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Immunet Protect is designed to bring an extra layer of protection to your computer by trying to detect potential threats alongside your permanent antivirus solution.


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The main characteristic of this cloud-based security tool is that it relies heavily on the Immunet Community, which gains new members every day. The information it gathers about the online threats from the cloud and the community is designed to keep your computer safe and virus-free.

The interface is well-organized and comprises three columns that allow you to access the Immunet Community (displays the local community graph and notices), view the protection summary and access the product settings. The 'Computer' column is where you can view the activity summary, access the quarantine section and start a new scan.

There are three scanning options that you can choose from. The 'Flash Scan' only verifies the running processes, while selecting 'Full Scan' checks the entire computer for potential threats. You can also scan user-defined locations using the 'Custom Scan' option.

The application is based on three detection engines, ETHOS, SPERO and ClamAV, designed to provide you with real-time protection. If any possible malicious or suspicious running process, applications or files are identified, it automatically moves them to the Quarantine section, but you can also set it to prompt you for action.

Immunet Protect can scan archive and packed files, as well as verify newly installed applications. Scan scheduler, protection exclusions and tray notifications are other advantages that this software comes with.

In addition to this, it does not need a large amount of system resources and enabling the 'Game Mode' ensures that your gaming session runs without interruptions.

Immunet Protect is an easy to use community-based protection tool that can isolate the threats it detects on your system. However, it is only recommended as a companion antivirus and can be used by those who feel that their current security solution is just not enough.

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hello everyone today we'll be taking a look at mu net which is a popular cloud-based a Fiat's under Cisco and as if now has millions of users it has been updated recently although the UI doesn't reflect that the website is now really cool and modern looks quite compelling now let's see how the actual product functions so first of all I have this folder which has 780 pieces of malware in here and we're going to use it to calculate the detection ratio these are files from the previous review that I did on BitDefender so the same files now they're a bit older of course about a week old should still be fine for the test so let's go ahead and do our right-click scan and in the meantime I will show you that we are using the default settings so general settings as you can see all the engines are turned on including the clamavi engine now the scan seems to be complete but we still have what 221 items left so I'm gonna do one more scan just to be sure before that I'm even going to check for updates again as you can see it is up to date now time for the second scan and it seems that just found this one file that's going to be it maybe not because it is picking up a few more items now we're not going to be running these files like we usually do have something a bit more fascinating today so instead of going through all of these files which peopies ransomware all sorts of things I have a brand new ransomware sample that I'm going to try to execute on the system and we'll see if mu net can protect us because that's kind of the critical question these days before we get to that though here's another interesting thing if I start the scan from the user or face it does show me this little box but it I do a right-click scan or a context menu scan it doesn't do that so that's kind of weird I would expect a bit more polish from a product like this but anyway the scan is complete and no threats are now detected and we still have 207 items left over that's what it's gonna be and that is a detection ratio of 73.5% which is mad I mean it's pretty disappointing definitely below average but well it's not the end of the world maybe this product is just more focused on the on execution thing so let's go ahead and see what happens when we run our ransomware so you've already seen the threat we'll be testing with it's sad round somewhere I recommend you check out the couple of other videos I've made with it I'll link them at the end but for now let's see what happens when we try to run the sample with all the engines turned on and I'll even enable blocking mode which says it's supposed to prevent applications from being installed on your computer until they are determined to be safe you know this is not turned on by default but I just want to give it the best chance and maybe if it's blocked then we'll turn off blocking mode and try again and see what happens cuz I deem blocking mode may also create a lot of false positives so let's take a close look at our data and let's see what happens when we run the ransomware oh it seems our data is already encrypted so that's not good at all let's just go ahead and try to open this yep so despite having all the engines and blocking mode turned on immune ed was unable to prevent this ransomware from encrypting our stuff that right there is a fail and it kind of suggests that this product heavily relies on its signatures cuz blocking mode it says it's only going to allow applications that are safe I kind of thought that it might be some sort of whitelisting mechanism but it somehow seems to deem this ransomware safe so that's really weird the detection wasn't impressive either this day and age given that there are so many options I don't really see a use case for this anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below like the video if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe to the PC security channel this is Leo thank you for watching and as always stay informed they secure


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