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KYROL Internet Security is a usеr-friеndly and еfficiеnt sоftwarе sоlutiоn dеsignеd tо hеlp yоu prоtеct yоur systеm against a widе array оf virusеs, spywarе and оthеr fоrms оf malwarе which cоuld pоtеntially damagе yоur cоmputеr.

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Subsеquеnt tо a fairly briеf sеtup оpеratiоn, with nо nоtеwоrthy еvеnts, thе prоgram will launch and autоmatically start sеcuring yоur cоmputеr.

Whеn inactivе, it rеtrеats tо thе nоtificatiоn arеa, whеrе it can cоntinuе tо еnsurе thе hеuristic prоtеctiоn оf yоur systеm, but оthеrwisе nоt intеrfеring with yоur rеgular activitiеs.

Fоr startеrs, it wоuld bе wisе tо run an analysis and dеtеct any malwarе that may havе alrеady infеctеd yоur PC, sо as tо rеmоvе it. KYROL Internet Security оffеrs thrее main scan typеs: ‘Quicк’, ‘Full’ and ‘Custоm’.

Thе ‘Quicк’ scan will оnly lоок at thе mоst impоrtant systеm filеs and dеtеrminе whеthеr thеy havе bееn afflictеd by any dangеr. Thе ‘Full’ scan hоwеvеr, analyzеs yоur еntirе cоmputеr and may prоvе much lеngthiеr. As fоr thе ‘Custоm’ оptiоn, yоu simply nееd tо sеlеct thе fоldеrs yоu want tо targеt. If an infеctiоn is еncоuntеrеd, yоu havе thе pоssibility оf quarantining, clеaning оr ignоring it.

Mоrеоvеr, KYROL Internet Security prоvidеs yоu with a ‘Firеwall’ cоmpоnеnt with thе hеlp оf which yоu can dеfinе fоrbiddеn catеgоriеs оf activitiеs, crеatе rulеs оr assign timе rеstrictiоns. Yоu can alsо allоw оr blоcк accеss tо cеrtain wеbsitеs basеd in кеywоrds.

Frоm thе ‘Sеttings’ sеctiоn оf thе applicatiоn, yоu can cоnfigurе thе ‘Prоtеctiоn’ prеfеrеncеs, as wеll as thе ‘Scannеr’ оptiоns. Yоu can dеcidе hоw tо dеal with rеmоvablе drivеs and schеdulе rеgular scans оf yоur PC, at usеr-dеfinеd intеrvals.

Tо sum it up, KYROL Internet Security is a handy and rеliablе utility that can succеssfully assist yоu in sеcuring yоur cоmputеr by prеvеnting it frоm bеing infеctеd with wеb-cоntractеd virusеs, whilе alsо clеaning up еxisting thrеats.

