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iClean is an application that joins the fight against malicious files, offering users a very simple way to discover malware data on their computers.

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Especially aimed at infected processes and services, iClean comes with a plain and simple GUI supposed to let you easily find dangerous activity on the system.

The tabbed design provides instant access to processes, services, registry and startup folders, while also showing the content of three important Windows files, namely WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI and HOSTS.

It's however very important to note that iClean doesn't show the Windows items, be they processes, services or registry entries, so it's actually fairly easy to detect a malicious file.

The actions you're allowed to perform however may disappoint a lot of users out there because iClean can only kill or delete a selected item. A dedicated tool to quickly search the Internet for more information on a process or service could help a lot.

What's more, iClean lacks the possibility to automatically refresh the list of displayed items, so you have to manually refresh it every time.

The good thing however is that iClean works smoothly on all Windows versions, but administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations, especially if you intend to delete some suspect files.

Overall, iClean is worth a chance because it can display malicious files on your system, but it's pretty obvious that further improvements are needed. Searching the Internet for a listed item is a must do in case you're not sure whether a certain process is dangerous or not, so a dedicated feature in this regard is absolutely needed.

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either all you are goes out there I've got another read for you from my great i phone calm and this time it's the I clean from monster cable I'm d900 man so let's get review it so the I clean has been sent to us by monster cable and I'd like to say a huge thank you to them for sending this out it's the I clean for the ipod and the iphone and basically what it is is a screen cleaner and but with some extra features so let's get this beauty cracked open let's get it reviewed for you so there's basically three parts to the i clean you get this small bottle of i clean fluid you get a soft silky antibacterial cloth to apply this green cleaner and you also get a microfiber cloth as well so the I plane first of all for the ipod and the iphone and gives you around about i think it says 800 squirts and to clean your phone or your ipod touch with now basically what this eliminates is any fingerprints dirt and dust but also have something in there that destroys em bacteria as well which round your home but is really quite nice to consider in your point in this next to your face all day and what it does do though it allows all that dirty nasty stuff to be removed without damaging your iphone or ipod touch screen so let me show you how to apply this so here's my phone guys basically all that you need to do is there and i don't know if you can see but my phone is full of dirty nasty fingerprints i'm just going to give that one screw out there guys and first of all you get the soft silky cloth and you just give it a small wipe over there and say make sure it's all right 10 and then what you do is you get the microfiber cloth as well and that just buffs up any fingerprints and ever think now I don't know if you can see this guy's but my phone there is super super shiny now this can be used all over your phone guys and I usually take the case of the back of mine and do the case and the back of my phone as well and some cases do allow that small amount of and grubbing us as well and dirt a little bit more about this is it removes any oils and dirt and the cleaning cloth is actually got covered in an Aegis antibacterial protection which does clear away any bacteria and germs like I said the microfiber cloth just gives it that buff up now this is small enough guys to slip into a bag into your briefcase and few women into a handbag and just to keep your phone clean now we all know that the iphone is a huge fingerprint magnet as well and these guys also do a mne product for the iPad as well which will be reviewed soon enough and so thanks for sending that to us as well guys so that's the I clean by monster cable it retails for 1995 dollars in the US and the link or be below so remember guys comment rate and subscribe to this video if you like it also what you need to do is head over to our and Twitter account at my back for iphone and get following that for all the latest news reviews and remus also all the stuffs twitter accounts are listed below so you can follow us set head over to our for route www moderate iphone cup and also go there and all the help full hints is over there as well and also remember to head over to iTunes and download our podcast as well and that's the weekly breeze okay so that's all from me thanks for watching guys and I'll catch you soon enough


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