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As its nаmе suggеsts, License Manager is dеsignеd to hеlp you mаnаgе аll your products аnd licеnsеs from а singlе plаcе.

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Тhе аpplicаtion intеgrаtеs succеssfully with onlinе sаlеs chаnnеls аnd pаymеnt providеrs, which mаkеs it suitаblе for MicroISVs аnd smаll softwаrе dеvеlopmеnt orgаnisаtions.

Any typе of .NEТ аpplicаtion is supportеd, whеthеr you hаvе writtеn it in C#, VB.Nеt or еvеn F#. It providеs you with two sеcurity lеvеls thаt you cаn choosе from. Тhе militаry grаdе option cаn bе usеd in .Nеt еnvironmеnts whеrе strong cryptogrаphy is аllowеd.

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hey guys this is two configurations and today we're gonna talk about a very useful software for smartphone users it's called the wondershare tune scope this software is basically a mobile management software it can manage all the aspects of your smartphone you can manage all the files majors videos contacts apps even you can root your device with this software so it actually helps you to manage all the aspect in a single software without the need of digging into the subfolders of your smartphones now let's just go straight into the software the face of the window share toon scope and it would sit in the face and you have stitching between the devices here so if you have multiple devices connected to your PC you can choose between them from this tab and if you are using a device for the first time you have to actually enable the upper options in the settings so there is a very detailed description here so you can just check that out and fold those steps and we'll be all set to go so let's respect to the galaxy c-plus and the next thing that we have is a screen shot functionality so you can directly caption screen shot of your device from here so you can just refresh the screen shot and you can take say the screen shot from here so here we have the details about the phone stories and is decode stories and the top side you could see different tabs like music videos photos information apps Explorer and toolbox so the music tap here we can manage all the music files on your device so you might have noticed when we download the music from different softwares or different sources usually they all come under different subfolders so it's very hard to find each and every music and to actually copy it to a PC but here you have all the music files on your smart phone on a single list so you can just browse it and you can copy whatever content that you want just stick it and you can click the export function and it will automatically export to your PC or you can or to iTunes so whatever you want to do or you can export it to the second device that you have connected to your PC so very very very easy interface that's what makes the software very useful you don't have to go through the CIFOR list and find the music you can then apply see all the music files on your system right in front of you which makes it very very fast and efficient way to manage your smartphone so now let's go into the video tab I could see here have all the video files just like the music files I don't need to go into subfolders I can just take whatever I want and export it to PC or the smartphone as in need the next thing that we have here is the photo tab and this is where you can manage all the image files on your smartphone and the best thing is that it is all sorted just like a gallery so you don't have to browse through the folders to get images it's it's not a single tab you can just click every folder and see what is in there and you can just take whatever stuff you want from it so this makes it very very easy to manage the pictures downloaded from different sources like whatsapp if you're downloaded from your browser it will be on different folder if you captured the image using your camera it will be on a different folder so usually it takes a lot of time to find those folders but here you can see it's it's a single tap it's under photo tab and you can actually browse them just like the gallery and you can export whatever stuff that you want and you can just click export and you can to export it to PC or your device whatever you want it's all very simple steps it's very very convenient to manage so that's the thing that I love about the software it makes it really easy to manage every aspect of your smartphone so now let's move on to the information tab and they could see this is where you can manage your contacts and SMS you can export you can import contacts you can import SMS you can export or SMS files which is all pretty easy here so that's what we could see right here the next tab is the apps tab where you can manage the applications that are installed on your smart phone you can actually install apps from here you can install apps from this tab and you can directly install if you have the files for installing your application you can just select it and you can just open the file and it'll automatically install that particular application to your smartphone so you can also select multiple files again again just multiple application and just uninstall them all of them in just a single click so this is pretty easy task to do compared to the conventional way of getting into settings uninstalling each of them one by one from your application menu so that's really difficult compared to this thing where you can actually select 10 applications that you can delete it no issues so it's very very easy and the next thing that we have is the Explorer tab which is a similar thing just like your file manager when you're on your smartphone you have internal memory and a virtual memory and you can browse through the files and manage you can actually arrange or select create a new folder whatever you want to do you can just do it right here so this is just like a application file manager system and nothing more than that the next thing that we have is toolbox and this is where they have read a lot of options you can actually rebuilt your iTunes library you can actually