Mac OS X Infinite

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Mac OS X Infinite is a fun and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you see how the Mac interface looks and feels like, without having to change your computer, simply replacing the icons and taskbar of your operating system.

Mac OS X Infinite

Download Mac OS X Infinite Crack + Serial

The utility has a rather lengthy installation period, requiring you to accept the installation of some plugins, choose the icons you want to use and a few other details, so you need to play attention to click them when they ask, otherwise you might have to wait even longer before being able to use it.

After the process is complete, Mac OS X Infinite will change the interface of your operating system immediately. It will however also close your Windows Explorer, without restarting it, so you will need to do that by hand.

Mac OS X Infinite uses the taskbar of Mac, while you hover over it, it will increase the icons' size, just like it would on a Mac computer. It replaces the shortcuts with the proper icons but assigns them to your own programs, meaning you will access your default web browser for media player.

The tool changes the skin of your program windows, allowing you to fully experience what OS X looks like. Moreover, Mac OS X Infinite also comes with a variety of widgets that you can work with, such as 'Clock', 'Google Search', 'Weather', and many others. Note however, that only by launching applications through Mac OS X Infinite will they change their interface. If you access them from Windows, they will keep their regular appearance.

To conclude, Mac OS X Infinite is an interesting piece of software that enables you to learn what it would feel like to work on a Mac device, without having to give up the comfort of your own operating system.

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