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alright everyone finally I am able to find some time sit down and do a review first off I know it's been a long time again and I keep saying this I feel like every single time but I just want you guys to understand well school started back up and it has been hell that late to basically put it best I even had to drop one of my classes just because I was taking some very difficult classes and also trying to maintain my job which I'm on call is very difficult to do and luckily my employer understands my situation and is willing to cut me a lot of slack but if you want to go to school you got to pay for school and well you know what god I got to have a job so between homework and school also has been you know it's very difficult classes like I said and yeah got some decisions to make i guess right anyways trying to get my mind off of it and let's go ahead and take a look at what we're going to be reviewing today it's going to be i think it's called chiral corolle i have no idea how to pronounce this so yeah we're just going to go with chiral and that's going to be we're going to go with all day s'ok i roll internet security 2015 we're taking a look at so far right off the bat i have a bit of a gripe about the program when i installed it let me go to the logs here and show you if we go to update you'll see it failed twice now that's not good did not prompt me to reboot at all but in the back of my mind I thought hey maybe we should reboot that might fix it and sure enough after the reboot once I update it again the update came through successfully they need to prompt the user to reboot it is I don't know why antivirus and anti-malware companies don't do this you need to prompt the user to reboot because it helps everything solidify better in the system helps things register better and thereby creating more security there's a lot of different things i'm not going to get into but that's basically it in a nutshell so another gripe that I have about the program so far and start I don't like starting off a negative side here but unfortunately I do have to gripe about it there's really no button that tells you how to get back to the main interface you have to click the chiral internet security logo up there to get back to the main interface or the main menu i should say they need to put a back button or home button or something that would tell the user this is how you get back home don't hide it inside of a menu right here that or inside of a logo that bit no I don't like that at all but let's go ahead and take a look some of the settings here before i get into the interface it's like how it looks at everything so let's go ahead and click the Settings button up here and we'll start out at the top here with protection it looks like it has any virus anti spyware low-risk programs and then co emulations so that's some that's kind of nice to see that it protects you from a wide variety of threats this also supposedly does rootkits as well so I assume that is part of the low-risk programs actually nothing I'm incorrect on that this I believe I was reading on the line about and it quarantines the program first and then analyzes it later is how I believe tyrol essentially it secures your system or maintains that security level so instead of sandboxing or analyzing with hips it looks as if it just basically pointings it if it thinks it's going to be a threat and it analyzes it later on so you can always restore it back if a quarantine something that lets say was was genuine and you want you can always go in and get it back so yeah basic settings in here nothing too special the thing I do like about this program here is the fact that you can it's very laid out in the sense of nice and easy you can see all your skin options and then you can tell each option what section of the program or what features you want enabled during that scan so if you want it to not use the anti spyware engine on the full system scan you can uncheck that box and it will not scan for any spyware on your system I don't know why you do that but essentially that's what you it's very nice you can create custom scans and using that to and we're going to go ahead and check everything on here for the custom scan just because I'm going to use the custom scan most likely to scan our pack of Mauer here and I want to make sure that it's equal to the highest scan level possible in the system so to give the program a fair shot I'm going to change those so I know a lot of you might say why are you doing that well because normally you would not do a context can in the pack of malware normally you would do it a full system scan in your system so that's what I'm doing that uh what else what else you can have a slit exclude things down here update you can change update settings whether you get your updates on a server or you want to go through their website over there I should say their web server you can do that right here by specifying port numbers and IP addresses device you actually can scan and I nice can block removable devices if you want set passwords of them that kind of stuff to access them scheduler you can schedule your scans right there logs obviously our logs and notifications yeah right they're not going to go too much into that remote can remote councils so it looks like you can kind of remotely control this program in a sense which is a little nice of them nice feature but as for like a personal use I don't see anyone ever really using this unless you're let's say through a corporation or something we have multiple clients to to maintain then obviously you'd want to do some sort of possible remote console but why would you remote console in just to the security software when you can actually set up a remote desktop a remote support type of service on the actual clients is what I would do instead of doing this just because then you have access to the entire client not just the internet security but maybe you would want to do this and if you want because it says you can actually use it through the management console so might be easier if you want to just look at all your PC's in one single line up instead of having to connect to them I guess you could see someone someone possibly using this with this program but as for employment it's this program in a corporate environment the name is to new right now I don't think any would really trust it but that's oh we're here to test out right all right so enough babbling here pointless jumble all right main interface once again scan you click on the scan tab it brings up this little window down here and you can select which scan option you want firewall another grape I don't really consider this a firewall at all this is more in the way of a web filter