with other players and I like it a ton and for some reason if doesn't get the buzz it deserves now I've already reviewed a Queen's Jubilee expansion for this for in my opinion made the game a lot better and I never play the game without it cuz it streamlines it and makes it more fun it makes it not as punishing and it just makes the experience better for me so I always play it Queen's Jubilee now this expansion adds you know that new resource and it is different I like how it adds the different tiles that are so like the dock styles well and I like how as a different Gabba cards but I also like how it's sort of randomized set up so there could be games where you have not that many craft car or gather cards that have glass on but I don't have a ton of crap cards that are and that means wow it resources of the demands high that supplies low interesting things are going to happen during the gathering case or you can have the opposite you can have a lot of gathering cards that are glass and not that many that are craft and that will change the way the game plays as well so I like that randomized setup and no games will play it will play the same twice that was one of the big things I liked about this game is you have so many gathered cards that when you shuffle them up and begin the game every game is different and this even adds that replayability so I like that a lot it's interesting also that this resource goes away after you use it treated differently from all the others and it does give that little twist of like do I want to get this class oh well I do it's going to go away maybe I should focus on some of the other ones let other people throw away their stuff so it's interesting i like it it's not an expansion I feel like is it absolutely necessary must have if you don't have any expansions I would recommend getting Queen's Jubilee first because again that really makes the game what it is for me but if you have you know played it a lot and you're looking for a new twist you want that new resource I can definitely give thumbs up to this expansion but it's not the first one I would buy but it's definitely a thumbs up I'm always going to play with it from now on because it doesn't add that much complexity but it adds a lot of replayability and a lot of different things to think about so thumbs up for GlassWorks this video was sponsored by miniature markets review corner the review corner features podcasts video and written game reviews by gamers for gamers miniature market the online gaming superstore thousands of board games discounted prices check them out at miniature market com I'd like to thank each and every one of you for backing me on Kickstarter making this season become a reality I'd like to especially thank those here that have backed me at the credit level now these video reviews are also available by audio on our podcast its the intros and the final thoughts on Gameboy geek com click podcast


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