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Kaspersky Small Office Security is a comprehensive and reliable software solution which was developed to help you protect the contents of your computer from outside attacks, ensuring that your data is not subjected to threats you have no knowledge of.

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The utility features a tabbed interface, requiring you only to click on the section whose functions you want to use. Consequently, you can access and work with ‘Protection Center’ to decide which areas of your system to focus on.

The ‘Security Zone’ lets you prevent applications from executing dangerous actions, while from the ‘Scan’ tab, you can search your PC for threats. The ‘Tools’ section offers you several components to help you ‘Backup and Restore’ files, perform ‘Data Encryption’ operations or resort to the ‘Password Manager’ to create and store access keys.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 features three main types of computer analyses, namely ‘Full Scan’, ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Objects Scan’, the last of which enables you to manually select the file or folder you wish to determine if it poses any risk for your computer; it can also be accessed from the Windows context menu.

The ‘Security Zone’ components allow you to control the access to your personal data by various applications, also enabling you to ‘Safe Run’ conspicuous programs in the ‘Sandbox’ so as to prevent any real danger from affecting your machine.

Using the provided ‘Tools’, you can create backups of your most important data, ensuring that you will be able to retrieve it in case of accidental or intentional deletion. The ‘Password Manager’ helps you create complex access keys of varying length and character types, that you can use to protect your many online accounts. In addition, it is able to store existing credentials.

To summarize, Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 is an advanced and efficient utility that aims to keep you and your system safe, heuristically guarding your PC while also offering you a set of tools to increase your protection level in the online environment.