and I don't like the way they call it a firewall because in my mind a firewall is something that not only can block has a capability of blocking domains or web addresses IP addresses but also has the ability to block certain ports and also analyze web traffic in a sense of its in its raw state this as you can see is like I said a glorified web filter that is it it's just going to black domains it is not going to protect you against any sort of hacking attacks or like I said you cannot also specify any ports it's not going to protect your ports on your computer this is not a firewall so those who think that oh I'm getting a firewall at this too no it's not a firewall it's a web filter and they need to change that I think to a web filter because they know we're in here do I see any capabilities of me blocking specific ports or any any sort of filtering in that sense so i should say network filtering such as something on the on the OSI model where you can filter on the i think is the network level I don't I am just my brain is fried right now alright so let's go ahead and start testing this program now that we're eight minutes into the video they were lured this is not going as fast as I wanted it to alright so protection is enabled so we are good to go let's start by opening up our website me maybe all right every time I try to open this up it does not like it when I open through a VPN I don't understand why all right so let's get process explorer up now they also claim on their website that Cairo um only uses 35 meg and actually so far I'm seeing it does appear if it's using under 35 minutes in fact it's actually using 25 so it looks like they have a hold on hold on yeah if they're talking about that sure if we're talking about that process add them up absolutely not so unfortunately their statement of it only uses thirty five megabytes of memory on your system is a bunch of and I'm going to come out and say it right now that they need to change that because you can see it went up to 100 basically hundred thousand megabytes or kilobytes I'm sorry megabytes can you tell them a little fried so that they definitely got changed in our website I mean granted this is still in a really this is really a low-impact um has very low impact in the system right now I'll give them that so all right but they definitely need to change that though let's go ahead and open up a new tab there and see what we got what do we get alright let's try this one so that's going to be linked number one everything is you saw was fully enabled all right so it looks like Carol Tillis something virus removal tool okay security alert carol has detected well it's just software awesome so we are going to go ahead and click clean and it looks like it removed it we try to run it nuttin nada moved or deleted awesome so number one was blocked yeah you got a lot of catching up to do here chi role because you kind of a really messed up i think in the beginning all right that one appears to be dead all right let me close that out and we'll go ahead and run this one this is link number 2 okay this one looks like it wants to download this one however it looks to be a possible just potential I wanted program not necessarily a piece of malware all right so we have a windows firewall alert hear nothing from Cairo low so that's that's like I said interesting I'm going to allow it because essentially Cairo says it has a firewall and if it says that is a firewall well then you know what we're just going to go ahead and let it do its thing that one however I don't up nope we got a five out of 57 okay so some people are detecting this malware but it's probably add we're all right let's go down here and let's try this one right here it's one looks like it could possibly be malicious all right and it's the same one really we're going to start this already all right let's choose a different link here I don't want to go with that one let's try this on right here and it's probably going to be dead all right Oh nope nevermind this one's actually working I just hope that it's not going to be the same one as we tested earlier all right let's go ahead and we're going to try this one is a risk where it says we'll get a couple links going here and let's see what else we got you know it's just not that good of malware today it looks like all right looks like this one wants to a run here so I'm going to consider number two as a missile ready and then number three as a Miss and number four as I miss all right so far it is not doing as good as we thought it was going to do all right I don't know what you want to do there but sure whatever do whatever you want just don't slow me down yep and as you can see we do have those detected as malicious okay and I make sure we do have an alert here coming from Tyrol it's good to see so clean the Trojan it states probably was being downloaded by one of these programs that we just ran oh let's see what else do we got let's try this one hopefully I don't think we did that one yet 44 meg oh this ought to be interesting I don't know if I'm going to sit around a while well let it go it's going pretty good okay let's try this one there we go one meg that's more my malware right there this thing looks like it's done we're not going to go ahead and do what you trying to close it out all right so it looks like this one has been blocked driver boss uh-huh and this looks like it's trying to do its thing close that so number 5 i'm going to consider as blocked let me go ahead yep that was blocked all right number 6 we'll try georgian downloader here see how those go as always you're interesting you never know what you're going to get okay security essential or security or some whiskey smart screen filter does not like it at all we will see what kairos has to say about it you get blacked oh no looks like it's running yep it just started going and it looks like my browser just crashed I don't know what this thing just popped up right here now this test might be coming to a nice very nice yeah that's a funny one so far Tyrol you were not doing as well as i'd like you to all right go ahead and run you know let's just do this oh no no no no no no do not pull up anything that I've to edit the video for all right I don't know what I clicked their butt up probably the wrong one alright so i think that was number 6 i'm gonna say i think there's number six I can't remember now yeah all right go away yeah there's this system is definitely infected alright let's go ahead and see if we can all we're going to know internet explorer window up there too that's cute let's get process explorer back open here if we can if it'll let me oh it's already open okay let's go ahead and close that and put this back over here and see we got on here after I hope it's done