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hey what's going on it's Anthony here and today I wanted to talk about water what specifically water filters you know there's so many things on the news you see that tap water is bad it runs through a quarter it could have toxic sludge chemicals all sorts of things in there it can be confusing to the average person to understand and instead of talk about all the things that could be in there I want to talk about a solution something we can do to make sure that we're actually healthy okay so what I went ahead and did was I got my very own Tura Pierre water picture okay now this is a pretty unique water picture and I'm going to go over in a minute but there's so many out there I want to know what makes this different so I put it to the test now there's a couple components to it this is to purify the water we drink obviously there's the main picture I think this is the reservoir something like that I'm just here using it there's the right way the wrong way to put this in that is the right thing this is the wrong way the wrong way this hangs out over the top okay so if you actually poured water in here it run the outside now you turn it and guess what it's flush meaning it goes well it goes a little bit more in it's not flush when the water pours it goes inside okay now you've got this thing here very interesting I'm going to put that down from it and talk about this guy okay you put it in water when you first get it the very first time you submerge it under water for 15 minutes any water could be a bowl or canister whatever it is right after 15 minutes cold water it's good to use okay and before you use this you want to make sure you clean the whole picture out that goes without saying I hope we're going to put this in here now you want to push down a little bit so it though it stays in there okay the very first time you use this you're going to want to run water through it twice let me show you what I mean always make sure it's cold water for demonstration purposes I'm not going to fill the entire thing up as you can see there's water dripping on the inside okay not the outside that means that I've put the reservoir in the right way the water is dripping you're going to want to run water through it twice the first time after that you can use it normal so this is exactly how you use it you get the top voila look see even I had to kind of off there's a right way and wrong way to put the top on now it's plus you put in the fridge and you're done so basically what this water pitcher does is it purifies any of the the harmful things that could be in your water it's tap water there it goes through all these different things I don't want to stay here and scare you with all the crazy stuff that goes in our tap water especially here in America my job is to provide you a solution and this right here is one of the best solutions I found to clean the water you drink if you're on a budget which a lot of people are running through water and you're able to save money long-term think about it if your 2-byte gallons upon gallons of water that's going to cost you if you have a family of three kids on a wife a husband five people in the household you're buying one bottle of water you drink in three a day that could be three dollars one dollar per bottle with this it's fairly simple and that's kind of I started doing the math and I said wait a minute okay if I want to save money myself what can I do so I found this to be pretty useful there's a lot of other water pitchers out there what I like about this is how it purifies it and the hard science behind it okay I've actually done the scientific research for you and all I can say is it's great give it a shot if you want to learn more about this Tura pure product click the link below the description section right now and it will take you to a page where you can learn more information the whole science the whole nine okay I'm Anthony Allen I'm signing off again thank you much so much for stopping by if you want to learn more information click the link below the description section now I'll see you then bye-bye


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