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Web design is an increasing industry with numerous pages created and published daily. Most people want to make web pages cheap and easily but they end up contracting web developers to create their online identity because they don't possess any knowledge of website development. With the help of this tutorial application you can start learning all the HTML basics and terminology.

HTML Tutorial

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The HTML Tutorial e-book is well structured, with a clear and easy-to-use interface. The table of contents can be viewed in the upper part of the tutorial and offers a shortcut for all the main chapters of the e-book. You can easily jump to a specific lesson with the help of several handy links.

Although the tutorial lacks a search option, it offers a comprehensive glossary, filled with each and every term you need to understand this e-book.

HTML Tutorial is organized in 11 chapters: an introduction, a study review and 9 lessons. Lessons can be access from the table of contents. Once a lesson is finished you can move to the next one by pressing the “On to...” link. You are able to quickly browse and jump through lessons using the links situated in the lower part of the screen.

From Lesson 0 to 8 you can learn all about Hypertext Markup Language such as: text formatting, communicating between web pages and objects, inserting images and sounds, adding tables, using forms, adjusting web page settings and finally, publishing your finished project on the Internet.

This e-book offers a “Study Review” organized in four categories: “Basic Formats”, “Section Notes”, “Elements and their Attributes” and “Colors, Fonts and More”. This is a very useful addition to the tutorial, that can help users review all the 9 lessons and get a better understanding of the whole e-book.

So, if you want to start a brand new career in web design or just want to create your own personal web page, you should definitely consider HTML Tutorial and give it a try!

HTML Tutorial Review

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welcome to your very first tutorial on beginning HTML HTML is the bedrock of the world wide web and if you're going to do anything even in other languages involving the web it is highly important you know HTML so let's take a look at some of these bullet points and again this is an introductory video in the next video we'll actually start doing some code now as you can see in that first bullet point HTML stands for hypertext markup language and you might say wow what is that but it's actually very easy to use HTML hTML is a document that contains text that's it it's very easy to read so it's not like Java which kind of reads like hieroglyphics hTML is just a document that contains text so it's similar to like Microsoft Word or even notepad or WordPad so again it's very easy to read now once you've created your HTML document web browsers can read and display documents that contain HTML so Firefox Google Internet Explorer they all do the same thing they're going to take that document and display it to the user ok so let's move along to the next slide so it's all about tags in HTML and as you can see in that first bullet point all tags have angle brackets so in that next bullet point this is a body tag right here with its two angle brackets and so that by itself is a tag now every tag has a closing tag which is right here and then we put something inside those tags so it's like the yin and the yang of the universe if you have an opening tag you got to have a closing one and the closing one right here is identified by this slash so it's that simple there's a start and an end so one's a start tag and the one with the slash is the end tag now together with all the tags and whatever we put inside those tags they are called in markup element and so basically a markup element is a set of tags that has something that goes inside of it that's all it is now I also want to point out here is we're just using the body tag as an example we'll be going over many other tags in the other videos now most of the HTML code that you'll be doing always has an opening tag and an end tag but there are a few tags where you don't need to have an end tag and those are called empty elements and we can see this in the next bullet point and so if you look at this particular type of tag it has BR there and that stands for a line break so that means you're basically putting spaces between your lines that's all that does but we don't need to put anything inside that it's just creating a line break so it doesn't need an end tag so that's why it's called an empty element so that's basically it it's those two type of elements that we're going to be dealing with now you might be asking what am i what do I need to download for this series and the answer is nothing all you have to use is no pet remember an HTML document is simply a text file so all we really are going to need for this series is no pad now if you want to use another type of text editor that's certainly fine you can use notepad plus plus if you want to follow along now if you want to go ahead and use other solutions such as visual studio or Dreamweaver to follow along in the entire series you can certainly do that as well but I'm just going to be using notepad okay that's it for this introductory video I will see you guys in the next video where we will do our first web page


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