submitting okay so it looks like we have quite a bit of malware running on the system and you can see we're definitely getting some pop-up ads which is not a good thing we're going to go ahead and try let's go ahead and try this one right here alright we're going to go ahead and run this all right I don't know what that really did but I'm not considered as a Miss because it did not do it it was supposed to or it basically executed you saw it executed in the go away you guys this is what happens when you don't have protection proper protection in your system okay this system is now unresponsive I cannot scroll there we go yeah there's definitely stuff getting installed in the background you just saw my icons just flickered down there yep I registries being edited looks like we have almost that looks like grab oh yeah qm k you 360s uh that's a pronounced it again but looks like it's trying to install that on the system here maybe a rogue version of that all right let's finish this test up here when I go to let's go to see what we can get it's one of VX fall as you can see we have some favorites that were added I did not add those at all pop-up ads are absolutely relentless here everywhere it's like one big game um what do we got 27 it was yesterday hmm I think these might be down we'll try one of them that will go to mal code and finish up the test that way okay so it looks like this one's working yeah we are going to enable that hey looks like cover role has detected that one so number eight was blocked we're going to go to number nine I don't want it to keep installing things it's just going to slow the test down more I don't know if this is the same one we're go to Mount code now cuz I don't trust that it looks like the same hour I don't know what I'm typing it in system is my hard drive is going absolutely insane right now and it's been like steady for the past five minutes here looks like we have Q 360 or k 360 or q whatever I don't really know now we're not testing its I overlooked here I think it's called cuckoo or Caillou summoner okay um I don't let I keeps popping up go away okay it's probably detecting malware on the system quite honestly it's kind of hilarious I'll malware downloaded anti-malware application like I said it could be fake in a sense ok I interesting I'm looks like it's got a network meter and a cpu monitor it's changed my date and I'm all right so it looks like that one has been blocked number nine in black are we got to find one more here can we find one more just all I'm asking for okay let's try this one right here what I did not say to download all right I don't think that's what I just put in there oh well that's cute it looks like my clipboard has been hijacked well actually see we got so much bowing here I really should isolate my host I usually do that let's do that there we go um okay quarantine that now can I please just download this one link alright looks like it's in there yeah this system is highly infected right now so we're having to be able to finish the test in my mind just because this is this is ridiculous so let's go ahead and close that out sure allow access and let's see we got for our running processes and you can see we do have multiple pieces of malware on the system as well as multiple pieces of junk software that was downloaded most likely by that trojan downloader without our consent so what are we going to do now well because the system is infected here i'm going to go ahead and let's let's go ahead and i'm going to do a reboot to try to give yeah let's go ahead and do reboot to try and give chiral a chance to possibly get rid of malware on the system sometimes that'll work and prevent a lot of it from coming back then we're going to go ahead once but this comes back I'm going to go ahead and do the zero-day test we ran extract mallar see what the detection results can be and then go from there running the malware on the system in order to see how well it performs you can 0 Dame our I have I have a suspicion it's not going to perform that well just by looking at this test right here but you know what got to do the full test got to check it out so once that's what this is all complete I extract the malware I'll be back and we will have a result black shell scan it and then we'll have a result for you once we get back so be back soon alright guys so it is finished scanning and looks would be just a more stuff pop up actually anyways I moved up removed all the threats that head found and we started out with 119 objects so let me go ahead and if I can show you guys here we have 119 files within that archive let's see how many we have left go ahead and open it up we have 29 so let's go ahead and do our math here we'll take one 19-29 bio 119 gives us a detection rate of 75 percent you know that's that's average um a little on the low end of average it is on the low end of average but it's nevertheless it's its average not actually that is the point of a predominance I'm going to change my mind now so not not to impress with that with a detection rate but we're going to go ahead now and see how well it can do against blocking mallar so let me make sure we have enabled our real-time protection here so you can see everything is enabled we're going to do now is we're also going to I'll check for updates because they say they always like send out these really small updates hourly so i'll check for updates here we'll see it shouldn't take too long hopefully all right so it looks like I you know it's up to date or it updated I didn't look at the number before but anyways either way we're up to date now so let's go ahead and close that out let's get process explorer open here and then we're going to go ahead and start running some malware see what this can do ya see what this can do is my icons are all just all these icons of malicious software just sitting over there yeah alright let's start with we're running this one right here and i'm just going to know the archive here on that one we're on that one as you can see it's already this stuff is being detected as Mauer according to virustotal on that around that one I don't feel like installing this crap but it's going to do it anyways because I can't read gibberish ah let's see what else do we want to install let's do this one I should really disable those use your controls I think next time I update my virtual machine i'm going to go ahead and put down a list of things to do is disable that just because as you can see malware does not and i might just brought me back to my desktop oh because of this now we're typically was right past the user account controls doesn't do anything whatsoever all right let's try this one go away can I just get rid of this no I cannot because it's installing stuff this ought