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hey guys this is John with get PC security comm today we're going to review with you the Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 product which really is an ideal easy out-of-the-box cloud-based management console around security for small businesses from 5 to 45 users it does cover pcs and devices some file servers up to 5 and mobile devices as well and this pro this platform covers Windows and Mac desktops and laptops windows-based file servers and Android smartphones and tablets so let's gonna jump right into it again we're going to try to keep it very briefly to the point today review the console some of the goodies and other extra features you get in here and at the end of the video here we're going to provide you down below a link to go out and purchase and download the product today start that 30-day money-back guarantee the Kaspersky offers on run this product and you have your small business protected and secure today so the first thing we know we have open here the the console the first thing we notice is that there's a notification center up at the top let's go ahead and click on that and show you what the Notification Center kind of brings up to speed on so the first thing it'll tell you is you know hey is your license is it renewed or is it renewing soon is it expiring soon so let's just click on this real quick and it'll tell you exactly you know when you activate it and expired it it should give you the key here and again this is a trial so that's a test key up there it's active for how many computers and for how many days gives you details around that your license and also an end-user license agreement for you to click on to learn more if you want to read that and user License Agreement so that'll tell you up at the top you know is your is your software up to date and the renewal in the expiration date all that stuff then it'll jump right into protection it tells you hey are you protected are you using the latest downloads that Kaspersky has provided to you to protects again protect against viruses malicious code all that stuff so it tells you here you have no active threats detective your databases and applications are up to date and everything's running as it should be it also tells you down here at the bottom and kind of give you some recommendations as recommendations as you'll see here this this again this prep this product has a lot of additional benefits and features and will go off and talk about backup in store and password manager next year so let's go back in and do that next so before we get into the actual features let's go ahead and talk about the actual scanning and look at the scanning features of this product so as soon as you click on scan it kind of gives you some options here do you want to do a full scan a quick scan a full scan is going to give you scan everything on your PC quick scan or selective skins are going to just scan selectively areas or hard drives or partitions within a hard drive around your PC there so the Selective scan lets you drag and drop certain files or folders right in there and then external devices will let you scan things like a USB Attached storage and USB flash drives so a pretty easy way to go ahead and figure out what you want to scan and how you want to scan it the database update tells you if you're up today if you want to run an update or check and see if there's enough that you can do that there we did go in about 24 minutes ago so and we have it set to automatically scan and check for updates every time it launches so that's what that does ago one of the other features later let's jump into the management console because this kind of just coincides right with the scanning a bit capability so if you click on management console I've got it open here so I'm just going to click it open you can kind of see the management clouds a cloud cloud console again is a cloud-based management capabilities feed and manage devices remotely so again I don't have this is the trial version I don't have devices I'm managing but if you were to put in your activation code and your license in here you would then be able to see the devices that you're managing here so again from five devices up to 45 devices it will put in here and populate the device name the status the type of device it is and the license or key code associated with that and you'll be able to manage all those devices remotely and push updates and make sure they're secure early see what's going on there so the other thing we really loved about the the console here with Kaspersky as well as the level of technical support so from an SMB perspective they offer a full user forum a knowledge base where you can go off and enter in questions and it will spit out results or pieces of information around how to how to get support and also there's some technical support here so web-based I think there's phone support there as well as soon as we downloaded the trial and looked at the product we did have questions around the management console and logged some tickets pretty quickly and very in a very short period of time we did get some really tremendous support from Kaspersky that helped us out in deciphering what we were trying to figure out with the management console so that's the management console and then there's also a web-based polishing policy management area here which you could go in and set web-based policies around certain URLs access to certain URLs the time people could access the internet on their PC so certain web-based policies like that you can go in and and and and set those up so let's go to the reporting and more tools section so the reporting session in more tools we found we're also very robust as well you could go in here and see exactly you know how when the again when the database was updated what kind of skin you performed if you've ever performed certain types of scans etc and then you know rootkit scans vulnerability scans I mean there's a lot of different things in here you can go in and if you click on detailed reports you can get very detailed reports and even export them to show other people if you needed to so the reporting section here we found was what was very very robust and comprehensive for a small business the more tools section click on that real quickly this was tremendous I'm going to expand this you can see all the different additional features and benefits here there's just a lot of different software cleaners and cloud protection and quarantine areas you can click in here and see you know what what what files or applications were were picked out as potentially harmful or threatened and proposing a threat you could restore them or delete them that's in the quarantine section and then down here there's some other skins file shredders uh privacy cleaners of the files rather you could put a file in here and permanently delete it from your PC there's just a tremendous amount of additional features you're going to get here in this product that we loved of course you need to get your traditional network monitoring and PC monitoring application so you click into these and it'll tell you exactly you know what kind of applications they're supporting what it's the trip what it's restricted how many untrusted one it's found also it'll tell you you know how how which PC is performing from memory and CPU perspective and then also over here you can kind of see over here you can see your network activity in terms of what application might might be taking up most of the bandwidth and etc what port there acts during accessing etc so we found out that you know just some tremendous additional features and benefits outside the scanning and features of the security software these the last four things we'll touch on real quickly so safe money back up and restore data encryption and password manager all you get with this product as well so safe money is just a added protection and protected browser for those folks and who isn't doing this that I write asset accessing banking services checking out and buying through online stores there's an added level of protection in here that they may offer through safe money which is tremendous backup and restores pretty self-explanatory for backup and backing up or restoring files or folders or pcs or hard drives right a hold or hold drives this is a way to do that data encryption right if you're not encrypting your data you should be today and so this is a good way to secure your important data whether it be personal or business related in your SMB in creating a new data vault here to protect that data on those pcs and then one of my favorites always is the password manager right I think I have about 30 or 40 passwords accessing certain applications or websites or email or whatever this is a great way to download and install and kind of monitor and keep safe all your passwords so overall folks that's pretty much it I mean this is just feature-rich in terms of tools and reporting other features here great management console a very easy cloud-based portal here from kaspersky for small businesses in that five to forty five range not only for pcs but file servers up to five and also mobile devices as well so hope you like to review today again they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee there should be a link down here below the video here for you to download it and buy or check it out today again thumbs up A+ we highly recommend Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 again this is John will get PC security have a great day


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