transfer iTune media's you can actually use the phone transfer phone to phone transfer which means if you want to transfer some files from one phone to another which includes images videos contacts SMS whatever you want you can actually transfer one phone to another in one click select the the device that you have or you want to send that files to and you can actually click this next tab and it will ask for whatever category that you want and you can select the category that you need if you want for videos and meet usefully you can select the videos and images and it will actually send over the videos an image file to that second device that you have connected to it PC so that makes it very easy if you have if you just bought a new device and you want to transfer all the files it just it's very very fast way to do that the next thing that we have is the backup and restore function where you can backup your all the system files or whatever you want to your PC and you can actually restore it another report so you can see when I click on the back tap it actually analyzes my smartphone and and it after that we can actually transfer you can actually make it back up file you can see I have only selected the contacts messages calendars and call logs so if I just click on the back up you could see it's creating the backup file and if you want you can also add the music and video files but I'm not doing it because it's I have a lot of music files and video files on my smartphone so that will make a huge big backup file so I don't want to do that so that's why I selected very few options and you could see it's backing all the contacts messages calendars and call logs you can also see the activity is going on or with messages and yeah okay now we have done with a backup and you can actually see the open the back of file option and you can see this is the back of file I have created and if you want to restore this file you have to go to the restore tab and you can select we show a file which of a backup file that you want and you can just click Next and go into the original process so it's very simple so that's how easy to manage the backup and restore so it can actually take all your videos files images contacts and everything in just single backup file and it can actually restore it when you want so that's a very very interesting functionality the next thing that we have is the other tools which includes that gif maker the ringtone maker and the one-click root so let's take a look at the gif maker this is interface and you can actually set the resolution and you can also set the frame rate and you can add image files from here so I'm going to add some few majors for to give just for demonstration so have one from here so now I have added three majors for the gift maker and I can actually set the resolution to whatever I want and I can just click on the create gift tab and you could see I have already created a gift file I could see it's just play maybe this is how you can this is how easy that it can make give out of your smartphone with this software so it's pretty easy now move on to the one-click route functionality and I would say this is some of the simplest way can route a device you don't need to do anything else you can just click on one-click route and your device will be instantly routed and there is a list of supported devices on the website I want to share and most probably all the devices supported and the mainstream devices like SDC the Galaxy s8 sees all those smartphones from the mainstream brands are supported under the one-click route functionality this one is the simplest way to route your smartphone so I don't want to route it now so I just just go into cancels tap okay then I just move onto the ringtone maker I can actually load your music file and you can just crop whatever part of the file you want and you can make it as a as your ringtone so that's pretty much about the functionality and I have actually tried to show you the most important functions and the way it is actually makes it easy to use it and how it's done so I must say they want to share trim score is a very nice management software it works flawlessly it is a really great software to manage all the files all the majors all the videos everything into a single platform without you having to go into the subfolders and find the stuff this is a very easy way to do that so now let's move on to the availability I have provided all the links in the description you can just check that out and you can buy if you want the software is available for download you can also try it for free and then you can if you want you can bite and the subsequent rights are here you'll see there is three ways to do that the first is the annual subscription where you can just buy the prevalent variance of this software one is for Android only second is for iOS ollie and this the tombs constitute is for both Android and iOS and this is most expensive of course so you could see the forty nine point nine five dollars is the current price of the tomb square suit for animal subscription offer and if you're looking for a lifetime license you can just get it on fifty nine point nine five dollars for it's a lifetime of also you don't have to pay subscription on every year so this is just $10 more to do to get it so I would recommend to buy the lifetime license and if you have more devices since it is only supports two one PC if you if you are more devices you can just select the family license back which is about one fifty nine point nine five dollars for the tune school suit and if you only have Android devices you just need to spend one not seven dollars I would say it's a very sweet deal it's little expensive but I would say it it's worth it because this makes it very very simple to manage your a smartphone so I said that's pretty much about it and we have provided all the links in the description below you can check them out and thanks for watch this video and if you like this video hit the like button and subscribe thank you


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