to be interesting great alright so I think that's pretty much oh yeah I wanted to run some vbscript here there's a sport will be a worm from what I understand when I download it I did download some interesting pieces of malware so let's go ahead and close that out and suffer I hadn't seen the vbscript up this probably is it right here nope that's just that okay we can go away you can go away you can go away now wants me to close that first really not gonna put a full screen wonderful great go away wonderful wonderful yup all right go away sure okay good All Right see what we got here this one's out oh sure why not everything else wants out at the El to the Internet all right oh darn it crashed bummer yeah we got enough crap on here all right as you can see that vbscript does look like it's running and this system is heavily infected right now so what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and do a quick scan with our good friend here chi roll Internet Security 2015 and see what it can find so let's do a quick scan with this and we're going to start our quick scans with a usual programs hitman pro heard protect and see what they can find in addition to what Cairo can find so once those scans are all done we'll be back with a final verdict and see how well Carol actually did alright guys so the scans have finished and chiral basically found nothing it continually tried to remove this one with the real-time protection and it continually managed to fail so don't really know if it removed it right there or not but nevertheless it was constantly popping up and it could not remove the threat so let's take a look I heard protect here and see what it found it found quite a bit of a mallar keep in mind even the ones that are inconclusive I can guarantee you they are some form of now or just the way they're interacting on the system and interacting with me the user if you notice here there's not a lot of malware running that's because I shut most of it down because it was taking forever to scan the system it was ridiculous looks like I forgot to suspend one up here yeah so it was absolutely a ridiculous thing with the times it took the scan this computer so hitman pro what did it find well you can see the uploads actually timed out towards the end here probably due to that malware on the system causing some issues we could also put my VPN too but nevertheless you can see there are multiple pieces of malware on this this however I don't know why it saying desktop because I do it all because we still have a couple in there so you can go ahead ignore those really this one looks like these are in temp okay that one that one's pretty serious right there that's an app data another serious one right there an app data and that one was the download is this is probably the one that was creating all of this Mauer on the system at least most of it it's amazing how one piece of malware can do so much damage even though keep in mind we did run a lot of malware after but one piece of malware could do roughly about this much damage on our system easily ah let's see what else getting back on track yeah overall it's very infected nevertheless very infected so oh wow and then we got that too nevertheless Tyrol Internet Security 2015 what do I think of it um i would highly recommend you stay away from this program as of right now i think that it is way too new and i think that essentially they just don't have the protection there and i'm also kind of skeptical with the program due the fact that already what they stay on their website has been disproved such as through numbers they stated that their program only uses about 35 min unless i read it wrong go feel free to correct me on that but it does not use 35 megan in fact uses about 100 that are yeah about a hundred thousand oh well maybe actually I'm know I'm wrong oh my god it's one of those days isn't it that was in kilobytes but now that'd be a hundred thousand that be 101 mega so no I'm not wrong nevermind scratch that so yeah bottom line they need to correct that and state that it uses the actual amount that it does use not this 35 Meg when it's just in your idol another thing that I have to gripe about that a big issue to me is this firewall this is not a firewall at all this is a web filter so stop calling it a firewall there are other applications out there that are free that give you a actual firewall with them so just yeah that kind of irritates me right there that's that's false advertising in itself in my mind um yeah and the detection rate 75 percent that's on the low end of average it's almost below average is right on the you know that's right right on the edge so yeah that didn't do well either on their all-around this program did not perform well at all and I would not recommend you running the program sorry you know what people out there who would think all you did this wrong you that one you know what it is what it could not protect the system so you can comment all you want like I said I take criticism with a grain of salt and I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong so if you think I did something wrong or I explain something wrong let me know you've seen in the past in my other videos for those of you who have mentioned incorrect information or explain something incorrectly you've corrected me and I have acknowledged you and said that I was wrong so that's the way every that's the way you learn you um take knowledge and take other people's knowledge and you kind of do a little bit more investigating and you find out if you were correct or incorrect and go from there so that's gonna be it for this review i'll stop rambling yeah hopefully i'll be able to make her another review soon but like i said it might have to take a break from it for a while just because of school so when i can i will make a review otherwise it could be a while but I you know thank you guys for sticking with me I know a lot of you enjoy my reviews and I enjoy making and when I do at the time in fact I just was doing some homework before this and got frustrated with that and you know it's like you know what I've been working on school for a while now let's just I gotta sit down to review and kind of decompress a little bit here and stuff like that so but some are about taking any classes because I'm I'm going to be doing quite a bit of work so hopefully on the weekends I'll have some more time to just kind of unwind and do a lot more of these reviews once the once the summer comes around up here in the northern hemisphere so that's going to be for this review guys I will talk to you later and have a great day evening I don't know really how to close that but alright that's going to be it talk to you guys


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